The start of a little space diddy...


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The start of a little space diddy...
« on: January 22, 2016, 11:24:47 AM »
Hey bres, I smoked some weed last night as I wasn't feeling so good and then I wrote this fanfic nonsense. I really should finish some other things I started in here, but fuck it. This is what I wasted my time doing instead of wasting my time doing that.


An arrow cutting through the sea of endless night, the destroyer class New Attilian ship had only moments ago escaped the Earth’s atmosphere. On the S.W.O.R.D. surveillance satellite, Agent Reaves tracked the craft. Inhuman craft were free to leave the planet without issue as a result of the primary diplomatic arrangement between human and Inhuman, however all returns required screening.  On the Blue Area of the Moon, the stoic Watcher looked to the heavens and took note. This would need to be watched. The destiny of such moments that shaped the multiverse hung thick about this craft, or more specifically it’s crew. To those without infinite sight, the world would appear calm—a serine moonscape with the momentary interruption of a brilliant flash, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Inside the ship chaos erupted. The blaring alarm, warning impending peril pulsed rhythmically. The inner ship was bathed in a harsh red light. The Inhuman princess, Crystalia Amaquelin, focused on stabilizing the atmosphere that was quickly rushing out through the opening in the hull. Forward of her position, the piolet and mutant Cable barked orders.

“Someone get that under control!”

The long-range com system blinked and Cable flipped a switched. “I’m on my way.” Wendell Vaugh, a.k.a. Qausar could be seen on a small panel.

“You’re late.” Cable shot back. “I’ll meet you en route, tracking position… wait, you’re 30 light years away at our top speed.”

“I just needed you to get fully clear of the planet.”

Suddenly the dark was interrupted by a blinding brilliance—Cable shielded his eyes. As the light receded in front of him, a glowing figure appeared. Quasar had quantum jumped to their exact position. From the other side of the galaxy. Cable silently shook his head. What kind of power did this man wield? Quasar studied the scene for a moment, then shot a sphere of yellow energy around the ship.

He flew in through the opening then shrunk the field to fit like a glove over the craft.

Crystal relaxed. Now with the immediate threat of decompression ended, she took a deep breath and then felt out. Her senses went to the hull of the ship. Metal was just another form of Earth, and to one who had dominion over the elements, wholly malleable. She focused on the hull, bringing it together. Then summing an intense yet focused flame from the palm of her hand, she welded the hull fully sealed.

Three feet away, collecting himself from a scattered heap, Nathanial Richards reached for his forehead. There was a deep gash.

“Damn it!” He said touching his head. Wincing in pain, he brought his hand down to his face and looked at it. Crimson streaks stained his fingers.

Moon Dragon was quickly at his side digging into a medical kit.  She looked up at him. “Here, this will help.”

“What will” She didn’t appear to be doing anything other than looking at him. “…oh…”Richards stammered. “So you do more than read minds, eh? Not bad, I don’t feel a thing.”

“Good. You don’t seem to have suffered any cognitive impairment.” Moondragon said as she dapped his forehead with a cloth. “Here.” She said “hold this.” She then pointed a small device at the wound, a green light blinked on, then the light shifted to a brilliant turquoise and the blood begin to coagulate. The device was Inhuman technology. At least a century ahead of human medical technology.

“Thanks.” Nathanial offered.

“Thank me by finding Phyla.”

“Now that he’s here, that’s just what I intend to do.” Nathanial stood up. “First things first, we need to get to the right ‘when.’” He touched the wall communication panel. “Cable?”

Cable’s voice came through the com. “Graymalkin systems are in place. Everything ok back there?”

“Yes, thankfully. That could have been much worse, fortunately they only grazed the hull. Attilian fire power is even better than their defensive systems.”

“Nothing to worry about, Richards. Not with a Summers doing the flying.”

“Can I get the quick version?” Quasar said looking at Crystal who was breathing hard.

Hunched over, hands on her thighs she looked up. “Cable, Moon Dragon, and Reed Richard’s dad showed up in New Attilan. Moon Dragon sent telepathic emergency message to you. Stole a ship. Now we’re here.”

“Ok, sure, but why did you steal a ship, and what do you need me for?”

“I can answer both questions.” Nathanial Richards said, walking over to them. The gash on his forehead was already diminished, the healing process well under way. “You’re going to lead us to Oblivian.”


“Oblivian.” Moon Dragon interjected. “Phyla Vell. Former bearer of the Quantum bands.”

“Makes sense… I think. But what about the space ship?”

“Time ship.” Nathanial corrected. “At least now it is anyways. If you’ll excuse me.” He made his way towards the front of the ship and the cockpit.

Crystal put her hand on Wendell’s shoulder. “I hope you didn’t have any immediate plans.”

“Define immediate…” He said looking a little unsure.

Moon Dragon was pressing a panel on the wall. An adjacent panel opened emitting a dim white light causing deep shadows to recede from her face. Light glinted off her bald head like a piece of polished wood. Without looking she gave clarification. “This century is pretty much off the table.”

In the cockpit, Cable was studying a flickering screen. Green text scrolled over a rotating 3-Dimensional diagram of their craft. He spoke, eyes still on the screen. It’s compatible. I don’t know how you knew it would be compatible, but it’s compatible.”

“Nothing to worry about, Summers. Not with a Richards doing the science.”
Nathanial Richards took the co-pilot seat next to Nathan Summers. Two grizzled, time displaced warriors. Nathanial, the father of one of the most influential heroes of the current era, Nathan known better as Cable, the son of another. To look at them you might have guessed it was the other way around, Cable being the older of the two. “The real trick will be getting this mess to interface with the quantum bands. Inhuman tech, no problem. Future tech? My specialty.  Whoever built those things though… they were on another level. Fortunately, Inhuman craft can interface with the collective Kree database. It gives us a path, and I can follow a path.”

“And that path will lead to the girl? To Oblivian?”

“She’s buried in time, as best as I can understand it. Trapped in a temporal paradox. Multiple points. Impossible to extract as she is now. My own tech isn’t capable of following something like that. Your tech I believe should be. Now give me a moment, I need to concentrate.”

“Whatever you say, Richards.”

Fuck it, stopping there for now, possibly to never be picked up, unless I find this interesting to work on the next time I smoke. Hope this inspires others to start writing more fanfics on here. That was one of my favorite things about this place back when. So many more people were interested in messing around with these things.


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