Debate Forum Rules-READ THESE. Ignorance will not be excused.


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Debate Forum Rules-READ THESE. Ignorance will not be excused.
« on: August 12, 2015, 10:35:21 AM »
1. No Name-calling
If you can't have a conversation without name-calling, you don't belong here. If you can't insult somebody without name-calling, you need to go back to ICT.

2. If you link to an article, quote the article.
Likewise, if you quote an article, link to the article. There should be a link and a quote. We all want to see the context of an assertion. This is especially true if you are starting a new thread and expect some discussion to grow.

3. If I don't see it, it didn't happen.
I'm not going to comb through every thread looking for violations. You're mostly adults and I expect you to act as such. If somebody is breaking the rules and you see it happening too often, message a mod. Your name will not be mentioned.

4. You can start debates about "offensive" points of view.
Do not expect to be taken seriously if your source material is a circlejerk of hate sites, regardless of their political alignments.

5. If you try to loophole your way around any of these rules, you will be warned and/or banned.
If a mod gives you a warning, they don't want to hear or see any excuses. Just apologize or let it go and move on. It takes a lot to get a warning or a ban on this board. If it has reached the point of disciplinary action, you need a break.
5a. Mods do not have the right or power to bully you because of a debate thread point of view you may be expressing.
How you express it is another matter. Do not start insulting a moderator and then feign surprise when it backfires. If they give you a warning, their warning will be specifically citing action(s) by the poster.

6. If somebody is pissing you off, take a break.
It's the internet. We're really good at getting under each other's skins, especially those of us who have posted together for nearly 2 decades. Just walk away and come back when you've cooled down. Their post will almost definitely still be ready for you to dissect upon your return.

7. I may add other rules, but only if situations arise that warrant such.
Don't create situations that require more specific rules. I'm not trying to make these complex.