Reign of Blood (The New Avengers in the world of Avatar/Korra)


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This story takes place towards the end of the Luke Cage lead, Avengers Mansion living, New Avengers run, after Hawkeye left the team but before Daredevil joined them, during the short lived Heroic Age.  I never read too much of that but thought it was a fun team that works well for an idea that brings them into the world of Avatar/Korra. That’s right, this fanfic is fanficy as hell. It’s a crossover. Now for the story.
Chapter 1: Assemble

No one minded the rain, that March. New York’s a city built on gripes and grudges, but that March not one pair of the 8 million lips in the city parted to complain about the weather. Everyone was just happy that the rain wasn’t snow.

In a long patch of Upper East Side real estate, surrounded by what in warmer months could be called a lawn, but was currently still more mud than grass, and more snow than mud sat a beautifully appointed mansion built during the era of the robber barons. The entire estate occupied one of the most expensive blocks in all of Manhattan—the property alone cost well over $5,000,000 at the time of purchase. That was back when $5,000,000 was enough to live an entire lifetime in luxury. Another $5,000,000 went into construction and then another into a defense system that would by all standards be gratuitous for any other resience. This was the former home of the Avengers, and now, the sometimes home, and full time staging ground for what many in the media had been referring to as the “New” Avengers. This recent incarnation of the team was lead by Luke Cage, current owner of the Avengers mansion. The cost for the entire estate? A single U.S. dollar. One of the many perks of being in Tony Stark’s inner circle.

By all accounts the New Avengers were the epitome of a rag tag crew. Like a group of poker buddies that had decided they would fight crime. The entire squad was made of consummate professionals, but they fit together in such an odd way—it was almost like the force of destiny had taken all her favorite foods and thrown them into a pot hoping for the best. The result was at the very least serviceable, and at the very best one of the more effective and well meshed line ups to assemble under the Avengers banner. Everyone got on surprisingly well… usually. Despite losing the recent departure of their most historic Avenger, the archer Hawkeye, their numbers stayed the same thanks to the new addition of Benjamin J. Grimm—long time adventurer, first time Avenger.

The inexperience of being an Avenger was more telling in some areas than others. The rain pooled up on Grimm’s craggily hide. His skin had long ago been transformed into a collection of orange rock like structures that interlocked in such a perfect way so as to allow him almost as much freedom of movement as he’d had back when he was human. Long story short, bad things can happen when you go to space, but few have had it as bad Grimm who’s first trip into orbit left him in a form that most would find monstrous. Along with him outside the front gates to the Avenger’s Mansion was his fellow New Avenger, and coincidently enough, fellow member of the FF, Peter Parker, better known to the residents of New York as their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Both were wearing the new white versions of their FF costumes (or uniforms depending on who you asked) fully water resistant, just one of the many reasons to include unstable molecules in one's wardrobe.

“How do you use the gizmo, web-head?”

“Really? You’ve never used a key fob before?  How do you swipe into the Baxter building?”

“Heh! Reed still hasn’t done the facial recognition for yah? Then again, don’t suppose he could what with the mask.”

“Well, he could have it recognize the mask, this is a trademarked look… oh for… here, give me that, let me do it.”

“Thanks, Webs, that’s two I owe you.”

“I’m still never taking the subway with you again. I’m not even sure how you talked me into it in the fist place.”

“I said I was sorry! Jus cause I’m use to it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t any worse for me!”

“It’s fine, really, I didn’t have much dignity left anyways, what did I need that last little bit for. Now, let’s just get in there, kick back, and give ol’ Wongy-poo a couple more mouths to feed.”

“First I’m grabbing another shower, I still smell the Mole Man on me. I swear, If I never again get shrunk down to the size of a germ and go for a bath in the gut of an FF villain, it will be too soon.”

“Just don’t break the plumbing this time. I mean the look on poor Jarvis’ face. You sure you didn’t let Galactus in there before you?”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re a real cut up.”

“Something I’ve always wanted to ask you…does it come out as… you know…rocks?”

“You’re pushing it.”

“Speaking of pushing it, that’s gotta hurt, doesn’t it?”

“That’s it! I’m gonna…”


The loud sound cut Thing off in mid threat as the snow covered lawn to the left of the path leading up to the front of the mansion began to rotate into itself towards them, and as the other, snowless steel laden piece of ground rotated into view an equally snowless state of the art Quinjit parked upon it rotated into view as well.

“Fraid what ever ya’ll had planned’ll have to wait, Grimm. We got work to do.” The words came from the direction of the path in front of them.  Standing in the door way to the mansion was Luke Cage. Luke Cage who made wearing your every day clothes into battle against super villains a legitimate thing. Luke Cage, leader of the New Avenger. “Sorry about the timing. I know you guys were hopping to get away from going to crazy places by getting away from Reed, but we’re bout to go to one of the craziest ones there is.”

“Hollywood? Did you get us a picture deal, cause I got this contract with a major studio and I don’t know that I can get out of it.”

“Yeah, Pete? That a fact? Well, good thing there won’t be any contracts to sign in K’un-Lun.”

“Wait a second, that’s what you call ‘one of the craziest places there is’?” Thing’s gravely voice was filled with equal parts disbelief and mock jest.

Cage in turn was completely deadpan. “Mystic city of kung fu masters, guarded by an immortal dragon, sometimes in the Himalaya’s most of the other time on some who-knows-where plane of existence. Yeah, I’d call that crazy. Or is that common place by FF standards?”

“Buddy, you got no idea.”

From behind Cage a fourth voice joined the conversation. “By Ikkon’s engorged melon this is heavy!” Cage didn’t budge as the door smacked into his back and then opened wide again to reveal Dr. Stephen Strange taking a cue from Cage’s play book wearing his street clothes, a leather jacket and black turtle neck, and struggling with a rather large looking trunk. “Excuse me gentlemen, I’m not one to break up a good kibitzing session, but considering any one of the three of you is strong enough to toss my last car into orbit, I was hoping you would be so good as to lend me a hand.”

“I got you, Doc. That everything you’re bringing?”

“Yes, thank you, Lucas. One toothbrush, and 47 rare, but not overly rare, eldritch tomes….” Strange turned to Spider-Man and winked. “The really nasty stuff never goes on trips.”

“What?” Spider-man looked around, the eyes on his mask going wide and pointed to himself as if to say ‘me?’
“Why? Why the wink? I swear, you get creepier every day.”

In response Strange only gave him another one, clearly egged on that he was getting a reaction.

Thing cracked his neck, realizing he wasn’t going to get that second shower. “Hold the phone, Cage, you didn’t say we was going for no extended stay.”

“One, Strange could read all of that on the flight over, don’t use that as an indication.”

“I suppose if I used the correct temporal dilation spell…”

“Two, we might be. Truth is I got no idea what’s up. The signal from Danny’s message crapped out for over half of it. All I know is he sounded worried. Worried for him. He used the Avengers channel, for Avengers business, so that’s what this is. We’re going as a team to check it out. Now if you’d rather stick around here, I’ll go get Jessica, she can come and you can stay and watch the baby.”

“…nah, I’ll go, I haven’t been in no whatch-a-ma-call-it anachronistic whos-i-whats-its in a while.”

“What about you Parker? You itching to change some diapers?”

“You wouldn’t be the first to accuse me of having baby fever, but as much as I’d like to get some Q.T. with Dani, Ben, eloquently as ever, speaks for the both of us. I’m actually pretty jazzed about this one. Much better than our last one.”

Thing gave a silent shudder of agreement, visualizing the view of the enormous lips and gums of Mole Man from their craft as it was being orally consumed in a glass water.

“Great.” Cage hoisted Strange’s trunk up onto his shoulder.

Spider-man, reached into his backpack, pulling out a juice box. “So is this all of us? Where’s Stabby, Punchy, and Kicky?”

“Carol’s in the jet.”

Almost on cue the Quinjet’s underside platform lowered down with Carol Danver’s, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel a.k.a. Warbird a.k.a. Punchy, standing confidently decked out in her Ms. Marvel suit. “You guys about ready or should I just plan to go grey waiting here.”

The four started walking over in pairs, Thing and Strange followed by Cage and Spider-Man. Thing gave an exaggerated wave. Strange’s trunk was still hoisted on Cage’s shoulder.

Lifting his mask to take a sip from his juice box, Spider-Man muttered “Glad we’re not the only ones who bothered to put on the suit.”

Cage gave a small chuckle and continued his update as they stepped on the platform with Ms. Marvel, Thing and Dr. Strange. “Stabby’s got his school to run and wasn’t going to be around for a few days. Figure he’s got enough going on. Good question about Kicky. She’s been M.I.A. since Monday. All I know is it involves Clint, and it’s ‘complicated.’” Cage made air quotes with his one free hand. “Figure she needs to work it out, but Jessica will be around if Bobbi needs her.”

The platform raised, and less than a minute later the Quinjet was airborne, leaving a white tail of exhaust as it soared across the eastern sky towards lands, and worlds unkown to and unheard of by the slightly soggy, but at least a little warmer, 8 million New Yorkers below.
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Re: Reign of Blood (The New Avengers in the world of Avatar/Korra)
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Good stuff man


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Re: Reign of Blood (The New Avengers in the world of Avatar/Korra)
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Thanks, Gree! Finding time to get the next chapter going hasn't been easy. Don't know if I'll have much of a chance until a month from now.