Pick the element benders


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Re: Pick the element benders
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2015, 01:19:48 PM »
I'm right now watching Legend of Kora (great show if you never saw it), and while I could make a thread gushing about it, this is more interesting to me:
Pick a comic character to grant one of each bending types to.

I give you the Young Justice version.
Robin - the "rock" of the team, if you will, their leader.  He's patient, and can use the ground to enhance his agility based combat abilities.

Superboy - great supplement with his tactile telekinesis, especially since he won't waste energy using heat vision.  He may even figure out a way to use his TTK on it.

Arrowette - haha, get it?  She'll hate all the puns

Wonder Girl.... yeah, whatever.

Then a separate pick for Avatar
The one, the only..... Impulse!  Give the most power to the most scatter brained and impulsive one?  Yep, recipe for disaster.  But all the powers will really help him live his crimefighting life as a game.  He'd be able to put down criminals so easily.


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Re: Pick the element benders
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2018, 07:06:24 AM »

A gregarious optimist.
A militant Atlantean.
A wayward teen.
A cutthroat bitch.
Who would bring four such diametrically opposed personalities together?

Cut off from the Power of her former lover, Black Adam, Isis journeys far and wide until she finds a mysterious benefactor who offers her a deal. She seeks out and gathers these young women (Cyclone, Tula, Fever, Terra), bestowing on each an Elemental gift (air, water, fire, and earth, respectively), enhancing their powers, allowing them to bend the elements to their wills.
In return, she will be their Avatar, able to wield all four elements herself, at levels that match her former Godlike status.
Nothing comes free though.
The mysterious benefactor requires Isis and her benders to perform one task in return for his kindness. This task will take the five from Earth to New Genesis and back, and have them face some of DC’s heaviest hitters along the way. 

Could be like an ISIS mini series or something.
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