GOP Texas lawmaker introduces bill that could make abortion punishable by death


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A Republican legislator in Texas reintroduced a bill that would punish women who receive an abortion with a homicide conviction, which is subject to capital punishment in the Lone Star state.

During a hearing this week, state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a Republican from northeastern Texas, defended the language of the legislation. He said he wants the state government to provide "equal protection" for unborn children both "inside and outside the womb."

Tinderholt's bill, HB 869, criminalizes all abortions in Texas without any kind of exception. In a departure from the mainstream Republican position, women who receive the procedure would be charged with homicide by the state penal system. Republicans traditionally support anti-abortion legislation that shifts the blame to doctors and abortion providers rather than criminalizing the women who receive the procedure.

“I think it’s important to remember that if a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman, they get charged twice. If you murder a pregnant woman, you get charged twice. So I’m not specifically criminalizing women. What I’m doing is equalizing the law,” Tinderholt said.

After Tinderholt introduced the bill in 2017, he was placed under state protection due to death threats. Tinderholt is known in the state legislature for other controversial positions, even with the Republican Party, including his anti-LGBT advocacy.

“I’m trying to reconcile in my head the arguments that I heard tonight about how essentially one is OK with subjecting a woman to the death penalty for the exact — to do to her the exact same thing that one is alleging she is doing to a child,” said state Rep. Victoria Neave, a Democrat who represents part of Dallas County.

The bill is now expected go to before the full Republican-controlled House of Representatives for debate. A vote on the measure has not yet been scheduled.
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I saw that shit.

My thoughts is this shouldn't be permitted especially if it's based in religious doctrine.   Our constitution is designed to prevent laws which favor or support these beliefs.   And if this bill is made into law it goes against seperation of church & state.   As it allows for one's beliefs to be forced onto others who may not follow that belief.  We already know the outrage this would cause if it were any other religion that was trying to dictate laws in America.   And it's clearly hypocritical in the claim of being pro-life when it's seeking to take someone's life.  And there's definitely medical reasons where an abortion maybe necessary & this bill makes no exception. 
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Abortion is honestly the one topic I don't think a man of any status should have any control of legislation.

Abortion is never as black & white to have one person's opinion control the decision of another.
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Yeah I'm basically pro choice because it's never going to be a choice I will ever have to make.