Seems we'll get to learn more about the Epstein case. Docs to be unsealed.


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“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'Letter was right.’”

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CTrue, bit this would NEVER be xposed like this without  Trump. I think he's exposing this. More pedo rings have been taken down since he came into office than ever. It's one of the FEW things he deserves credit for. Pizzagate is being conclusively demonstrated.

I don't see how you can attribute this as a success for Trump.   Hell!  Trump even bragged about how young women are at Epstein's parties.   This isn't connected to pizzagate at all which was disproven.   And this could be something else that conclusively links Trump to this type of bullshit.   He's shown as having hung out with Li-Yang the former owner of the massage parlors that Kraft & others have been caught at.  And yes it's definitely bullshit for Trump to try to call out the Clinton's when he's been shown to have been so chummy with them in the past.   And considering his own questionable business dealings he's not exactly a moral paragon.   
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That's exactly what the White Power establishment wants you to believe, Tom. Keep licking their boots while true human beings like myself and Jelly expose their Zionist agenda
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