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Re: Manafort sentence
« Reply #15 on: March 14, 2019, 12:00:58 AM »
So much for that.

7 extra years and new state charges are being formed. This dude could very easily die in jail now.

Not a fan of a death sentence for money crimes but I'm more on the Netherland's view point of how incarceration should work.

They've been saying this is to possibly block a possible pardon from Trump.  Since, it would be a state case and charge.

If he DOESN'T get pardoned he is dead in jail. If he is pardoned there is no guarantee he is getting out alive.

I know what you are saying rock about age and getting caught, but death is death and I think these things should be considered (as judges typically do as the judge showed in the original sentencing).

What you mean the fBI will have him kiled. To much of a blow back. Also it not an extra 7 years. It 7 years all together, when you factor in both judges. 7 and a half

His age should be a factor...but it not a get out of Jail free card. If you old and commit a crime..you should know the consequences. If some cancer patient pulls a walter White... well then sorry Mr White your ass going to Jail. Also should factor in the fact this dude did a lot of crimes. And given that...7 and half year still a pretty light sentence. Since these weren't small crimes.

So not even saying this is a light sentence..compared to if he was a broke black guy. I am saying simply its a light sentence all around even when not factoring in those comparisons. Namely with the shit he pulled by giving them false info and maybe fed Trump info. Court tends to frown on that

He 69 years old. He was involve in these crimes for over a decade and probally longer. He made quite a fortune from doing this and live a pretty good life. If he get charge he may  get out when he still alive. Now is it possible he could die during the time they gave him. Yes. But if they gave him 2 -4 years instead of 7 its possible he could die during that time

So any amount of years you would have that factor. And given the amount he COULD have gotten this is on the low end