First came the trade war, then the shutdown, but Iowa farmers still back Trump


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https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/22/politics/iowa-farmers-government-shutdown-weir/index.html   ( article clipped )  ............

An hour away, Dave Walton crosses his freezing barnyard and shrugs when asked about any plans to invest in his sprawling corn and soybean operation. "That's an easy one, we don't have any money so we're not investing."

President Donald Trump's trade war with China sent soybean prices to 10-year lows just as new steel tariffs drove up the cost of equipment and devoured the year's profits.

"As soon as the tariffs were put on steel, the cost of a new grain bin went up 15-25%," he says, pointing toward a massive steel container of corn. "So things are already tight and if you're thinking about buying a grain bin, you're probably not going to do it now."

Yet he refuses to criticize the policies of a President who flipped Iowa from blue to red with the help of farmers.

To teach China a lesson, Walton says he is willing to suffer short-term pain in exchange for the long-term gain. "We can probably stand a couple of years of this at the most. We get into 2020, and it'll start to get really difficult to stay in business."


When he's not growing corn and beans, Wolken is the mayor of Monticello, Iowa. He supported Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election cycle and marvels at his own father's devotion to Trump despite his painful policies. "He hasn't wavered at all. He's still 100% behind Trump. I think more people will tell you they're getting tired of his antics, the way he acts.

"But farmers are the kind of people who decide to shoulder the load without complaint. They figure if we can get a better shake from China and maybe open up new countries to export beans, it's going to be better for us in the long run."

But at Darrell's Diner, where arguments between the dueling Tables of Knowledge get so heated that the old timers came up with a safe word ("rosebushes"), retired farmer Mel Manternach minces no words.

"It's unbelievable that the farmers in Iowa can still support Trump when it's costing them thousands every week. I can't believe that they're that blind," he shakes his head and sips his coffee. "The die-hards are just dying harder."

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Americans often vote against their best interests, sadly.


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Don't forget their getting their bailout.   #welfare
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