I wonder if Alan Moore’s read the new Peter Cannon Thunderbolt book


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...and how pissed he is at Kieron Gillen if he has.

This post is one big SPOILER

Book starts w. scenes of devastation, as US, Russian, and Chinese heroes tell give Cannon (readers) details of an alien invasion that's wiped out one city and is raging globally. Cannon’s like ‘meh’, which pisses off the US hero. Cue demonstration of Cannon’s h2h skill before he agrees to help (of course).
As Cannon leaves the room his manservant recaps his origin/motivations. Cannon returns & gives the heroes a way to take out the aliens. And they do.
Afterwards they call in to Cannon saying their countries are opening lines of communication in the wake of victory, & asking him to take a leadership role in what’s to follow. Cannon basically hangs up. His manservant asks him what’s up, & Cannon says the invasion was a fake, a ruse to get the major countries to start working together peacefully. He knows this because it was his plan.
His manservant’s like ‘YOU did all this?!?’ and Cannon says no, he’d dismissed the idea because it wouldnt work long term.
But, he deduces, that can only mean they HAVE been invaded, not by aliens but by a Peter Cannon from another dimension.
Which gives us the last page reveal of a long haired Cannon in an Ozymandias inspired outfit.
Fucking hilarious.

Was a good read, though, i’ll be picking this up.