Woman with health issues dies in Bexar county jail 5 months after being arrested


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There's a few issues her in this case.  The family did look for her.   They went to the hospital she was at the mental hospital & honestly had no idea what was up.   The county system had put her into their system under a different name.   Which lead to no the family moving onto the mental hospital I'm assuming.   She ends up dying in jail due to health issues/ natural causes.

“I know people questioning, ‘Well, you knew she was there.’ Well, we attempted to contact her for as long as we knew she was no longer in jail and she was not in the state hospital,” Dotson said.

The night of her most recent arrest in July, she insisted she was a resident at Mt. Zion Sheltering Arms for the Elderly in the 3200 block of Martin Luther King Drive. The police report lists her as homeless. An official at the elderly community told police Dotson-Stephens was not and never had been a resident, that she was "always causing problems" and was scaring the residents.

Dotson-Stephens' husband did, however, live at Mt. Zion, her family said.
Lott said in each of these instances and others, her mother was taken into custody and almost immediately transferred to a state hospital. There, she would receive the care she needed and be released to her family. The cycle would then repeat itself.

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Sounds like big ass clusterfuck.