The Malazan Empire ( Malazan: Books of The Fallen) Vs The Seanchan Empire ( WOT)


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The Seanchan Empire as it was at the start of The Wheel Of Time series,
The Malazan Empire in Gardens of the Moon.

Just started the Malazan books and I am curious how they compare.


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Seanchan have their slave-sorceresses for wide-scale magic and probably the numbers (I'm going off impressions from memory, it's entirely possible exact numbers were given and I simply don't recall).  The Malazans have powerful explosives, missiles and depending on which part of the series an entire army of superhuman zombies on-call along with numerous Ascendents, immortals, new gods, and the stray Elder god or two in disguise.

I think the Malazans massacre them for the most part due to all the various flavors of gods and almost-gods that wield vast magics and tend to transcend death.  The tough part is Balefire, because while Malazan-Universe magic generally outclasses WoT imo, they don't have an equivalent "reality vaporizer" spell that destroys so thoroughly the target and their actions never existed/happened.

It's also worth noting that "The Malazan Empire" can mean a LOT of things.  Would Tayschrenn fight alongside Quick Ben?  Would Ganoes Paran work with Mallick Rel?  Do we consider Skinner and the Crimson Guard apart of the same force that Empress Laseen oversees?  It's complicated, because the empire was full of factions that thought they were the real empire and the rest usurpers.