The Resistance! Democrats Confirmed Trump’s Judges So They Could Skip Town


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Can we please get rid of Schumer now? He's even more inept than Pelosi. If it were the other way around, McConnell and the GOP would be plastered all over the news moaning about how unamerican and lib-rul every single Dem judge is.


Senate Democrats just gave a huge gift to President Donald Trump: They agreed to expedite votes on 15 of his nominees to lifetime federal court seats because they wanted to go home.

Why? So Democrats could get back to campaigning and focusing on winning re-election in November. The Senate is now out of session until next Tuesday.

It’s a major win for Trump and McConnell, whose No. 1 priority is filling up federal courts with conservative judges ― many of whom are incredibly anti-abortion, anti–LGBTQ rights and anti–voting rights. Trump has gotten 26 circuit court judges confirmed, more than any other president at this point in his term. Another way of putting it: 1 in 7 U.S. circuit court seats is now filled by a judge nominated by Trump.

An entire branch of government is being lost for generations, and Senate Democrats are willfully blind to it,” Fallon said. “In the coming months and years, these same Democrats will issue outraged statements about the rulings issued by the very judges that they could not be bothered to try to slow down. It is pathetic."

But delaying action on Trump’s judges is one of the few ways Democrats can do something to push back on his agenda. They could have caused more trouble for McConnell by requiring recorded votes, too, since it takes at least 51 votes to advance any judicial nominee. Given that the partisan breakdown in the Senate is 50-49 and that McConnell has had attendance issues with his members, it’s easy to see some of these judicial nominees not getting through or at least being beset by delays.

McConnell was a master of delaying action on judicial nominees under President Barack Obama. McConnell leaned on every procedural tool in the book to delay or deny votes to Obama’s court picks ― including, of course, denying a confirmation hearing for his Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Progressive groups desperately want Democrats to play a similar game of hardball, but it hasn’t happened.

Adam Jentleson, a top aide to former Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who preceded Schumer as minority leader before retiring in 2017, said the problem “comes down to leadership.”

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Pffft! It's not a failure of leadership. It's because the rich donors want it. The rich donors pay the Republicans to be vicious attack-dogs, and the Democrats to just be dogs.


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They even roll over for Trump.

Propeus The Fallen

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Yeah, the dem leaders are a hinderance at worst and useless at best. Worst they know how bad they suck and hold back the party going to progressive because--well, they'd lose their jobs.