Death of Superman animated movie


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Death of Superman animated movie
« on: August 16, 2018, 02:10:27 PM »
So I bought this a few days ago after hearing good things about it and I have to admit I thought it was great and had one of the best portrayals of Superman I'd ever seen.

Has anyone else watched the movie and if so what did you think?

Looking forward to the well set up sequel.

If I was nitpicking I'd say:

- They didn't have Doomsday start with one arm tied behind his back, which was always a great aspect to him defeating the League.
- Doomsday beating the full and proper League implies they are all a bunch of weaklings compared to Superman (though they sort of stagger this by having a few Leaguers show up at a time).
- Batman's mini-grenades destroy more of Doomsday's costume than Flash hitting Doomsday at super-speed multiple times with Hawkman's Mace.