Clintons, Rothschilds, Nxvim, and Bourdain

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Clintons, Rothschilds, Nxvim, and Bourdain
« on: June 09, 2018, 02:04:37 PM »
Last week in Tuscan AZ a child trafficking camp was discovered by Vets on Patrol. The camp was found to contain restraints fixed to a tree, a child sized cell made out of a buried septic tank, 60 pairs of children's shoes, childrens toys and food packets.

The land containing the camp is leased by a Mexican cement company called Cemex, rumored to be run by drug cartels possibly ms13. Think tunnels, concrete filled burial sites. Cemex is a major Clinton  donor and got contracts in Haiti after the earthquake.

Lynn De Rothschild is the Ceo of Cemex. The Chairman is Bronfman, his sister is 3rd in line at NXVIM.  The Mayor of Tucson is a Rothschild.

Just a couple days after the camp was discovered 4 people were assassinated in AZ and they all worked on the Jon Bennet Ramsey case.

Cemex builds tunnels for MS13 gang members to traffic children through the border, (that's why these deepstate agents are pro open borders), using these child trafficking camps as staging areas. The police and local governments are in on it to protect these camps, the Clinton foundation and NVIXM are the child dealers selling them to elite pedophiles (like Weinstein) and the rest are harvested for adrenocrome.

Katy Spade worked for the Clinton foundation in Haiti rumored to use child slave labor for her fashion products. She was suicided and prollh had detailed knowledge of the child trafficking network. Maybe she was the feds next target or maybe she was going to rat.

Anthony Bourdain's wife was one of Weinsteins first accusers. Bourdain heavily criticized Clinton and even claimed Clinton goons were harassing him. I'm willing to net he was going to come forward with child trafficking evidence.

Spade, Bourdain, the Ramsey connected murders were all clean up assassination jobs.
Adult Swim handled this correctly.

Xerxes in regards to Dan Harmon NOT being fired when his baby raping parody video was exposed.


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Re: Clintons, Rothschilds, Nxvim, and Bourdain
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2018, 04:42:03 PM »
Stay golden, Pony Boy.


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Re: Clintons, Rothschilds, Nxvim, and Bourdain
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2018, 07:33:13 PM »
Letters is always jumping at the chance to post these easily disproven conspiracy theories but can't wrap his head around Trump's corruption. Sad!


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Re: Clintons, Rothschilds, Nxvim, and Bourdain
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2018, 08:43:06 PM »
With Trump, the White Supremacists were testing to see if they could actually get a candidate into office, with the help of Big Corporations they did, the next guy is going to be the serious one, big huge trouble. He's going to be very presidential and diplomatic and smooth as silk... and usher in the Minority Apocalypse.