Joy Reid : Hypocritical Homophobic Hack?


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Re: Joy Reid : Hypocritical Homophobic Hack?
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2018, 01:27:13 AM »
Trying to say it was a "hack" is beyond stupid. Of course, lies like that is the fashionable thing in American politics now.

Skimming over the actual "homophobic" comments there were dug up, I didn't quite get what was awful about them. She was basically saying that straight people get grossed out by looking at gay sex and that gay marriage was a stupid political issue to focus on. Seems mostly like a case of thoughtpolicing the past from a present perspective.

This is just layer on layer of stupid nonsense.

Well guess you got to focused on it..because certain perks come with marraige..like tax exempts...reather you can see your spouse on the hospita, Rights when it comes to next of kind, insurance and stuff like that

To me best argument for gay issue is this. Hey you ever see a ugly couple make out. Fucking gross right. But you wouldnt deny their right to do it...that all we want