Insane feat for Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman

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Insane feat for Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:36:48 AM »
Like Superman, Wonder Woman had her fair share of crazy showings back in the 40s-60s ... more innocent times when the sky was the limit with these characters. However, I always thought that WW settled down a bit as she moved towards Crisis of Infinite Earths. If you read her own comic, she does very little crazy shit from the 70s onwards ... most of her strength showings are things like lifting cars and probably the best was catching an 18 wheeler with her lasso.

I've been reading some old JLA comics from the 70s and 80s though and Diana has a run of impressive feats. During this stint, she gives Superman a pretty hard time in a fight. She also throws giant squid through the air like they're guinea pigs and pulls down an apartment block with her lasso. She holds up a crumbling building while it's evacuated; when I was a kid, I thought WW was Spider-Man level based on the TV show, until I saw this particular feat. More impressively, she drags an immense iceberg out of the way of an oil tanker and in the same issue, holds glaciers together so that they don't become icebergs.

The king of all feats, though, comes in JLA #174; a baddie called The Regulator has increased the size of a horde of vermin and put them under his control. A very conservative estimate of the number of rats under his control is several hundred but it's more likely there are 1000s. The rats are each at least the size of a large dog, about 100lbs or so but could possibly be up the size of a lion or tiger (400lbs+). Once Regulator's defeated, WW uses a concrete caisson (conservative estimate: 2 tons?) to capture the rats and once Zatanna's sealed it, she uses her lariat to throw it ... 'into the outer reaches of the solar system'.

So basically Wonder Woman hurls, what, 15-20 tons (conservative estimate) to the far reaches of the solar system with no effort. If the rats numbered in the 1000s and each weighed 1/4 ton, Christ knows how much she threw ... maybe as much as 50-75 tons?

That is an insane feat of strength. Would that be her best ever feat after the unquantifiable lifting the Spectre and towing a star? Personally, I think it beats the Moon towing she did with Superman and Martian Manhunter.

As one blogger pointed out, it's also a pretty callous way of solving the problem, just killing all of these beasts without a second thought. Couldn't Zatanna have turned them to their normal size again?
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Re: Insane feat for Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 08:08:15 PM »
Once the object has left Earth's gravity (and orbital velocity) its momentum will automatically keep it going after that until its affected by external gravity sources.

So its about as good as throwing something into space.

Launching 70 tons into space (in one movement) would require energy roughly equal to that generated by a 8 kiloton bomb, so that is within the parameters of an elite top tier punch which I peg in around 10 kilotons.