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Re: Re-Reading Invincible
« Reply #15 on: January 11, 2018, 03:20:28 AM »
Things get REALLY heated in the late-50s, as you see William & Amber go away for good (Amber has a strange one-off where she's punched by her suddenly-angry new boyfriend, then Mark threatens to murder him), and then Angstrom Levy returns for THE INVINCIBLE WAR- an odd one-off in issue #60 that involves sixteen Invincibles from alternate realities coming to Earth and wrecking house, thus "poisoning" the world against our hero. This is a BRUTAL issue, featuring the deaths of millions, dozens of Image heroes in an odd cross-over (Savage Dragon had shown up before, but YOUNGBLOOD? WITCHBLADE?), eight Invincibles dying (mostly off-screen, and to entire super-hero teams, though Pitt gouges the eyes out of one before falling to Earth), and the finale of both Darkwing (takes an Invincible into the Shadow World) and Rex Splode (a suicide attack).

And this IMMEDIATELY leads to Conquest- a short arc featuring the most powerful Viltrumite yet, who engages in some of the bloodiest fighting yet seen in the book, executing Atom Eve in a silly "stunt death" that's undone in the very next issue. To their credit, they do some "slow issues" after this 4-7 issue stretch of non-stop death and fighting. The Eve thing comes off as a pointless shock that ruins a lot of future drama as well- knowing that she can do this with her powers means that she's basically a walking "Dragon Ball"- anything can be undone if she's present. And yes, I still find it funny that Kirkman INSISTS he's never seen Dragon Ball.

The whole stretch from The Invincible War to The Viltrumite War is probably the high-water mark of the series in terms of writing, art quality and "wow, this is getting BIG". Unfortunately, it peaks so fast here that everything else gets left in its wake- who cares about "stuff on Earth" when you just FLY THROUGH A PLANET? Is any villain scary after Thragg shows that he's mightier than even Conquest was? This is the point where we also learn that Only Viltrumites Matter, as the "Earth Cast" basically disappears, and anyone not named "Allen the Alien" or "Robot" more or less stops mattering.