Justice League (Priest/Woods)


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Justice League (Priest/Woods)
« on: December 26, 2017, 10:59:20 PM »
This run is two issues in and I'm really digging it.

I can't remember ever reading a comic with Woods on it but I'm sure I have at some point. His style seems very familiar. He reminds me of Christophe Quet, a French comic book artist who penciled "Travis." I like the art on this series a lot. It's classic comic book art. All of the characters look different, nobody looks generic. The fight scenes are fun and have a ton of energy. He doesn't try to make everything photorealistic. I'm a fan.

The story is good so far as well. Two issues in, two self-contained stories with an overarching story. Batman is acting as the QB of the League but he's exhausted and burning the candle at both ends. This in part leads to a less than stellar outcome of a mission, which becomes a problem for the League.

Priest throws in some social commentary in the second issue but it's an undercurrent. It doesn't dominate the story, it's done organically, and it's specific to the growth of one of the characters. It's the way social commentary should be done. (ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, SJW MARVEL?)

It's definitely worth picking up.

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