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Re: Thor : Ragnarok-spoilers
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Marvel have pretty clearly taken contradictory positions on this as things evolved. Odin clearly states they are not Gods in The Dark World. Odin clearly states that Thor is a God in this one. etc. And then every now and then they hand wave things away with a "What you call magic we call science and vice versa and the same ergo". At one point they were worried about the idea of a bunch of magical Norse Gods fitting into the same universe as Iron Man and not offending people and now they dont give a shit. Case closed.

Thanks. that was my point.

Ragnarok to me seemed like they were ignoring earlier statements making them legit magical gods not aliens. Which I’m good with

They shouldn't fuck with the legit mystical component.  They've been trying to do it in comics also.  Before Stark got coma'd.  I think it helped with Strange's appearance in Thor. 
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