Lucha Underground season four--ENTER THE TEMPLE OF CEIRO MEIDO!!!


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Re: Lucha Underground season four--ENTER THE TEMPLE OF CEIRO MEIDO!!!
« Reply #15 on: February 03, 2018, 06:48:18 AM »
See nothing you're saying is interesting to me.
Reptile Tribe? Please.  ::)

But i'm post just to shit on your product, so good luck & god speed hoser.

you’ll never see me coming...

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Re: Lucha Underground season four--ENTER THE TEMPLE OF CEIRO MEIDO!!!
« Reply #16 on: February 13, 2018, 02:45:57 AM »
From what I've heard Vigora (luchasarous/The wrestler from Big Brother) has been training with Johnny Mundo and has really improved.

And it looks like DeJoseph is a dirty liar. The temple is being moved to a cold storage warehouse.


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Re: Lucha Underground season four--ENTER THE TEMPLE OF CEIRO MEIDO!!!
« Reply #17 on: June 18, 2018, 02:54:39 AM »
Finally, Lucha Underground and my thoughts. It was an okay episode.

Antonio Cuerto...I think I'd be cool with the character a lot more if it wasn't for the hair. But hey, I thought he was pretty fun. I love the disrespect he constantly threw at his dead son. Also learning that he put the hit out on Dario.  And I did like how he handled the trios championship (Meet your new partners and beat the hell out of each other)

Liked the opening with no one going to Dario's funeral. "We Cuertos are much better at making enemies than friends."

Aztec Warefare this was my least favorite. I get the idea of starting it early because fans love the match, but I think it works better midseason. But it did have some good stuff in it. The pizza with Vinnie was funny, we were introduced to new characters, and around 12 it got really good. Also you had Pentagon as a strong champion as he came in pretty early and won and got about eight eliminations.

Problems with it: Chavo. I don't like Chavo. I especially hate it when he pins Fenix...with a suplex!!! and King Cuerno. He's best as a midcard sneaky heel who pulls something and then gets killed brutally for it (his feud with Cage). Him being in the final three BAH.

The quick eliminations. Yeah, we had way too many few moves and done.

The final three: Pentagon vs Chavo vs The Moth. Anyone really think Pentagon wasn't going to win?

Next week Pentagon Dark vs Matanza. Hell yeah.

Anyway, I thought it was their second best season opener (Season two is number one)

And later on I found out all the problems they had with equipment and visas so what we got is very impressive.

Kobra Moon---wow.

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Re: Lucha Underground season four--ENTER THE TEMPLE OF CEIRO MEIDO!!!
« Reply #18 on: July 13, 2018, 03:07:32 AM »
Man, if Lucha Underground keeps going, there's only going to be one person by the end of the season.

And I felt bad for poor Cortez. When you think about it, he was one of the more heroic characters on the show: Undercover cop, putting himself in danger to protect the world. And in the end...just gets destroyed and sacrificed to the gods.

And Antonio is growing on me. It's like a more upfront even more evil Dario. Say what you will about Dario, but he did seem capable of goodness and did love his brother.

"Officer, I'd like to report a homicide. I wouldn't call it murder more--a sacrifice to the gods!!"

I like how strong Pentagon has been booked.

Killer Cross as the White Rabbit. Awesome. And Mascerita Sagrada took being killed in stride with that pose.

And I've heard Vigora had been training with Mundo and it shows with that beat down he laid on the World Wide Underground.
Cannonball, standing moonsault...damn.

Looks like Killshot is turning heel. And something interesting--notice he came out with Dante Fox's belt?

Looks like Aerostar took the gauntlet back in time. Must see.

And I like Pentagon's face turn. He's like Demolition. He hasn't changed....he's just now going after the other half of the locker room.

Matanza needs a new look to go with him being full god. But from the trailer they shown, that's probably coming. Hoping Dragon Azteca Jr is the one who takes him down.

Catrina has Fenix' life force and is on the outs with Mil. And rubbing Melissa's boyfriend death in her face. I really hope she gets what's coming to her.

And you got to love the message of Ivelisse beating her abusive exboyfriend to death with a hammer. Also, Eddie Edwards favorite match.

And for Crane, if he's done with LU, I'm okay with that. I'm kind of sick of Sami. I've seen him on three shows and he's pretty much the same character. At least be a face on one show.

So we got an evil doll. Y'know, considering it's the current trend, makes sense. And it's LU where it make sense.

Few complaints.

Shouldn't Striker be angry with Vampiro for what he did to Prince Puma? And why isn't Vamp supporting Pentagon. I mean, vaguely it was hinted at him being unhappy with Pentagon acknowledging the fans.

XO Liscious is a great new comer.

And Jake Strong...could you imagine if the WWE had booked him like this? An ankle snapping badass?

And hey, Dragon Azteca Jr didn't look like a punk.

First episode wasn't all that great (mainly because of Visa issues and injuries (like Dante Fox) but it's picking up more and more.