GOP Senator Denounces Trump, and Crazy Kelli is ready to replace him


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'Mr. President, I rise today to say: Enough'

Quote from: Jeff Flake
If I have been critical, it is not because I relish criticizing the behavior of the president of the United States. If I have been critical, it is because I believe that it is my obligation to do so, as a matter of duty and conscience. The notion that one should stay silent as the norms and values that keep America strong are undermined and as the alliances and agreements that ensure the stability of the entire world are routinely threatened by the level of thought that goes into 140 characters — the notion that one should say and do nothing in the face of such mercurial behavior is ahistoric and, I believe, profoundly misguided.

Haha, a direct shot at Trump's pathetic tweeting. But have no fear, the female Roy Moore is here! Cliven Bundy loving/immigrants spread polio believing/Alex Jones supporting/when is McCain going to die so I can have his seat Chemtrial Kelli Ward is now the odds on fav to be the GOP's AZ Senate nominee next year.


In radio interviews, Ward has fear-mongered in the worst possible ways, warning that “polio-like illnesses” are spreading “throughout the country as the federal government shipped all of these illegal immigrants all across the country without properly treating them for health and wellness, and they’re exposing our kids, our families, to things that we should never have to be exposed to.” (Remember, now, we’re talking about a woman with medical training…)


In a tweeted pic, Sen Kelli Ward stood proudly at the Bundy Ranch with Rep. Paul Gosar. Her Facebook page has a lot more photos of Ward, her fellow legislators and other protesters. Ward's talk at the rally made local Nevada TV news. "We don’t need the government to tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to drink [and] how to drive," she said. "We don’t need that. We can do a lot of self-governance."


But the chemtrails hearing was hardly a one-time incident. In her short political career, Ward has flirted with the conspiracy-theory fringe by making appearances on 9/11 truther radio programs, advising citizens to stay vigilant against UN helicopters, warning against government “indoctrination,” and proposing an unusual theory that the Affordable Care Act was part of a plot to force rural residents to move to cities.


Mother Jones was also good enough to note how Kelli Ward made a trip up to the Cliven Bundy Ranch to hang out with him and the Oathkeepers in 2014, and she described the armed standoff where domestic terrorists had assault rifles pointed at federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management as a “family friendly” event. Just… yikes.  After Cliven Bundy made his comments “about the negro”, Ward tried downplaying her visit to see the would-be hero turned racist domestic terrorist, but noting Bundy had a “1st Amendment right” to his remarks. She also actually did an interview in 2014 with self-described conspiracy theorist and fellow Bundy supporter Pete Santilli, who called John McCain “a domestic enemy”, and brought up both Chemtrails and 9/11 Trutherism during their talk.


Critics also came after Ward for how she reacted to the news in July that McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. Following that announcement, Ward told the radio station WOWO, “As a Christian, I know there can always be miracles. But the likelihood that John McCain is going to be able to come back to the Senate and be at full force for the people of our state and the people of the United States is low.” In a follow-up statement, she offered McCain “prayers” and said, “The medical reality of his diagnosis is grim…When the time comes that Senator McCain can no longer perform his duties in the Senate at full capacity, he owes it to the people of Arizona to step aside.”
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