Amazon leaving NYC good or bad


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Amazon leaving NYC good or bad
« on: Today at 06:13:02 PM »
Is it a shot against the man who would of hurt nyc

Or just losing 25,000 jobs


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Re: Amazon leaving NYC good or bad
« Reply #1 on: Today at 06:22:10 PM »
The systemic problem NYC is facing is the problem.

The fact NYC's taxes are so ridiculous that businesses have to negotiate with the government to work out better deals (corruption??) is a recipe for example.

That doesn't mean Amazon isn't in fault either. The fact that they seem to want to pay zero taxes and only selling point is that they create jobs goes too far too. But IMO, that was on Bloomberg and Deblasio for negotiating such a deal like that in the first place (again, a system that forces corruption).

The systemic tax and regulatory problems is what caused this mess