ok what would it take for Trump to lose republicans


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ok what would it take for Trump to lose republicans
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:01:44 PM »
or the 36 to 38 percent he hovers around

Since think this explain his behavoir. He figures as long as he keep that percent it doesnt matter if he unppopular. He just have to win in certain areas. Since he knows he can lose the popular vote by millions. Lose minorities...he figure he wont get most of them anyway, and also they live in cities. But he hesitant to go after hate groups becuase that may hurt those groups

makes me wonder

If those coal Jobs dont come back
If those regulation end up poisoning THEIR water

Will they turn on them or blame the dems.  Like if thier water poison, or disaster relief is faulted (due to fema being underfunded and understaff) would that be on Trump

or will they show..."SEE so much for goverment assistance. We need to make everythign private"  or "He would of had people if the dems would just put his people through". Never mind he didnt nominate anyone.