Couple on welfare wins a million at the casino over the years end up in federal


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"Luck ran out Friday for a Western Washington couple that has won more than a million dollars in the last few years gambling at casinos.

Cheryl D. Mann appeared in federal court in Tacoma for sentencing on a charge that she received welfare benefits, while not reporting to the government her casino winnings.

Court records show that gambling winnings from Mann and her husband since 2012 have totaled $1,604,652 on slot machines.

Records show that during the same time period, Mann received more than $80,000 in Social Security disability benefits, food stamps and medical coverage.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Seattle does not dispute that Mann has a legitimate disability, but said she broke the law when she did not report the winnings to the government.

The law requires welfare recipients to report all income, and the $1,000,000 in winnings would have disqualified Mann and her husband from receiving benefits."

More in the article.
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Over one million... IN SLOT MACHINES? WTF?
9 outta 10 Masters are Master.