Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series


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Re: Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series
« Reply #30 on: June 23, 2017, 03:10:29 AM »
Actually, I'd argue the best "villains" are those with growth.
Dr.Doom for example is now so much better than he was 50 years ago.
The same can be said for Magneto in how he was as he started out, and how he got developed under Claremont and others.

I agree, but Thanos isn't one of those characters who benefit from growth. He has no noble characteristics or redeemable qualities. He's a straight-up evil motherfucker, like the Red Skull.

I disagree.

The dude is capable of love. I mean, yeah, he loves Death, but everything he did for a long time was for the woman he loved. The real reason he wanted the Infinity Gauntlet was to be worthy enough for her and make her happy.

He does show respect to worthy opponents. Heck, I liked in Thanos Quest when he meets the Gardner he appreciates his garden and tries to get the gem without killing him. He even shows remorse later about it.

I think just that later on Thanos was written as the boring "Me destroy everything!"

You clearly dont understand psychopathy or inherent disregard for sentient life.

Thanos is a monster.

I love me some MTL, but his flip flopping is some faggot ass shit.

Sure, you can like the direction the character is heading, that's your perogotive.

However, it's still not true to the character. Thanos was my nigga when I actually followed comics. I know the character well.

This shit you're on about regarding love as a concept, albeit with death as a focus, does not invalidate the core character traits Thanos has had for the vast majoority of his career.

He's utterly and completely insane. A piece of shit, hyper intelligent murderer to the nth degree. Period.

The fact that the man is quite literally in love with death invalidates essentially everything you posted.

Your post is hilarious.

Understand basic psychology brother. Please.

The man writing this new Thanos doesn't understand a character who cares nothing about annhilating half of the sentient universe.

You can try to find "deeper" meaing in shit all you want but the truth is that comics are shallow short storiez built in and treated in a similar fashion to soap operas/young and the restless type shit.

But do you my nigga. Always.
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Re: Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series
« Reply #31 on: June 23, 2017, 03:14:33 AM »
Thanos would love the chaos gods from WH40k far more than he would ever love Death from Marvel.


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Re: Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series
« Reply #32 on: June 23, 2017, 11:02:20 AM »
mfw Jook doesn't get the sarcasm behind my last post.

I agree with your assessment of Thanos, though. Keep him evil. What's next, Slaanesh realizing the error of his ways and making peace with the Eldar?

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Re: Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series
« Reply #33 on: June 23, 2017, 05:27:49 PM »
Anyone keeping up with this series? I was wrong, it's pretty fucking groundbreaking.

Peep this. Thanos is dying, son. And he's losing all his power. But that's not good enough for his son, Thane, who wants to kill the old man himself. So Thane assembles a team of Starfox, Nebula and Tryco the Champion. His master plan? Get [insert cosmic MacGuffin] because even though Thanos is at death's door, a little more power can't hurt right? God damn, like father, like son.

Except... Holy shit! Thane steals [insert cosmic MacGuffin] and becomes even MORE of a threat than Thanos! He's omnipotent. And evil. I never saw that coming.

Looks pretty bleak for Starfox and company. They're sunk. But they decide to flip the script and team up with... Thanos! Fucking Thanos! Unbelievable! Can you say "face turn"?

But remember how I said that Thanos is about to die, and is powerless? And how Thane is now omnipotent? Seems pretty hopeless, old chums.  But sure enough, Thanos has a plan. He's going to... steal another [insert cosmic MacGuffin] and make himself more powerful than ever! A [insert cosmic MacGuffin] that no one's ever heard of, but conveniently grants unlimited power. Fucking hell. Thanos on a MacGuffin hunt. He truly is the master planner.

I really feel that this series is stretching the definition of what we call "comic books" and is taking Thanos is a completely new direction.

Giffen was the last good thing to happen to Thanos. Everything since Annihilation/Thanos Imperative (maybe) has been awful.