So why do DC writers love Nemesis so much?


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So why do DC writers love Nemesis so much?
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:43:37 AM »

He's a character I find hideously atrocious, yet a bunch of writers seem to love him. Wearing comics' most boring costume (a jumpsuit with a "scales of balance" logo on it), he acted as a secret agent, helping find the people responsible for brainwashing his brother into committing murder. He appeared in a few back-ups, but never went anywhere until Suicide Squad, where Ostrander used him as one of the heroic team members. He fell in love with Nightshade, who only cared for Rick Flag, and ultimately quit the team after a disagreement with Amanda Waller. And he was DULL on that book- never getting up to anything good.

He was later a member of the Shadow Fighters, who were devoted to fighting Eclipso- he was the sole survivor of that battle. He was finally killed in an issue of Catwoman- Devin Grayson says that she was a big fan, but was ordered by DC editorial to kill him off so that the popular JSA reboot could have a "Nemesis" on it (Soseh Mykros- whose plot point against the generic "Council" conspiracy group went nowhere and they quickly re-routed her from potential JSA recruit into one of Black Adam's sacrificial attack dogs). So she made sure to give him as cool a death as possible and promote the character, while giving him an easy way out.

Naturally, he was later seen again. He even became a supporting character in Gail Simone's Wonder Woman, and was chosen as Diana's new romantic partner. This irked a lot of fans, who really had no idea why they were supposed to care about Generic Superspy #751 when his love interest is FRIGGIN' WONDER WOMAN (fans are oddly specific in wanting only ALPHA dudes for Diana), but Simone stuck to her guns and engaged in her worst trait as a writer- having other characters shill the characters she likes. And so, Tom Tresser becomes the only male ever inducted into the Amazons, is "courted" by Diana, and more. Ultimately, he ends the relationship when he learns that she doesn't really love him, and just wants to use him to create a family. So... he rejects an opportunity... to engage in a no-strings-attached sexual relationship... with WONDER WOMAN. Seriously.

Nemesis overall bores the living shit out of me, and I have no idea why anyone likes him. That two or three writers (Ostrander, Grayson, Simone) REALLY like him seems bizarre, as there's any number of guys out there who fill the exact same role, but maybe that early series (which was mostly back-ups stories) was REALLY, REALLY GOOD or something. I don't get it.

What say you all?


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Re: So why do DC writers love Nemesis so much?
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 03:14:23 PM »
I think writers like him because he's such a blank slate that they can write him however they want him.

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