Japanese Women's Hair (vs) Hair Match


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Japanese Women's Hair (vs) Hair Match
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:03:36 AM »
Manami Toyota (vs) Toshiyo Yamada- Hair (vs) Hair Match.

An absolutely amazing match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OeSiNdZH7o

Basically, the two are tag partners and best friends engaged in a lengthy, heated feud over which one is best. Yamada ended up winning most of the matches, driving Toyota nuts with WARRIOR'S PRIDE, and so she demands a Hair (vs) Hair match to finalize things. And so, after the Mandatory Perfunctory Submission Moves & Running Stuff That Goes Nowhere, they settle in to basically throw down enough Suplexes to make BROCK LESNAR go "wow, that's enough, ladies", with Toyota hitting that insane full bridge on each one.

And then, when one girl wins, she is so overcome with emotion at seeing her friend & rival accept her fate that she REFUSES to let the stipulation go throw. With tears in her eyes, she tackles the guy with the scissors, starts cutting off her OWN hair in protest, and eventually has to be held down by an entire squadron of rookies while her opponent takes the full-head-shave LIKE A BOSS.

Absolutely spine-tingling stuff- you don't even need to speak the language to enjoy it.

Here's the description a guy gave of the angle:
Now both Toyota and Yamada were members of AJW's class of 1987, and from early on they were set up as generation rivals, down to their wrestling styles, with Toyota going for a super fast, high-flying, suplex-heavy approach, while Yamada was all UWF style with lots and lots of kicks. Around 1989 each got their own rookie tag team, Toyota had the Tokyo Sweethearts with Mima Shimoda (a "beauty" team), while Yamada had Dream Orca with Etsuko Mita (the "sporty" team), and they wrestled a lot one against the other during that time period.

In terms of singles matches, their first match (or at least the first televised one) was in December 1989, where Toyota defended the AJW title against Yamada, and the two rookies went to a 30 minutes draw. They met again in September 1991 and wrestled another 30 minutes draw. They would face for the 3th time in January 4, 1992, again in a 30 minutes draw, with one of them requesting a 5 minutes overtime, and when they failed to get a finish, the other also requested another 5 minutes overtime, but no winner emerged after the 40 minutes. This however led to them teaming up together for the first time, and right away they won the new UWA Women's Tag Team Championship together, and later on in March they challenged Jungle Jack (Aja Kong and Bison Kimura), the WWWA Tag Team Champions, for a double title match, which Toyota and Yamada won in a big upset.

Now they were the tag champions, but there was still the lingering issue of which one was superior. During the Japan Grand Prix, AJW's yearly tournament, the tag partners met in a great match in which Yamada emerged the victor, as their singles series finally crowned a winner. This however was eating up at Toyota, whom wanted to prove the win wasn't decisive, so she challenged her partner, and friend by this time, for another singles match where, not only was Toyota putting her IWA Women's Championship on the line, but she was also betting her hair! Toyota's maddening need to prove herself leading her to go to such extremes, and Yamada accepted the match, but also made it a Hair vs Hair match, the most dramatic gimmick match AJW ran at the time.

And that was the stage in which the match happened, which also grants a greater understanding for why the aftermath of the match went the way it did.
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