Why do people like Trump?


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Re: Why do people like Trump?
« Reply #30 on: May 17, 2017, 05:12:01 PM »
Part of the problem is people just can't get beyond the fact those jobs aren't returning and society is radically changing.

That and liberals are at times uncomfortable with addressing things.

Wanting a stronger boarder can be an aspect of racists but when you consider that what liberals are essentially fighting for....is a race-based caste-system where the Hispanic people exist as a serving class for the nation.....you could make a good argument that's not really a preferable alternative from a "race" relations perspective.

Sure racists might be the driving force behind the "Muslim" ban but they aren't totally wrong either.

Well as always the NO 1 way to fix that is go after the people hiring them. It the most simpliest. To a fine at a level so big it not worth the risk.  Multile fines for multiple workers..that way one guy who hires a person to mow his lawn..might get hit but not with something crazy

But if you buisnss hiring multiple illegal to workers to build you building so you can pay them shit..your getting hit fucking hard. Or if there legal..they would want to get paid.

Think liberals bring up the cheap labor argument when the "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN" argument dont work. So if they cant get them on thier side through thier hearts

Think liberal need to do the same thing with a lot of things. Like the drug war. if dont care about people get tossed in Jail for non violent crime think of the finicial side. How much money we spend on it. How much cash we could get from it. How it may affect your kid. Or cams on cops, think of all the money you will save in frivilous law suits. Because the cops who are good would have proof if they did the right thing


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Re: Why do people like Trump?
« Reply #31 on: May 17, 2017, 06:52:12 PM »
Drug War won't change until all the old people who are afraid of Hippies die.

And if we are hard on big business that affects "Trickle Down".....though it seems like it's "Trickling Down" to Mexico more than us.

One thing to think about Cops; from what I remember hearing a lot of the ones in Chicago and New York are "mysteriously" having problems with their body-cams for some reason.

Nope; nothing suspicious there.