Superman Respect Thread


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Re: Superman Respect Thread
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2015, 04:55:58 PM »
Bored, so I thought I'd contribute to this a bit(sorry for full images if they cause issues, for some reason it's providing full size images even when I'm sure I entered thumb image links). Some healing factor feats.

From a YEAR ONE comic. Superman is wounded by a "daemon" and heals in an unspecified time, but Doctor Occult says he heals fast.


This one technically happened in an alternate universe, but what the hey. He gets cut by 2D versions of the Royal Flush Gang, and seems to heal rather fast.


Here, Supes takes Kryptonite and damage from Metallo, and when a scientist says he needs medical attention, he says the Sun will heal him. Though he's still bruised, he's better enough to stand on his own a panel later.

Has a Kryptonite bullet in him, Superman is still healing the wound quickly enough that Batman isn't sure if he can remove it in time.

Superman previously had been hit with plastic explosives, and taken deadly(for normal people) electricity, while still having the Kryptonite bullet in him. After it's removed, under apparently yellow solar panels, he's better pretty fast.

Superman has the iron in his blood turned into Kryptonite, then gets run through with apparently a Kryptonite sword. He's back in the game pretty quickly after it's removed. Some might argue its continuity, as time was being messed with(though they changed things back, so it didn't seem to actually be an alternate universe or anything).


Gets his throat slit by Kryptonite Man possessed Batman, still heals it while exposed to Kryptonite radiation, and fighting Batman.


Has his throat slit by Wonder Woman's tiara, we see in a follow-up comic he's healed it pretty quickly.


These next two aren't quite Superman, but I think are valid(with context disclosed) and worth including.

Here, Jor-El(or, an alien altered to genetically be Jor-El, so what counts) comes to Earth injured and burned. We see with just a short time in sunlight, he's healed his injuries quite well.


Here, Superman is having to deal with both Paragon and a bunch of Daxamites at the same time. Paragon gets annoyed, shoots a bunch of them, and they attack him. Paragon has internal injuries according to Superman. Paragon is using Superman's healing factor, although enhanced. Since Paragon's power is to copy but enhance the powers of others. It was never clarified how much Paragon enhanced their powers, but he didn't seem too above Superman.


Superman had fought Gog, been impaled and injected with liquified Kryptonite, and still fought a while(with help from Connor).



And it weakened his powers(at the least his durability). He was to the point conventional bullets went through him. Fought Weapons Master getting shot multiple times, stabbed once or twice and almost drowned.

And shortly after that, he intimidated some villains, then passed out. In three days, he recovered from significant injuries despite his powers being weakened, cutting in and out, and no direct exposure to sunlight it seemed.

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Re: Superman Respect Thread
« Reply #16 on: February 15, 2015, 10:03:39 PM »
I think there should be 2 SM respect thread 1 for Old DCU Superman, 2nd for NDCU Superman


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Re: Superman Respect Thread
« Reply #17 on: February 15, 2015, 11:30:42 PM »
I think there should be 2 SM respect thread 1 for Old DCU Superman, 2nd for NDCU Superman

I agree there should be separate respect threads for each version. Maybe a new one should be made that's more planned ahead. I'm just occasionally contributing to this when I'm bored and feel like it.


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Re: Superman Respect Thread
« Reply #18 on: January 22, 2017, 11:54:44 PM »
Dynamic Power
Superman believing that the Daily Planet Globe is Krypton cause it to crush him to death because his power levels are dependent upon his mind:

Superman has so much mental control over his physical his physical stats via willpower that he can regulate them on a subconscious level:

Superman 650:

Superman is human level. to the point here Lex Luthor can beat him up:

Action 837:
Clark explaining his mindset:

Clark  has a change ton get a GL ring

Suuperman 651

the GL ring doesnt quite take:

why? -- he thinks of himself as a normal human, NOT as Superman any more

Action 838:

At first his body was rejecting solar energy due to red sun+kryptnite exposutre at the end of Infinite Crisis:


He gets attacked by supervillains, and his powers start to come back:

Superman 652

Clark explains how he regained his powers --  he LET them come bsck-- because deep down-- subsconsciously, he didnt WANT them-- so they went away:


Not how he describes getting his powers back -- he needs something the kickstart him into LETTING get his other powers back:

Action 839

Explaining IC, how he lost his powers, and why they didnt return --  subconscous he didnt WANT them back, so he suppressed them:

Back in the fight, he gets an intellect upgrade and access his long dormant --since COIE -- Super-intelligence:

explaining to Lois:
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