Tom King's Batman - I Am Bane Arc! UPDATE-FINALE!


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Re: Tom King's Batman - I Am Bane Arc! UPDATE-FINALE!
« Reply #75 on: April 13, 2017, 10:54:22 PM »
Yeah I'm glad that they are allowing Bane to branch away from the Bat family. I wish they would lose the tubes on him, and showcase his smarts and mma skill more as well.

The thing is, the venom makes him the inverse of Batman in a key way. Both are characters who combine brilliance with animal ferocity. However, Batman favors the brilliance, favors the Man, via having a utility belt. The utility belt being a set of tools best used by a man. He is batMAN, on a certain level.

Bane, on the other hand, favors the beast, and his choice of a weapon that enhances the beast symbolizes this. Where Wayne is a beast-MAN, Bane is a BEAST-man.

Bane is someone who believes that favoring the beast is better than favoring the man. You lose that if you drop the venom. What is Batman vs Bane symbolic of without the venom? If you want someone who symbolizes Batman's fanatical crusader tendencies without his morality, Red Hood and Ra's Al Ghul are already better designed at their core for that role.

You mistake my intent. Losing the tubes doesn't mean losing the venom. The tubes are an easy weak point in battle, and Bane used an injection mechanism at the end of Arkham War that allowed him venom w/o the tubes.

So I would like to see a Bane on Venom that actually think and strategize, who uses his strength + skill rather than just portrayed as muscle headed brick. Even w/o a recent dosing of venom, Bane was stated in the new 52 to have meta human stats, and the venom was supposed to make him smarter.

Red Hood is an anti-hero more of an anti-robin, and Ra's think he is destined to rule a new world order although he fails all the time. But to specifically answer your question even w/o venom Bane is the anti-Batman as shown below. Born in a prison not into wealth. Had to teach himself how to fight and survive, didn't have the help of a butler or money to seek out masters. His whole life has been a struggle where only the fittest survive and the strongest rule.  I would also direct you to the pre-52 secret six that showed Bane is even more dangerous off of venom precisely b/c he is more calculating. I basically want to see the Rebirth Venom Bane with the Pre-52 non venom mindset. Now that's scary and has a lot of potential, in my humble opinion of course.



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Re: Tom King's Batman - I Am Bane Arc! UPDATE-FINALE!
« Reply #76 on: April 14, 2017, 02:11:06 AM »
Be nice to see him tied to Ra's in the Nu52/Rebirth era, so perhaps Bane launches an assault to conquer the legendary Nanda Parbat!