Transformers #55 - One of the best comics only few people read *SPOILERS* *tears

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Transformers 4 life

Megatron had his time in the sun ( Shockwave was always the bigger threat, fools ), it's time for others to step up to the plate.


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What comics should I read if I wanted to check this out?

MY transformers knowledge is limited so I would prefer to start from the beginning.


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Let's see issue 55, the comic costs probably 3 bucks an issue...

Well, no chance in hell of catching up. :(

And it has Rodimus in it too.

Check to see if AIDS has an app.  Which I believe they do.  See about purchasing the graphs, can't remember the other one I've posted before.  But, it's possible they do huge sales on the online stuff as well.
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