Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team J vs Team E

  The man known as Bengal wore a blue and orange body suit with black stripes, much like his namesake.  He raced through an alley, kicked off a wall, and latched onto a fire escape where he pulled himself up and quickly climbed the steps to the roof where he looked out over the city.  “Show yourself!,” he shouted, his frustrated voice echoing across the skyline.

  In a basement somewhere, a single lighter illuminated the face of John Constantine.  He lit his cigarette and closed the lighter, happy to sit in the darkness for the time being.  His sense of peace and quiet was soon interrupted, however, when he felt a telepathic link.

“Constantine, are you hiding again?,” he could hear Psylocke’s voice in his head.

“It worked the last time, didn’t it, luv?”

“I’ve located Bengal.  They have one more teammate who has entered the city.  I don’t suppose you’d be interested in helping me fight them?”

“I’m more use to you down here for now.”

“Whatever happened to British courage?”

“Now what would you know about the Brits?”

“I am British you know.”

“You are?”

“It’s a long story.  I’ve spotted Bengal.  Come be useful when you have the chance.”

“Keep me abreast of the situation.”

  Bengal twirled twin sais in his hands and made two quick strikes.  Psylocke deflected them with her katana and ducked down in a sweep kick.  Bengal flipped over her leg, but when he landed, he received a kick to the gut.  He tumbled back onto the heels of his feet and sprang forward, bringing his knee into Psylocke’s chin.  She fell back, placed her palm against the pavement, and somersaulted back onto her feet.  Her mind reached out as she sensed someone quickly approaching.  There were four minds merged into one.  It was unnerving.  She was so distracted that she barely had time to duck under the fist of the large albino man.  She recognized him as the mutant known as The Collective Man.  He swung his arm back, striking her in the stomach with the strength of four men merged into one body.  When she fell on her back twenty feet away, the wind had been knocked out of her and she knew she had to retreat to catch her breath.  She unleashed a psychic attack, that blinded her two attackers and made them nauseous as well as giving them massive migraines.  With the two of them stunned, she quickly slipped away.

  Constantine remained in the basement, finishing his cigarette.  “Bloody generous of those blokes to replenish my cigarettes every match,” he thought to himself.  He dropped the butt on the floor and stamped it out with his foot, then checked his watch, which glowed in the darkness, telling him the time.  “One minute.  Twenty seconds,” he said aloud.  The ceiling above him seemingly growled and through the darkness, he could spot an even darker shadow moving across it.  Soon, a wide beam of light emerged, illuminating the basement as the hole grew larger liking an opening mouth.  It took a second for Constantine’s eyes to adjust, but he soon saw the face of Jack Hawksmoor sticking through the hole.

“There you are,” Jack said, “Where’s Psylocke?”

“Out in the streets, I reckon, doing the sort of things ninjas tend to do in these situations.”

“You plan to sit here the whole time or what?”

“Why must I constantly have to prove myself to you lot?”

“I haven’t forgotten about you leaving me to die last round.”

“You got better, didn’t you?”

  The Collective Man and Bengal down a sidewalk.  “When I concentrate, I can sense other people in the area,” the Collective Man informed him, “I am picking up two of them nearby.”  Bengal gave an understanding nod and pulled his sais out once again.  As they ran, they felt the sidewalk move out from under them like someone removing a rug from beneath their feet.  They stopped and noticed the sidewalk receding back, exposing the sewer below.  They backed up as the sidewalk continued to be pulled back.  Meanwhile, the sewer stretched down, turning into a long chasm.  “Hang on,” the Collective Man grabbed Bengal by the wrist and held onto a nearby stoop to brace them.  The sidewalk reached back and the two of them dangled over the deep pit, their feet pressing to the sides of the pit in order to brace themselves.  Psylocke rounded the corner and gave a curious look. 

“Hawksmoor, I’m guessing this is your doing?,” she asked out loud. 

Jack dropped down next to her, “Looks like I made it here just in time.”

“Yeah, but if you’re in the city, that means one of their people is in the city as well.”

“I see no signs.”

“Give it time.”

“I ran into Constantine on the way here.  He’s up to something, but I’m not sure what.”


“I really don’t like him.”

“Me either.”

  Suddenly, the sky grew dark as if there was a solar eclipse or a large, passing cloud.  They looked to the sky and saw the sun was unobstructed, yet something was stealing the light.  Psylocke detected the thoughts of someone quickly approaching.  Meanwhile, Jack could feel the wind whipping around the buildings, indicating someone was flying to their location.  They both turned in unison and shouted, “Get down!” before dropping to the street.  A Japanese woman in a black and white costume swooped by, firing a single blast of golden light energy that sailed over their heads, then punched a hole through the wall next to them.  Dr Light flew down, creating a disc-shaped light barrier under Collective Man and Bengal, then raised them back up to the streets.

“Stay back,” she told the two men as she charged her fists with light energy, “This shouldn’t take long.”

“I’m not standing back,” Bengal said defiantly.

  Psylocke popped back to her feet, violet energy circling her hand before elongated into a point.  She held her psychic knife at the ready with one hand and spun her sword around with her other hand.  Hawksmoor, meanwhile, straightened his tie and focused his concentration on the buildings around him, ready for attack.

“Wait, I’m `ere, finally,” Constantine came running onto the scene, stopping momentarily to bend over and catch his breath, “Sorry,... lemme catch me second wind.  Old age and a smoking habit… is not a good combination for a jog.”

“I think I know who that guy is,” Dr. Light said.

“He was the one who hid from me earlier,” Bengal raced forward, “And now he has the arrogance to show up after letting his allies do all the fighting?”

“Sorry, mate… Got turned around.”

“Do you expect me to believe that?”

“Don’t lose your temper,” Dr. Light warned.

  Constantine straightened up just in time to see Bengal flying into a roundhouse kick.  He smiled knowingly just before being kicked into unconsciousness.  Dr. Light frowned when she saw his body disappear, “It was a set up.”

  Somewhere in the city, Vegeta and The Shade appeared, side-by-side.  Now the entire team was in the city and their opponents were in the same place.  Vegeta said nothing, but simply darted off in a blur of motion.  Shade, meanwhile, calmly sank into the shadows of an alley.

  Across the city, Psylocke flew through the air, ready to strike with her psychic-knife.  Collective Man snatched her by the wrist and threw her across the street.  Hawksmoor flew in, kicking him in the chest with enough force to send him rolling over end.  Dr. Light fired several lasers at him, forcing him to flip around the beams of light heading his way.  Meanwhile, as Psylocke stood up, she saw Bengal approaching.  She brought her katana down, only for Bengal to catch the blade in the prongs of his sais.  He twisted them together, snapping Psylocke’s sword in half before giving her a kick, forcing her back to the ground.

  The fight stopped, however, when the wind kicked up above them and they saw Vegeta hovering overhead.  He crossed his arms and scowled at the assembled opponents.  “I hope at least one of you can give me a challenge.”  Shade appeared from the shadows behind Psylocke.

“The other team hasn’t noticed you yet, Shade,” she told him telepathically.

“That is probably for the best,” he answered.

  The shadows in the alley grew darker and blank tendrils beckoned her inside.  She stepped by, disappearing into the shadows.  Shade the nodded to Hawksmoor who soon followed.  With the three of them disappearing, the others were left to face Vegeta.  “They escaped,” Collective Man shouted.  “We have bigger problems,” Dr. Light told him and fired a single blast that exploded against Vegeta.  The burst of light clouded the Saiyan for a moment, but they hoped he was eliminated.  When the smoke cleared, they found to their horror, that he remained hovering in the air, not moving a single inch since he stopped flying.  The only difference was the small whiff of smoke escaping the surface of his skin before disappearing itno the air.  He said nothing but merely raised his palm, creating a brief globe of energy before it shot out into a beam of chi energy.  Dr. Light only had a second to erect a force field around her and her teammates.

  In the distance, Shade, Psylocke, and Hawksmoor watched a bright flash of energy stretch out over the buildings, followed by a pillar of smoke.  “So Constantine wanted both of you on the battlefield at the same time,” Psylocke surmised, “And he waited until three of them were in the same location to ensure a quick defeat.”

“I’m just glad he sacrificed himself instead of me this time,” Hawksmoor told them.

“Remember, they have two more teammates,” Shade reminded them, “An alternate version of Superman and the giant creature known as Godzilla.” 

“The thing that flattened the entire city the last time it showed up.”

“Yes.  John had to be careful to make sure we won without unleashing Godzilla.”

“There’s a fairly good chance the other team is hesitant to get Godzilla out there as well.  He’s big and from the looks of it, uncontrollable.  I’m sure they’re not too excited about having buildings dropped on them again.”

“Vegeta is facing the three least powerful members of their team.  This should not take long, provided Vegeta actually accomplishes his task.”

“Vegeta can get the job done,” Hawksmoor explained, “What would possibly stop him?”

“His pride.”

  The city block was covered in ash and smoke filled the air.  Vegeta continued to hover, arms crossed in stubborn disatisfaction.  Dr. Light fell to her hands and knees.  Her shield stood up to the blast, but it was taxing.  Meanwhile, Bengal and Collective Man could only stand and stare impotently.  The important thing was, her and her two teammates were safe.  “This is pathetic.  That wasn’t even my strongest blast,” Vegeta lowered himself to the ground, “As I understand it, a more powerful member of your party will show up in less than a minute.”  He sat down, propping one arm on his knee lazily, “So I’ll just have to wait for a decent fight to come my way.”

“Should we attack?,” Collective Man whispered.

“There would be two outcomes,” Dr. Light told him as she picked herself off the ground, “Either he kills the three of us outright and we lose, or he only kills one of us.  That would bring Superman here faster, but it would also bring Godzilla… We all remember what happened last time Godzilla appeared.  Our best chance is to humor this fool and let Superman take care of him.”

  Soon, the Chinese man named Kenan Kong (now calling himself Superman) appeared.  He wore a red costume and cape, similar to his namesake.  He has inherited Kryptonian powers, which he was still getting used to, but he was certain he could put an end to this quickly.  He didn’t need to use his enhanced senses to find his teammates.  He simply flew to the large cloud of smoke emerging from the distance.  “Ah, there he is,” Vegeta exploded into the sky, bringing his foot up to give Kong a kick to the jaw.  Kong flipped over-end, smashing into a building hard enough to send the side of it crumbling to the ground.  “Not bad,” he said with a confident smirk and flew back, tackling Vegeta at the waist.  They smashed into the side of another building and Vegeta brought his elbow down into the small of his back, sending him into the ground below, where he formed a crater from the impact.  He shot back up with such speed that several windows were shattered as he uppercut Vegeta into the sky,  Vegeta stopped his ascent and hung in the air.  He thrust his hands out in a blur of speed, sending multiple bolts at Superman, which smashed him back to the ground and as the onslaught continued, it created more and more explosions and the smoke grew larger.  Superman darted out the side of the cloud and whipped around, giving Vegeta a punch to the jaw, which sent him spinning like a top before he smashed through a building ledge.

  Dr. Light, Bengal, and Collective Man made their way into a wide intersection to catch a glimpse of the super speed battle raging in the sky.  Suddenly, things went dark around them.  “It’s the Shade,” Dr. Light warned and quickly began glowing to fight against the growing darkness surrounding them, blotting out everything they could see in all directions.  Despite the fact she was glowing bright enough to blind her own teammates, the darkness continued to grow.  They hadn’t noticed Hawksmoor forming a granite-globe around them in addition to the Shade’s shadow-formation so there would be no light for her to absorb from outside.

  Above Vegeta cupped his hands together, releasing a beam of violet energy into Superman’s chest, which sent him flying through a series of buildings, eventually clearing the mile of the city.  Once Superman reached the edge of the city, he disappeared and was instantly teleported across the other side of the city with the momentum of the attack carrying him back across the skyline.  Vegeta flew back to him, giving him a kick to the back of his head and sending him into the base of another building, which began collapsing.  As the building sank into a pillar of smoke, Superman smashed his way out through the side, ready to fight once again.  By this point, the rest of Superman’s team had been restrained for ten seconds.

Team E has won the match and will move on to the next round!

“What?,” Vegeta shouted, “Not again!  I’ve barely gotten started.  Why do those fools keep taking my victories from me?”

Somewhere, John Constantine chuckled to himself.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
« Reply #31 on: August 22, 2016, 12:45:51 AM »
I'm hoping someone makes Vegeta go super Saiyan, but other than that looking good!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team I vs Team D

  The Shadow’s eyes did not convey his frustration.  No matter how many he shot dead, the Multiple Man continued to create more bodies.  He was running out of ammo fast and since there were so many of them, he could not cast an illusion.  Soon, he dropped his colts and jumped into the small crowd, punching and kicking several of them.  He parried many of their punches, but a few found their way through and he found himself taking more and more hits.  He knew at least one teammate would be on his way soon, however, so all he had to do was wait.

  As if on cue, the android known as the Vision phased into the building.  The gem on his forehead glimmered and a destructive beam emerged, blasting several of the Multiple Man bodies into embers.  “This is the perfect time for a strategic retreat,” Multiple Man said and he quickly dove out a window.  “I trust you haven’t received too much damage?,”Vision asked.

  Before the Shadow could answer, the clone known as Kon-El flew through the wall (this time, actually creating a hole), and smashed Vision out into the street.  The Vision turned his body solid just before Kon-El threw a punch and was surprised to find how tough the android was now.  “You’re not Kryptonian, are you?,” he asked.  Vision hit him, knocking him across the street into the side of a car, which folded in half.  Suddenly, several Multiple Man bodies swarmed all over Vision and he quickly took to the sky, carrying several of them on his back (many of which, fell off as he ascended).  Down below, Kon-El found himself swarmed with bats.  With the Shadow casting an illusion, he watched as Kon-El took to the sky, swatting at invisible pests.

  With the four of them separated, a minute soon passed; the Human Torch and Jubilee soon came on the scene.  “I got ya covered, Vihz,” Torch shouted and flew in, blasting several Multiple Man bodies off him.  “Hopefully, there’s one or two left somewhere in the city,” he admitted as he burnt them away.  “We are what situations make of us,” Vision told him.  The Shadow crept up the stairs in the dark building.  “I’m kinda glad you stayed out of the sunlight,” he heard a young female voice say, “I haven’t been able to get out much since becoming a vampire”.  Jubilee emerged from the shadows and stood on the step in front of him.  He threw a punch, but Jubilee caught his fist in the palm of her hand and shoved him down the flight of stairs where he fell into an unconscious heap at the bottom.

  Kon-El flew at the Vision, but a fireball from the Human Torch knocked him off course and he crashed into a window.  Kyle Rayner and Captain Marvel descended from the sky, hovering alongside Vision and the Torch. 

“Green Lantern and Captain Marvel?,” Kon-El groaned, “That’s just not fair.”

“Sorry, man,” Kyle apologized.

“No hard feelings?,” Captain Marvel asked with a wide grin.
  Four Multiple Man bodies leapt off the roof above them landing in the faces of all four flyers.  Kyle scramble to catch three of them with a giant catcher’s mit while Captain Marvel swooped down and caught the other two.  Vision and Torch let them fall. 

“It was a diversion,” Vision told them.

“Save the lecture, Vihz,” Torch told him, “Looks like Superboy took the opportunity to leave.”

  In the darkened building, Kon-El carried Multiple Man inside.  Jubilee met them, making sure to stay in the shadows.  “Thanks for the save,” Kon-El told Multiple Man, “Now we gotta wait here and hope they don’t find us in the next minute.”

  Wally West appeared on the street, racing a sonic speeds.  On either side, he saw two flying figures approaching.  Kyle Rayner was flying with a ring-generated construct made to look like a race car while Captain Marvel flew under his own power.

“Wally,” Kyle greeted him.

“Kyle,” Wally greeted back.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to surrender?,” Captain Marvel asked.

“Not really.”

  As they spoke, Wally noticed the entire street up ahead was wall-to-wall flames stretching from one building to the other across the street.  It was obviously a trap set by the Human Torch and his former allies had herded him into it.  He poured on the speed, zipping away from them, running up the side of one building, crossing over the fire, and landing on the other side.  Once there, he began to spin, creating gull-force winds that blew the flames down the street, blasting out several windows as a fireball was hurtled through the street.  Both Kyle and Captain Marvel were unharmed by the flames, but they were still sent flying back from the explosion.  With Wally stopped, the Vision phased up through the street with the intent to phase an arm through the back of his head.  Wally tuned just in time and began furiously vibrating his molecules.  As the two of them phased into one another, there was a large explosion.  Both men screamed and were flung apart and rendered unconscious from the strange molecular feedback.

  The creature known as Mewtwo leapt down from a roof.  It searched the area telepathically and once it found its foes, it attacked.  The Human Torch, Kyle Rayner, and Captain Marvel noticed the attack.  Acting quickly, Kyle formed raygun-gothic helmets with his rings to protect against Mewtwo’s telepathy.  “I got it,”  Captain Marvel flew off.  As Mewtwo saw him coming, it fired a telekinetic blast that shattered an entire rooftop.  Captain Marvel fought against the force, gradually making his way toward the creature.  Once he got in close, he shouted loudly, “SHAZAM!”.  Mewtwo was not prepared for the bolt of mystic lightning that struck him while turning the large, muscular man in the red costume into a teenage boy.

  Human Torch was stunned but not out.  Choosing to hang back until he was capable of fighting, he sent Kyle on ahead.  Kyle used his ring’s scanning abilities and quickly found his foes hiding in a nearby building.  He flew down, creating a battering ram to kick through the wall.  “Found ya,” he said as he smashed his way inside.  A beam of sunlight hit Jubilee, “No!  Wait!  Shit!” she screamed just before bursting into flames. 

Kyle gave a curious look, “Okay… Seriously did not expect that.

Team I has won and will on to the next round!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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keep it up


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Round Two Aftermath

We have found the Second Round to be most… exhilarating.
You may notice the ship now hovering over the city.  We have decided to decloak and more closer to the arena for a more… intimate examination.

We are supremely grateful for the … passion you have exhibited these past two rounds.  There are four teams left.  We hope you will all be well-rested tomorrow.  Please conserve your energy.
We hope the third round will excite us.

  McClane looked out the window.  The “city” had vanished and once again turned into the mile-wide circular disk but now, a large, equally circular ship hovered over it.  The ship was roughly half the diameter of the disc and covered in lights, which was the main indicator of its presence against the blackness of space.  It reminded him of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  He was strangely disappointed with the ship as he expected something a bit grander or mind-bending.  He wondered if he was unimpressed because he was finally getting used to the strangeness of the situation or if the Zardozians weren’t as special as they claimed.  His teammates didn’t seem to react to the presence of the ship one way or another and he surmised it was due to the fact they had already sent enough spaceships to have no reaction.  The ship might as well not even be there to them.  He did n’t voice his opinion of the ship and instead, decided to voice his opinion of the aliens themselves.

“Those guys are really getting creepy with the way they talk.  You hear how excited they’re getting?”

Zatanna gazed out the window at the ship, “They certainly want a closer look now.”

“Seems odd considering the amount of holographic screens they have plastered everywhere,” Spider-Man added, “They can pretty much catch all the action from every angle.”

“They are emotionally dead,” Zatanna explained, “Maybe a closer, physical experience affords a stronger emotional reaction.”

“Or they are getting so into it, they’re getting sloppy,” McClane explained, “I’ve seen stuff like this on the streets.  They’re hooked.”

“I’m sure you have, but I don’t see an advanced alien race having the same mindset of Earthbound addicts.”

“Maybe… Maybe not.”


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
« Reply #35 on: September 10, 2016, 08:46:17 AM »
Brief Luck

  The following day, McClane ran through the streets, his gun drawn and his hammer back.  “You got this, John,” he thought to himself, “Don’t screw this up again.”  Around the curb, Chocolate Thunder unknowingly ran to his location,  “You got this, Kevin,” he thought to himself, “Don’t screw this up again.”  Both men rounded the corner and came face-to-face.  McClane tried to raise his gun, but Chocolate Thunder clamped both hands around his wrists, forcing McClane to discharge a bullet into the sidewalk.  Next, he brought his elbow across McClane’s face to briefly stun him and slam his arms against the corner of the building to force the weapon out of his grasp.  Without a gun, McClane delivered a right-cross, forcing Chocolate Thunder to stumble back.  He advanced, but the vigilante had caught his balance and flew into a roundhouse kick that sent McClane tumbling back where he managed to snatch his gun from the ground, roll over on his back, and fire a single shot.  Chocolate Thunder strafed to the side, but the bullet sliced across his left shoulder.  He grunted and fell back, clutching the now-bloody limb.  McClane stood to his feet, “That should keep you out of my hair, but it won’t take you out completely.  Can’t have your friends coming after me this early,” McClane quickly left the scene.  As he ran, he quietly said to himself, “Holy shit, it’s getting easier.”

  Lightning appeared on a rooftop a minute later.  She looked out over the city, spread her arms, and dropped off the side of the ledge.  As she fell, she exploded in a burst of light as she changed to her eletric-form, then swooped back into the sky, spiraling between buildings on her way.  Kirby, meanwhile, waddled down the street.  Lightning landed next to Chocolate Thunder, who was slouched against a wall.

“You okay?,” she asked.

“Ugh… Been better.”

“Listen, you might not wanna hear this right now, but I suggest getting inside one of these buildings and hanging back.”

“No way.  You need my help.  It’s bad luck without me.”

“The way you’re bleeding, you won’t be much help to anyone.”

“Look at it this way, if I go down, your sister and Monica will show up.  The sooner the better, right?”

“Good point.”

  McClane, meanwhile, laid in the driver’s seat of a car on the sidewalk.  The steering column had been broken open by the butt of his gun and he was attempting to hotwire it.  “Surprised no one else thought of this,” he said to himself as he brought two of the wires together, which was then followed by the roar of the engine.  “Got it,” he said happily, only to have a massive spark fly from the wires while the entire car shook; the windows shattered, sparks flew from multiple parts of the car, the headlights exploded,  the engine died instantly, and John McClane leapt back and cried out, “Jesus Christ!”.  Smoke billowed from the panel and the wires were completely fried.  McClane slid out of the driver side door and stood in the street.  There, Lightning stood before him, “`Sup?”  He turned and saw a wounded Chocolte Thunder slowly make his way from an alley entrance.  McClane nodded, “Yeah, I should’ve known my luck wouldn’t last too long.”

  Kirby opened his mouth, elongated to human size as he emitted a sound like a giant vacuum.  Lightning was lifted into the air as she felt the wind kick up.  “Wanna snack?  Here,” she ignited a ball of energy into her palm and threw it underhanded.  Kirby was forced to catch the blast in his mouth, dropping his opponents in the process.  McClane raised his firearm at Lightning while Kirby held the energy in his jaws.  She turned and fired a single stream at McClane while Kirby released the bolt of energy back in her direction.  McClane was thrown off his feet.  At the same time, her own blast was being spat back at her by Kirby.  The bolt came near as she took McClane out, but at the last minute, Chocolate Thunder appeared.  He threw himself into the path of the bolt, taking a shot to the chest, which sent him flailing into the air.  McClane hit the ground and disappeared.  Both Kirby and Lightnign were surprised to see Chocolate Thunder do likewise.  They froze for a second and stared at one another, now aware of the situation.

  Thunder shoulder-smashed her way through a wall as she ran into the street.  Kirby rolled out of the way as she brought her fist down.  Lightning tried to take aim, but she was soon blinded by a web spray across her face.  She used her electric power to burn the webs away from her eyes in time to see Spider-Man dropping down, sending Thunder across the street with a kick to her back.  The ground began to shake, which got everyone’s attention.  They turned and saw Juggernaut racing down the street in their direction, a wide grin slowly spreading across his face.  Lightning summoned a large amount of energy and glowed brightly just before she thrust her arms out, releasing a wide pillar of energy that sailed down the length of the street and found its way to the Juggernaut.  It didn’t slow him down as peels of electricity bounced off him, running into the metal cars and street lights along the sidewalk.  She quickly realized she was wasting time and effort and took to the skies just as Juggernaut ran below.  Cain Marko didn’t break stride as he decided to set his target son Thunder instead, who couldn’t fly.  He raced toward her while she stood defiantly, increasing her mass as much as she could.  At that point, Juggernaut caught a glimpse of Monica Rambeau.  Or more accurately, he caught a glimpse of an energy blast from Monica Rambeau.  Instead of hitting Juggernaut himself, she blasted the ground underneath him, sending him into the air just before he smashed into the second story office above.

  Spider-Man and Kirby regrouped in the middle of the street.  Thunder stood across from them and a second later, both Lightning and Monica landed beside her, ready for a second round.  Juggernaut stepped out of the hole above, landing next to his teammates, shattering the concrete under him in the process.  The six of them eyed one another.

Spider-Man began whistling the theme from ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly’.

“Will you stop that?,” Juggernaut growled.

“I thought it was fitting.”

“Good to see ya, Spidey,” Monica said.

“You too, Cap… I mean Photon,... I mean… Spectrum?  Sorry, I’m not sure what you go by these days.”

“Don’t sweat it.  I change names more than Hank Pym.”

“Seriously, can we just get back to fighting?,” Juggernaut whined.

“Kirby!,” when the little alien said this, his motive was unknown, but the Juggernaut assumed he was agreeing with him.

“Thank you!,” Juggernaut responded.

“I’m not sure Kirby was agreeing with you,” Spider-Man explained.

“How do you know?”

“Well,... I guess I kind of don’t.  He doesn’t have much of a vocabulary.”

  In reality, Kirby was explicitly trying to distract everyone into continuing the conversation, which they did.  He bounced into the air and rolled forward.  Both Monica and Lightning fired energy blasts at him, but he rolled underneath them and slide toward Monica.  He came up from under her, quickly inhaling.  She had no time to pull away before she was inside his mouth.  Thunder and Lightning turned to attack, but Kirby swallowed and Monica was thrown behind him, bowling both women over.  Kirby turned gold and was wreathed in energy.  “Spectra-Kirby!,” he shouted and took to the skies in a streak of light.  “Oh crap,” Monica muttered and flew after him.  The two hovered in the air and faced off.  Monica locked on to him and quickly began draining energy, but Kirby drew the energy back into himself while also attempting to drain her.  It was a complete stalemate.  A thunder clap erupted between them, followed by a small singularity that floated between them that soon erupted into a wider swirling vortex of energy.  Soon, the entire sky was filled with light as the two struggled over control of the vortex between them.  Soon, debris was quickly sucked up.  The cars began slowly drawing close, due to a gravitational pull.  Thunder increased her mass to avoid being sucked up, while Lightning turned into her eletric form and flew in the opposite direction.  Spider-Man was sucked up, but thought quickly by shooting a web strand onto the nearest building and quickly pulling himself to the side of the wall, suing his adhesive powers to stay in place.  Meanwhile, the Juggernaut remained standing.

“Bunch of pansies,” he said, “This ain’t too bad.”

  As a car rolled toward him, he scooped it up in his hands and hurled it at Lightning who blasted it out of the air.  Thunder stomped forward, “Looks like it’s just the two of us at the moment.”  Juggernaut looked down at her, smirked, and casually crossed his arms, allowing her a free shot.  She gritted her teeth, balled up her fist, reached back, and slugged him in the gut… and was surprised by how much her hand was hurting.  “That shit never gets old,” Juggernaut chuckled and brought his foot up, kicking her clear over a building, eliminating her. 

With her sister down, Lightning screamed in anger, “You bastard!,” and began unleashing waves of electricity at the Juggernaut.

“Eh, you’ll see her in a few minutes, what’s the issue?”

  A minute had passed.  Zantana appeared on a rooftop overlooking the event.  Juggernaut was throwing debris and shrugging off electric bolts from Lightning, despite her anger.  “He won’t need my help anytime soon,” she said to herself.  Meanwhile, chunks of nearby buildings were being torn off and sucked into the small sun Kirby and Monica Rambeau had inadvertently created.  Spider-Man scrambled along the wall as it broke apart, desperately trying not to get sucked up, “Uh, Kirby… We might wanna try to think of something else… Please?”  With Kirby and Monica stalemating and Spider-Man doing what he could to avoid getting killed, she was secure in their abilities at the moment, “The team’s in luck, but I’m not sure how long that luck will last.”  With her appearing, she knew who else was nearby.  She had seen him in the previous rounds.  The Blue Marvel was a lot like Superman: strong, fast, had the ability to fly, and seemed to have enhanced senses, among other powers.  It was only a matter of time before he spotted her and decide to take her out.  As if on cue, she felt a strong hand over her mouth and another around her waist.  “Your powers seem to be verbal in nature,” Blue Marvel told her, “There’s little need to do much more than this.  In ten seconds, it won’t matter any longer.”  He was quite generous.  She hated to do what she did next.  “Maybe it won’t even work,” she thought to herself.  Blue Marvel watched curiously as she raised her hands and made two strange signs with her fingers.  Nothing seemed to come of it, but he couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by it.  Soon, he felt strangely hot and weak.  He felt something fading away in his arms.  Ten seconds had passed and Zatana disappeared in defeat, but whatever she did remained.  He could feel his powers draining.  He was dizzy.  Sweat beaded on his forehead.  He thought about what Zantana did and it dawned on him.

She had used sign language.

  Back at the team’s pod, Zantana appeared and smiled a bit to herself.  She didn’t like the nature of her victory, but she did consider it clever.  She knew how to use sign language in reverse long ago.  It had helped her more than once.  What she signed was, “Blue Marvel has Kryptonite” in reverse.  He reminded her of Superman, so she guessed there must be some substance in existence that would weaken him.  She guessed correctly.

  Blue Marvel fell to his knees on the rooftop.  His vision was blurred and his hands were shaking.  He soon recognized the feeling.  He turned and spotted the familiar blue substance on the roof next to him.  It was Neutronium, an isotope from the Exo-Zone.  He came in contact with it in Battlerealm once.  “How did she know?,” he thought to himself.  He struggled to lift himself up on the ledge.  He tried to pull himself away.  Perhaps he could still muster the power to fly?  He soon learned the answer to that question when his arms gave out and he plummeted from the rooftop.  He didn't fly.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team E vs Team I

  “Nice coat, mate,” Constantine lit a cigarette as The Shadow materialized in front of him.  The dark figure merely raised his pistol and cocked the hammer.  Behind the wide brim hat and bandana, his eyes narrowed as if contemplating something.  Constantine continued to smoke, shooting a glance at the large spaceship hovering over the city, “Makes you sort of wonder what they get up to up, eh?”.  The Shadow shook his head.  Something wasn’t right.  He had been trained in the art of casting illusions and hypnosis.  Because of this, he was normally aware when others tried similar tricks.  This one was one of those times.  The image of Constantine faded like a disappearing fog.  He spun around, snatching a trench coat lapel.  Constantine was thrown into the gutter.  He raised his hands in defense.

“Wasn’t sure that would work on someone like you, I admit,” he said, “Listen, I just want to talk a bit.”

“I have no interest in talking.”

“I can see that, hence the charade.  Much safer that way.”

“Not that safe.”

  The Shadow raised his gun once again and pulled back the hammer.  Just then, a telepathic knife was thrust through the back of his skull.  His body shook just before he collapsed and disappeared.  Psylocke stood where he once was, violet telepathic energy crackling around her fist as she winced at Constantine.

“Good to see you again, luv.”

“Shut up and get going.”

  Psylocke grabbed Constantine by the coat and dragged him down the street as they ran.  Constantine tripped and fumbled as he struggled to keep up.  “Er,... We’re running why?,” he ended up holding onto Psylocke’s sash to keep from falling, hoping she wouldn’t find the move invasive and slap him.  In actuality, she did find it invasive, but it didn’t matter at this point.

“You realize now that I’m here, they have someone too?”

“I realize that, yeah.”

“And I was forced to take down The Shadow, which means they have two more people on the battlefield.”

“I am well aware, yes.”

  Psylocke stopped running, which made Constantine bump into her.  She put her hands on her hips and took an annoyed stance.  “Okay, what is it this time?  What’s your big plan?,” she demanded, “No more secrets.”

Constantine shrugged, “This whole thing is getting a bit boring for me, really,” he pointed to the alien ship above them, “Those blokes up there, they’re the ones who want a show.  We could care less.  Even if we die, we’ll just be brought back, so what’s the use of fighting?”

“If we do nothing, we’ll be frozen.  You saw what happened to Batman and the others.”

“But that’s just it, isn’t it?  They’ll only put us to sleep.  They haven’t really made any larger threats have they?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Look, I’ve gone up against some tossers in my lifetime, alright?  Nasty bastards straight from the pits of Hell and I do mean that in as literal a fashion as possible.  With those blokes, they don’t threaten to put you to sleep.  You’ll be lucky if all they do is kill you.  I take it, you know similar characters, yeah?”

“... Yes, I’ve fought against some very dangerous people.”

“I mean, if they made a threat, would it involve sleep or death?”


  Just then, three figures came down from the sky, the sun beaming between them as they landed in a three-figure formation.  The Vision, the Human Torch, and Kyle Rayner touched down, surrounding the two.  Psylocke ignited her telekinetic knife and pulled her katana from her back.  Constantine stepped forward and waved his hands in surrender, “Hold it, lads.  Hold it.”

“He’s up to something,” Kyle Rayner warned, “I know this guy at least enough to know that.”

“Indeed, he is deceptive,” Vision answered, “I have noticed his actions in this tournament so far.  He excels at manipulation.”

“That’s all true, but I’m honestly not trying to start trouble this this time around.  Look, those aliens have gotten closer to the playing field, yeah?  Why would they do that?  Nothing about this tournament has made sense.  I just need you people to cooperate for a little bit.  Let’s work together to find out what’s going on.”

“If you want to talk, then why did you take out The Shadow?,” Human Torch asked.

“I didn’t, Betsy did,” he pointed to Psylocke, “I had to use a little hypnosis because he didn’t seem to be the talky sort of guy.”

“He’s got a point,” Torch admitted.

  At that point, the ground under them began to shift.  They all stood back as the pavement sprouted a hole and Jack Hawksmoor emerged.  “I think he might be telling the truth for once,” he told the group, “This whole thing stinks.  The sooner we get to the bottom of this, the better.”  The team looked at one another curiously.  Before long, the air whistled above and Captain Marvel landed next to them, “But I can’t help but wonder if Constantine can be trusted.  After all, we are down one man.  Your team is ahead.”

“Look, if it’ll make you feel better, one of you lads can just punch me in the face right now,” Constantine placed his hands behind his back, “Knock me out cold.  I won’t even put up a fight, but after you do it, please, just have a sort of sit in.  Stop this pointless fighting.  Let’s see what those alien bastards will do once we stop all this madness.  So who’s it gonna be then?  Take a shot.  Anyone will do.”

  Just then, a fist came across Constantine’s jaw.  He spun around, a confused and dumb look on his face before he finally lost balance and dropped to the pavement.  Everyone froze with their jaws open.  As Constantine disappeared, Psylocke cracked her knuckles.  “He made an offer,” she told the men, “I couldn’t help myself.”  Hawksmoor rushed in, wrapping both arms around her shoulders as he hugged her tightly.  She gave him a baffled look as he leaned in and whispered, “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

 The Shade emerged from the shadows, “It seems our team has made a decision.”

“We have as well,” Captain Marvel nodded then looked up at the spaceship, “Let’s see what’s going on up there.”

“Sadly, I’m not sure everyone is in agreement,” the Shade looked out into the distance, “He has been waiting for a chance to fight for some time and I don’t think there’s any point in convincing him otherwise.”


  Vegeta came down from the sky, a golden comet of pure bloodlust.  Even though Captain Marvel had the speed of Mercury, he was taken completely by surprise.  The impact sent him through the ground, into the sewer below where they splashed into the water-filled tunnel.  Vegeta flew vertically, nailing Captain Marvel with rapid punches and kicks, forcing him down the length of the tunnel.  This was followed up by a double-fisted uppercut, sending him back through the street and into the air.  Vegeta appeared in front of him and gave him a kick, sending him into the side of a building.  Billy Batson reached up, snatching the top floors of the building and brought them down, smashing thousands of tons into Vegeta’s face, sending him into the ground.  Once he was on the ground, the Vision phased through a wall and opened with a solar blast to the back of Vegeta’s head.  Vegta turned, only for the Human Torch to swoop in with a wave of fire.  Kyle Rayner joined in, erecting a large arm cannon over his sleeve before firing a green energy beam.

  “ENOUGH!,” Vegeta shouted, releasing an orb of energy in rage.  The blast sank into the ground and exploded outward, creating a globe of energy that blasted through the streets and wiped the buildings aside.  In the distance, Psylocke, Hawksmoor, and Shade gave an annoyed look as they saw half the city disappear.  Captain Marvel remained hovering in the air as the energy blew past him, but his eyes widened in horror as he saw his teammates disappear in a flash of light.

“Did Vegeta kill everyone again?,” Psylocke asked in a disappointed tone.

“Yep,” Hawksmoor answered flatly.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Final 2--hooray! Not surprised Gree's team made it this far. Brains + Brawn. Also some history between some of the members on his and your team, and interesting power comparisons as well.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Round Three Aftermath

Round Three has now been completed.
We will begin the final round tomorrow.

We have been very pleased with what we’ve seen thus far.  For inferior beings, you are all quite gifted.

We do, however, have one complaint.  The last match contained a very distressing conversation concerning us and our ship.  Be warned, any investigation into our ship will result in dire consequences.

We do not recommend any further aggression.  Remember, we are watching you very… intensely.

  Constantine turned to face his team, “That didn’t go well.”  He slumped down in a chair as the rest of the team contemplated their next move.  “They will now be expecting us to turn against them,” the Shade continued, “But I must wonder why they haven’t moved their ship yet.”  Psylocke stood up and went to Vegeta who was standing on the other side of the pod, arms crossed in a sulking manner.

“Vegeta, we need to work together to get out of this,” she told him.

“If I’m in a tournament, I aim to win,” he snarled.

  Zatana stared out the window at the metal disk below.  With only two teams left, there were only two pods floating on either side.  The Zardozian ship hovered silently above the pods, likely promising to descend once the next round started.

“We know who our next opponents will be at least,” she told the team.

“I know the Asian chick,” Juggernaut explained, “Psylocke was in X-Men and Excalibur.”

“I heard her psychic knife is strong enough to pierce your helmet,” said Spider-Man, which elicited a grumble from the Juggernaut.

“I know The Shade and Constantine,” Zatana admitted.

“Constantine?  The British guy in the trenchcoat?  Looks like Sting?,” Spider-Man asked.

“Our relationship has been… complicated.”

“Complicated relationships are always the most fun, huh?,” Spider-Man gave her an understanding pat on the back.

“Yeah, they’re a blast.  Especially the part about alimony and your kids hating you,” McClane groaned dryly.

“At first, I thought he was some kind of detective,” Spider-Man began.

“He is,... in a way.”

“And I know he’s good at manipulating people.”

“You have no idea.  Every demon on every level of Hell knows not to make deals with him.  That’s how crafty he is.”

“But, correct me if I’m wrong, he looked like he pulled off a magic trick the last round.”

“Yeah, but he mostly knows parlor tricks.  He has to prepare to pull off the bigger spells.”

“But he’s infamous around the demonic crowd.”

“He gets by on reputation.  He’s earned that much.  The man is dangerous.”

“And The Shade?”

“Also good at manipulation, plus he’s vastly powerful on top of that.”

“So me and Juggy know Psylocke and Zantana knows Shade and Constantine.  Anyone know the dude in the suit or the angry guy with spikey hair?”

“Kirby,” the alien said with a negative tone.

“Does it matter?  This is our last chance to see what these assholes want,” McClane speaks up.

“They want us to fight, apparently.”

“Yeah, obviously they want us to kick each others’ heads in, but like I’ve been saying this whole time, something’s gotta be up with them.”

“Who the hell cares?,” Juggernaut shouted, “Look, maybe these aliens are up to something.  It’s too late to find out now.  We go out there, we kick their asses, then we go home.  Problem solved, right?”

“I don’t like the idea of letting them get away with this shit.”

“It doesn’t sit well with me either, honestly,” Spider-Man agreed.


“Yes, I don’t think any of us are too thrilled with the situation,” Zantana added.

“I’m still fine with it.”

“Okay, besides Juggernaut, I don’t think any of us are too thrilled with the situation.”

“But what do we do?,” Spider-Man asked, “You heard the Zardozians.  If we go down there and start formulating a plan, they’ll know what we’re up to.”

“So we give `im what they want,” McClane told them, “They want a show, we give it to `im.  Like I said before, these people are into this shit.  Like deeply into this shit.  They’re still not moving their ship even after knowing some of us have been trying to get inside.  They’re hooked.  If we distract them by fighting, we could sneak someone inside.”

“That sounds -,” Zantana began, but she was soon cut off.

Attention, we have decided to share our celebrations with you this night in honor of the final round starting tomorrow.

  The holographic screens in the pods came to life.  Both teams finally saw their captors.  A group of short, gray humanoids with large black eyed, pitted noses, and small mouths appeared onscreen.  They had no hair or clothes and sat behind a control panel.

We hope you join in within your pods.

If not, we hope you watch.

It would greatly please us if you watch.

  The head Zardozian turned to face the others as they gathered around.  They clustered together and the teams began watching them curiously.  The noise was the first thing they noticed.  Their eyes widened as the noise became more intense and they began to move around, wrapping their limbs around one another.  Kirby turned around and covered his eyes with his flippers, “K-K-Kirby…”  The Juggernaut tilted his head with both bafflement and horror as he finally muttered, “Are they… Is that…?”.  Spider-Man nodded in regrettable affirmation, “Yeah,... That’s an orgy.”


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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You've got a weird/wonderful mind


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Gearing Up
McClane stepped out of the pod’s shower room.  He pulled his tank top over his torso and began cleaning his gun.

Spider-Man checked to make sure his webshooters had enough cartridges.

Kirby practiced inhaling.

Zantana summoned a bit of light between her finger as a magic exercise.

Juggernaut drank another pint of beer and put his helmet in place.

Down below, the city was recreated once again.

In the pod across the way, Vegeta performed one-finger pushups.

The Shade read silently.

Psylocke meditated.

Hawksmoor stretched.

Constantine lit a cigarette.

We have some exciting news.

As this is the final match, we shall release all fighters on the battlefield at once.

We expect this change will make things… interesting for us.

Good luck.

“We’re all going out there at once?,” Juggernaut asked happily.

“At last!,” Vegeta shouted, “No more waiting for you weaklings!”

“They’re getting even more reckless now,” McClane said as his team began to disappear, “That’ll make it easier for us to -,” with that, both teams were beamed into the city below.

  McClane found himself alone on a street corner.  He looked up, noticing the giant ship hovering above the skyscrapers.  “Get a good look, fellas,” he told them.  Zantanna found herself on a rooftop once more.  She looked over the ledge for any signs of either her teammates or her opponents but she could not see any one right away.  The air behind her kicked up and she spun around, her hands raised in defense as she prepared to speak.  “Easy, it’s just me,” Spider-Man landed in front of her, “Thought I saw you over here.”

  McClane found Constantine sitting on a stoop, finishing his cigarette.  McClane casualy strolled over to him and extended a hand.

“John McClane.”

“John Constantine.”

“Nice name.”


“You don’t mind if I bum one of those cigarettes, do ya?”

“Help yerself, mate,” Constantine handed the pack over to him politely.

  “I nac ees Enitnatsnoc Nhoj,” Zantana said as she stared into the sky.

“Find him?,” Spider-Man asked.

“Yes, and it seems Constantine has found McClane.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“It’s good as long as McClane doesn’t sit down to talk.”

McClane sat down next to Constantine for a talk, “You don’t seem to want to be in this thing anymore than me.” 

Constantine nodded and blew smoke toward the ship, “Don’t reckon we have much of a choice.”

“We got a few plans up our sleeves.”

“Brilliant, but those bastards tend to listen carefully for this sort of thing.”

“As long as we keep fighting, I don’t think they’ll care what we say.  Matter of fact, I think once we get going, they’ll forget all about what we just said to one another.  I've seen more than a few addicts in my day."

"So have I, sadly."

"So you know how to keep them occupied."

“Yes.  Give them exactly what they want.”

“You got it.”

“Well, bugger,” Constantine spat his cigarette out, “Let’s get on with it, then.”
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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Good stuff I'm liking it


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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This is awesome.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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The Chapter Where Vegeta Flies Ass Backwards

Constantine raised his fists, “Never had much of a knack for this sort of thing.” 

McClane smiled slightly, “I’ll go easy on ya.”

  Constantine threw a punch, but McClane ducked under his arm, delivered a shot to his ribs, and then brought his fist into a right hook across his jaw.  Constantine stumbled back and rubbed his face, “I thought you said you’d go easy, ya prick!”.  He came back with a hard swing across McClane’s face.  McClane was pushed back and he advanced with a left, but McClane blocked the punch with his forearm and gave him another hook across the jaw.

  Vegeta stood in an alley, grinning from ear to ear.  The aliens saw fit to release all fighters at once.  He raised his palms, summoning an aura of energy that levitated the small bits of debris around him.  It was finally his time to shine.  He exploded in a flash of light and a golden arch streaked across the sky.

  The Juggernaut was lumbering down a main street, looking for any signs of opponents.  “They brought us all out at once,” he thought to himself, “The least they could’ve done is sent us close to each other.”  His thoughts were soon interrupted as he heard the air whistling above him.  A moment later, a foot to his shoulder sent him sideways into a column holding up a ramp.  The base of the column was obliterated, which made the top section drop, along with a chunk of a highway ramp.  Juggernaut caught the massive cylinder of concrete in his hands.  “That’s more like it,” he thought.  Vegeta floated above him, arms crossed.  “Now that I’ve gotten your attention,” he scoffed, “Perhaps you would -”  Vegeta could not finish his sentence as he was soon hit with the tower of granite and sent through the highway overpass.  He smiled to himself as he sailed through the air.

  Kirby waddled down the sidewalk, passing a shadow cast by a shop.  The Shade slowly ascended through the shadow behind him as he passed.  He politely cleared his throat and rapped his cane against the ground, getting his attention.  Kirby spun and glared at Shade, preparing for a fight.  “You have much power, my little friend,” Shade said, “I imagine you could even absorb my own.  I offer it to you.”  Kirby tilted his head to the side, inquisitively.  “I assure you, I’m not up to anything, Shade confided in him, “I just believe that with you skill at attaining powers, you could create quite the spectacle.  The Zardozians would certainly be entertained.”  Kirby stepped back and puffed up his cheeks, ready to unleash a force-wind.  “Very well,” Shade sank back down into the shadow just as Kirby released the air, blasting out the shop window.

Psylocke sat on a fire escape, using her telepathy to search out the right mind, “I take it the Zardozians can’t tell if I’m communicating telepathically.”

“It would seem so,” Shade answered.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Give the Zardozians what they want… for now.”

“So that’s it?”

“These beings want a spectacle.  They are easily distracted, which will make it easier for us to find out what they’re after.  Hawsmoor is already en route to face the one they call Spider-Man.”

  Spider-Man landed on a ledge, overlooking Constantine and McClane.  “Zan, I’m finally in position,” he said aloud.  Just then, Jack Hawsmoor crawled up from the underside of the ledge.  “Hey, wall-crawling is my thing.  Find your own gimmick,” Spider-Man balled up his fist, ready to strike, but part of the brick building jutted out.  Spider-Man’s fist went through the wall as Hawsmoor ducked back, making the ledge smooth and slanted toward the ground below.  Spider-Man slid down and fell toward the street below.  “Sorry, `bout this,” Hawksmoor said as he watched him fall, but soon found two web-strands sticking to his shoulders.  He is yanked off the side of the building as Spider-Man swooped up, bringing Hawksmoor onto the ventilation shafts of a nearby roof, caving it in.

  Constantine threw a wild uppercut, catching McClane on the chin.  His attention was turned as he saw a figure approach out of the corner of his eye.  “Zan,” he said with a pleased smile, “It’s been a while.”

“Not nearly long enough,” she said, half-smirking.

“Can you guys do the whole Ross-and-Rachel thing later?,” McClane asked, “Kinda in the middle of something here.”

Spider-Man landed next to them, “Did I miss the Ross-and-Rachel stuff?”

  Before any snarky comment could be made to counter his snark, the Juggernaut was dropped into a smoking crater down the block.  He rose from the rubble with a wide grin on his face.  Everyone looked to the sky and saw Vegeta hovering above him, glowing with power as he cackled maniaclly.

“Okay, that guy is enjoying this way too much,” Spider-Man exclaimed.

“You’ve no idea,” Constantine added.

“What’s his name again?,” Zantanna asked.

“Who, Vegeta?,” Constantine half-answered.

“Ategev seilf ssa-tsrif.”

“What was that?”

“Are you ready for round too, Spike?,” Juggernaut called out.

“I haven’t even gotten my second wind,” Vegeta shouted, “But first… I’ll brush aside your little friends so they won’t interfere.  There has been too much of that lately.”

  At that point, Vegeta flew ass-first across the skyline where his heels smashed into the side of a building.  "What the hell?," he shouted and tried to right himself, but the more he tried to fly forward, the more he kept flying in reverse, his ass sticking out awkwardly until the building quickly collapsed with him under it, confused and angry.  “Why did you have to go and do that?,” Juggernaut angrily walked past Zantanna, “I had `im right where I wanted him.”

“Flying ass-backwards,” Constantine smiled, “Nice one.”


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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