Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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That was actually the hardest chapter to write since I only knew Alucard and D from the anime team and I'm not familiar with Gravel.  I had to do some googling.  Hopefully, things turned out all right.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Awesome stuff


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team C vs Team H

   The young African American man with sunglasses took a fighting stance, preparing himself for the assault he was sure to come.  Instead, the man in the black coat and mask simply stood and watched him, arms folded.  Chocolate Thunder was a master of martial arts and was quite confidant in his skills.  He came forward with a flying kick, but the man known as Midnighter had already prepared a counter attack after his battle-computer predicted the first move, as well as a thousand other potential attacks.  Chocolate Thunder sailed through the air and the blow to the back of his skull threw him to the ground.  He began to rise to his feet, but the next attack knocked him out and took him out of the fight.

A second later, two teenage African American women in red and yellow spandex respectively, appeared.  Lightning, like her namesake, charged a ball of electricity between her palms and fired a bolt, which Midnighter back flipped away from.  Several more bolts followed and were likewise dodged.  “He’s fast,” Lightning told her sister.  “Let’s see how well he flips around if he doesn’t have any ground to land on,” Thunder answered just before she stomped on the ground, creating a tremor through the area.  Midnighter lost balance and was subsequently hit in the chest by a bolt of electricity that carried him into the air and against a wall.  He dropped to the ground, his healing factor saving him from serious harm.  “Hit `im harder,” Thunder told her sister.  “Whatcha think I’m gonna do, Anissa?,” Lightning charged a ball of electricity between her hands again, ready to unleash a massive attack.  Midnighter brought his heel back and kicked out the basement window behind him, then quickly slid inside just before a stream of lightning blasted through the wall.  Midnighter landed inside the basement along with broken bricks.  A second later, Thunder and Lightning dropped into the basement; Lightning iminated electricity from within, which released a glow that illuminated the entire basement.  Midnighter was gone.

He raced up the stairs, quickly making his way to the rooftop.  “All I have to do is beat the clock,” he thought to himself.  When he made his way to the roof, he quickly raced across it and continued to hop from rooftop to rooftop.  Down below, Thunder and Lightning searched for him.  After a minute had passed, Jenny Sparks appeared in the air above Midnighter.  Her youth and attire defied the fact that she was a century old.

“Jenny,” he nodded politely.

“Trent,” Jenny nodded back and lit a cigarette,”It didn’t take long for you to need my help, did it?”

“Feel free to put your confidence to good use.  Our friends will be arriving on this rooftop right about now.”

Thunder and Lightning burst through the rooftop door.  “A new player,” Lightning fired a bolt of electricity at Jenny, but the blast had no affect.  Jenny smiled and absorbed the energy, “Afraid I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive, love.”  Meanwhile, Thunder increased her density as Midnighter came at her with a pair of batons.  He spun, striking her with both, but her density saved her from getting her skull caved in.  Lightning turned into her energy form, a being of golden energy.  Jenny likewise turned herself into pure electricity and the two flew at one another.  The resulting clash of energy lit the entire rooftop up, which knocked both Midnighter and Thunder off the roof.

Midnighter grabbed Thunder in mid-air and twisted her around, giving him a cushion when they landed on top of a car.  Thunder was dazed but not unconscious.  Midnighter, slipped down onto the pavement, facing his next opponent.  Monica Rambeau, better known as Spectrum (as well as several other names over the course of her long superhero career) was an African American woman in a silver and black costume.

“Good idea, running out the clock like that,” she said as energy surrounded her fists, “Did you forget that, when you got a teammate, they’d get one too?”

“No,” Midnighter twirled his batons in his hands as a deranged smile crossed his face, “I welcomed it.”

He came at her, but an electromagnetic pulse shorted his battle computer and took out his remaining electronic gadgets.  Not that it mattered, with his computer shorting out, he was rendered unconscious and taken from the battlefield.  She helped Thunder off the crushed car.

“You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I just gotta catch my breath.”

“Well, girl, catch it quick.  They have two more teammates on the battlefield.  I’m gonna go help your sister.”

She flew off in a burst of light.  Above, Jenny sparks fired a constant blast against Lightning, pinning her to the rooftop as she began to exhaust herself.  “As I said,” Sparks told her, “I’ve been doing this before you were born.”

“I’d like to see how far that experience gets you,” Monica said.

Sparks turned just as Monica flew in, carrying her away from the rooftops.  The two women smiled as they began trading energy blasts as well as absorbing them.

“Hulk smash!”

Thunder tried her best to be immovable, but the giant, green monster was too strong.  It rivaled even Superman.  Hulk’s punch sent her through several rooms in a building, rendering her unconscious.  A short man in a blue and yellow striped costume stepped up behind him.

“Not bad, Hulk,” Wolverine said as he lit a cigar, “But now that you took her out, the rest of the team will show up.”

“Hulk not afraid.”

“That’s the spirit.”

The black man in a blue and black costume with a cape recognized both Hulk and Wolverine.  They were both a threat, the longer they were in battle.  He was sure he could take Wolverine out fairly easily, but that would mean their fifth member would appear on the battlefield.  The Blue Marvel decided to attack the Hulk instead and flew him into the air where he whipped him around and hurled him into the sky.  He wasn’t sure if it would work.  He knew the sky was artificial and created by the Zardozians.  He wasn’t sure if Hulk would sail out of the atmosphere or bounce off some invisible dome.  He also wasn’t sure about battlefield removal and how that affected a win.  His questions were answered when Hulk disappeared in a flash of light once he flew high enough.  A second later, he was teleported in a different sector of the sky and dropped down toward Blue Marvel who didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late.  He was tackled through a building and burst out the other side where they both landed in a park area, creating a large cloud of dirt.

Above, Spectrum absorbed Jenny’s electric blasts.  Fighting her on the electric spectrum was fruitless, but she knew that if she were to beat Sparks, their final teammate would appear.  Blue Marvel and her decided on a specific strategy: negate two opponents at the same time so as to avoid releasing the final member.  Sparks had likewise thought up a strategy, “When in doubt, kill their brains.  No matter how powerful they are, they can’t function without a brain.”  She tried to reach into the electrical current in Monica’s brain.  As Monica was in her energy form, the attack did not work, but she could sense the attack.  “Fine,” she said, “If you want to get serious, let’s get serious.”  Monica extended her powers out in a wide field and the sky was soon lit up in a blue sphere.  “Aw shit,” Sparks muttered, the cigarette falling from her lips as she realized Monica’s full potential.  The generated an electrical-negation field, removing electric power from the area.  It was brief, only a flash, but it was enough to briefly knock out Jenny’s power and send her plummeting thousands of feet.  Not that Monica let her hit the ground.  She quickly swooped down and caught her, but Jenny had already passed out and she soon disappeared in her arms.  “Might as well see who we’re up against,” she thought to herself and began flying around the city to find her new opponent..

A beautiful woman in red armor, armed with a sword, shield, and a glowing lasso appeared, hovering over the city.  She saw her teammate, the Hulk, battling Blue Marvel in a park area, destroying several trees in the process.  Wolverine was making his way to the area, and she figured that the two could bring down Blue Marvel.  Not far away, she recognized the young hero known as Lightning as she recuperated on a rooftop.  Restraining her should be easy, allowing her team to win.  Wonder Woman’s thoughts were interrupted, however, when Monica Rambeau hit her with an energy blast from behind, sending her into the side of a building.

Wolverine arrived at the park to see Hulk and Blue Marvel hammering each other with blows, gradually sinking into the dirt as they remained otherwise unmoved.  “Hey Hulk,... fast-ball special?,” Wolverine called out.  “Hulk doesn’t need Little Man’s help,” Hulk bellowed as he continued his slugfest with Blue Marvel.  “Guess I gotta see if I can do this myself,” Wolverine said to himself and flew into the air after Blue Marvel, only to be hit with a bolt of electricity.  A newly-recovered Lightning came out of the sky, “Guess I’m just in time.”  She pinned Wolverine down with electric bolts, but the mutant continued to get back up as he gradually healed from the constant barrage.  “Yellow Glowing Woman!,” Hulk roared as he realized his teammate needed help, “Leave Little Man alone!”  Hulk became enraged, grabbed Blue Marvel, and hurled him at Lightning, who quickly took to the sky and allowed Blue Marvel to knock several trees over.

Just then, Monica flew down, and hit Wolverine with a blast, which pinned him to the ground.  “Rambeau,” Wolverine sneered, “What did you hit me with?”.  Monica held him in place with a single beam of energy, “Magnetic energy,” she stated plainly, “With that metal skeleton, pinning you for elimination should be easy.”

“Nothing is ever as easy as it seems,” Wonder Woman dropped down from the sky and plunged her sword down.  Monica phased through her, but was forced to release Wolverine in the process.  The impact, created a huge crater.  Blue Marvel flew into her, smashing her into the dirt and creating a deep groove across the park.  Monica once again hit Wolverine and pinned him down once more.  “I will save Little Man from Light Lady,” Hulk raced toward her, but Lightning hit him with her strongest bolt. Hulk gritted his teeth and pushed against the energy blasts.  Nearby, Wonder Woman and Blue Marvel flew through the air, smashing each other through buildings.  Wolverine attempted to get up, but it was no use, he was confined.  Ten seconds passed.

Team C has won and will move on to the next round!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
« Reply #18 on: July 24, 2016, 01:14:59 PM »
Ha! Digging your Dredd.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
« Reply #19 on: July 28, 2016, 01:04:05 AM »
Team L vs Team P

The robot with the painted face cocked his head to the side.  “I haven’t quite decided something,” it said to the figure across the street, “Would participating in this tournament be novel or practical?  A tournament such as this would be quite novel as I am not accustomed to this sort of thing, yet, it seems practical for me to kill my opponents in order to ensure I return to my universe.”  The warrior princess pulled the sword from the sheath on her back, “Sorry.  I may be Greek, but I’m not one for philosophizing.”

Xena let out a warrior-yell as she rushed the Painted Doll.  “Rude,” the Painted Doll muttered to himself and performed a backflip, placing one hand on a bicycle rack and while upside down, pulled the machine gun from his white jacket and opened fire.  Xena somersaulted to the side as bullets ripped up the pavement beneath her.  She landed, removed the chakra from her belt, and hurled it.  The Painted Doll hopped down from the rack and the chakra ricocheted off the wall behind him, off a stoop across the street, and back to him.  “Interesting,” he said as he raised his gun and fired, blasting the flying disk in half.  By then, Xena had already cleared the distance and swung her sword, decapitating the Doll.  His robotic head tumbled off his shoulders, into the gutter, “Sadly, I fear I may be the last.”

“This thing is metal?,” Xena said curiously as she pushed the headless body over and heard a loud CLANG.  She had little time to contemplate as a scientist in a white lab coat rushed out of nowhere.  He appeared to be a corpse that had been sewed together and carried a long, black scythe.  She ducked under his swing and he cut a swathe through the brick over her head.  She brought her forehead into his chin and followed it up by slamming the the hilt of her sword across his face.  He stumbled back, putting some distance between them, so she advanced.  She brought her sword down and Dr. Frank Stein blocked the blade with the middle of his scythe, then he swung the end across Xena’s face.  She nearly fell down, but vaulted off the ground by the palm of her hand and landed a few feet away.  “You’re strong,” the doctor told her, “I’d love to dissect you.”  “Well, that’s just creepy,” Xena flipped over his head, but when she landed, he brought the end of the scythe across her legs, pulling them out from under her.  She fell on her back and immediately rolled to the side as he brought the blade down, punching a hole in the pavement.  He grunted a bit, then yanked the scythe free, deflecting it across her raised sword.  The force of the blow, nearly knocked Xena down as she staggered and struggled to remain balanced.  Another deflection came, but this time, she rolled with it and turned it into a flip as the scythe swung low under her.  Once Xena landed, Stein rushed in and placed the palm of his hand against her stomach.  Xena screamed as an electric current raced through her body and took her out of the tournament.  Stein turned and sneered at the man in the black leather jacket and domino mask, “Thanks for the help, jerk!”

Zack Overkill was leaning against a wall, “You had it under control.  That lady was only street level.  I was saving my energy for the guys that should be coming any minute now.”

On Cue, an android in a blue and red costume descended from the sky, his eyes and fists glowing with energy.  In the distance, another figure leaped off a rooftop and landed nearby.  He was a pale warrior with markings along his arms.  He welded twin blades and took a battle stance.

“More interesting specimens,” Stein said with a smile, “Maybe they won’t disappear before I get the chance to study them a bit.”

“Wanna know something?  You remind me a little of my brother,” Zack told him.

“Shall we?”

Stein and Overkill lunged at the pair.  Kratos gritted his teeth, clenched the hilts of his swords tightly, and then twin bio-blasts flew past him.  The blasts were strong enough that they shredded the outer facades of the buildings on one side of the street and tore the street apart.  Stein and Overkill were blasted apart.  Kratos turned and gave Spartan a glare.  “It was the quickest way,” Spartan told him.

In Team L’s pod, Alucard threw his hat off in a rage, his yellow sunglasses nearly falling off, “I was hoping to succeed where that alternate-reality me failed.  I didn’t even get the chance to prove myself!”

“What’s right is right,” Granny Weatherwax, the kind old witch, told him as she sipped her tea.

Team P has won the match and will move on to the next round!

Team B vs Team J

It had been five minutes without a single elimination form either team.  Batgirl, Witchblade, Jean Grey, and the Engineer stood on one side of the street while Bengal, the Collective Man, Dr. Light, and the Superman of China squared off with them on the other side.  Debris littered the street and several holes had been punched through buildings, but the two team stared each other down, ready to continue the battle once the final teammates appeared.  Glory appeared alongside her teammates and removed the sword from her sheath.  The team readied themselves for the member on the other side and were very surprised when they saw a giant, reptilian claw down the block. The giant monster known as Godzilla roared and turned, his tail swinging directly into the path of several buildings which soon toppled down.  Everyone was crushed or at least pinned under a mountain of rubble.  Only Godzilla remained.

Team J wins by default.  They will move on to the next round.

Team E vs Team N

Sentry’s eye widened in horror as the shadowy being known as The Void loomed over him.  “You… You can’t be real,” he muttered.  The being laughed mockingly, “Your teammates brought me back.  It was them all along.  They used you, you fool!”.  The Sentry screamed in anger.  He flew back in a flash.

The Void shrank back, gradually returning to the form of a tall man in a suit, cloak, and top hat that would seemed more appropriate in the Victorian era.  The man known as The Shade disappeared into the shadows, reappearing in a mostly empty room in one of the buildings.  There, a middle-aged man in a trench coat lit a cigarette while an Asian woman in a purple leotard watched out the window.

“Your entry into Sentry’s mind proved valuable, Psylocke,” Shade told her, “He is truly terrified of his alternate persona.”

“I just needed to know what would set him off,” she explained, “You did all the acting and Constantine was the one who clued in to him being unstable.  I knew he had issues, but I didn’t know they were that deep.  He’s not even from your universe and you had him figured out.”

“Eh, I know the type when I see `im,” Constantine took a drag from his cigarette, “Is that bloke with the hair still fighting ‘Super-Lad’?”

“It appears so.  As expected, Vegeta does not listen well, but we can use that to our advantage,” Shade explained, “I suggest we retire before the situation reaches its inevitable climax.”

“Vegeta can take care of himself, but what about Hawksmoore?,” Psylocke asked, “He’s still out there.”

“We need a diversion, I’m afraid.  As long as two of us are out there, no one will question where we’ve gone, but don’t worry, luv.  If those blokes up there are telling the truth, ol’ Jack will be right as rain after the match.”

“And if they aren’t?”

Shade began phasing into a shadow on the wall and beckoned the two of them to follow, “It’s a bit late to worry about that now.  Come or don’t.  It’s your choice.”  Constantine gave Psylocke a shrug and joined him in the shadows.  Psylocke’s top lip curled in disgust, but she had few options.  She joined them in the shadows.

Vegeta was a humanoid alien with spikey black hair.  He fought a man who looked identical to Superman, save for the stranger armor and the look of pure rage on his face.  They appeared as blurs, rapidly throwing punches at one another with enough speed to rattle windows.  Vegeta was thrilled to have a challenge while Superman Prime simply wanted out of this reality.  Sentry approached at several machs, smashing into the two of them with enough force to send them into opposite buildings, which quickly collapsed.

Jack Hawksmoore was a healthy man with dark hair, a white suit, and barefeet.  He bounced around an alley, dodging swings from a double-bladed axe wielded by a viking warrior princess, then ducked under a man with an iron mask flying in from the sky.  He crawled up the wall and catapulted into the street just as an older Russian nobleman hurled a bomb at him.  When he landed, he heard the air whistle above him and when he turned, he saw the Sentry bringing his fist down.  A second later, what was left of Hawksmoore splattered along the street, the wall, and Sentry’s face.  He turned and glared at his teammates with glowing, yellow eyes.

“Is something amiss, lad?,” Baron Munchausen asked with a friendly smile.

“You played me,” Sentry approached slowly with clenched fists, “You all played me.”

A red and blue streak blew past, kicking up a strong wind.  Superman Prime smashed Sentry into the side of a building, “What the hell are you doing?,” he demanded.  Sentry hit him with an uppercut, forcing him to let go, “I will not be your pawn anymore!”.  The two of them disappeared in a blur of yellow and blue, resulting in many walls being smashed.  Octobriana, Baron Munchausen, and Hoverboy watched from a distance.  “Should we do something?,” Octobriana asked.  “This is a commie conspiracy, I just know it,” Hoverboy added.

Vegeta flew to the area to see Sentry and Superman Prime grappling in the middle of a pile of rubble.  “The fools are fighting each other!,” Vegeta snarled through gritted teeth, “This is not a tournament!  This is a waste of my time!”.  He raised both hands over his head and a globe of chi energy soon emerged.  He let out a primal scream, letting everyone in the vicinity know of his rage, then cast his hands down, releasing the ball of energy.  It landed between Superman Prime and Sentry and blasted the two apart, but it did not stop there.  The buildings nearby were wiped away like chalk from a blackboard.    The three remaining teammates were blasted into atoms in a second, none of them quite realizing what had happened.  When the dust cleared, the entire city had been reduced to ash.  Vegeta landed in the smokey debris of the city and took notice of the Sentry and Superman Prime crawling to their feet.  “Get up, damn you!,” Vegeta shouted, “You are both still alive, which means you are both capable of fighting!  I will have what’s mine!”  Shade, Constantine, and Psylocke emerge from the shadows of the smoke rising into the sky.

“The battle is over, Vegeta,” Shade informed him, “The victory is ours.”

“What?  I still crave the taste of battle!  This isn’t over!  It can’t be!  I will be satisfied!”

“He’s not easy to please, is he?,” Constantine whispered to an annoyed Psylocke.

Team E has won the match and will move on to the next round!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
« Reply #20 on: July 28, 2016, 10:04:42 PM »
Really nice stuff AP, I'm enjoying this


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team K vs Team I

A humanoid figure made of flames hung in the air, releasing a wave of fire from his hands.  Below, a similar humanoid figure made of ice, stood on top of an ice-slide and released twin ice beams.  The attacks met somewhere in the middle and took the form of a massive cloud of steam with a steady torrent of precipitation, not unlike a rain cloud.

“I gotta tell ya something, Johnny,” Ice Man began.

“What’s that, Bobby?,” Human Torch answered.

“This is honestly getting boring.”

“So then give up.”

“Well,... not that boring.”

“But gotta love the rain cloud we made.”

“I think we’re a shoe-in for the science fair this year.”

   The man in the coat and fedora was known as The Shadow.  After taking down Starfleet officer Hikaru Sulu in hand-to-hand combat, he remained invisible.  The mutants known as Ice Man and Northstar had appeared.  He was not sure he could stand up to their power, so he waited for a minute to pass, so that the android known as the Vision could assist.  Minutes passed.  Now, the Vision and the LOSH member Element Lad were in a stalemate, with both struggling over the density of Vision’s body.  Meanwhile, Torch and Ice Man were likewise stalemating.  Northstar was still searching the city at subsonic speed for the shadow.  He glowed brightly, releasing beams of light into the dark alleys to find his target.  A minute passed and both Kyle Rayner, a Green Lantern, and Apollo of the Authority appeared.

   “I guess it’s up to me to break up this stalemate,” Kyle said to himself, “If I fail, maybe Captain Marvel can turn the tides.”

   As Kyle flew, he positioned himself above and to the rear of Northstar.  “You, at least, are not hard to find,” Northstar turned with his back facing the rooftops as he flew and fired several bolts.  Kyle created a multi-layered series of shields connected to one another to catch the shots.  Apollo peered into the distance and the first thing that caught his eye was the green and yellow lights flashing on the other side of the city.  He disappeared in a blur, shooting across the skyline in a golden arch.  Northstar saw his teammate rapidly approaching due to his superhuman speed and reflexes, so  he quickly dropped out of sight.  Sensing he was being set up for an attack, Kyle formed a tight shield around his body that looked like bubble-wrap but a millions of times stronger.  Apollo launched himself at Kyle, striking the shield hard enough to send him through a wall and several rooms in an office building before exiting out the other side.  Northstar joined Apollo on the street below.

   “He’ll be back,” Northstar told him.

   “Right now, I’m more concerned with finding the one they call The Shadow,” Apollo told him.

   “He’s made himself invisible.  I’m tired of looking for him.  Besides, he’s the least powerful person on their team.”

   “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my partner, it’s that sometimes, the least powerful person on the team is the most dangerous.”

   “In that case, we both derive our powers from the light and our friend wants to hide in the darkness.”

   Apollo simply turned and nodded to him with a knowing smile.  They both took to the sky and absorb the light from the artificial sun above.  They glowed brightly, appearing as twin stars in the daylight.  Kyle swung back around and headed for in their direction.  Ice Man and the Human Torch continued to stalemate one another, not noticing the figures in the sky.  On a rooftop, Element Lad began to increase the Vision’s density, forcing him to sink through the roof as he tried to phase out of it.  Apollo and Northstar spread their arms out, creating twin flashes of light that covered the entire city.  Even the participants had trouble seeing what came next due to the sheer brightness of the attack.  Ice Man and the Human Torch were both blinded, their attacks going off-course as they bypassed one another, finally.  Ice Man was hit by a concussive force that knocked him on his back, stunned but not out yet.  The Torch was hit by a blast of sub-zero temperatures that dosed his flames and dropped him, eliminating him from the arena.  Meanwhile, Element Lad brought a hand over his eyes as he was blinded.  The Vision, meanwhile, used his solar gem to absorb the flare, saving him from being blinded.  Seeing his chance to act, he phased his right hand and put it through Element Lad’s head.  The Legion member screamed in agony and passed out, removing him from the match as well.  Kyle, meanwhile, hung in the air and waited for his vision to return.  Apollo and Northstar fired twin blasts that knocked him out of the sky, eliminating another member.  Apollo and Northstar landed on the street below.

   “Do you see the Shadow?,” Northstar asked.  “I do!  He’s right here,” Apollo spotted the Shadow standing nearby, covering his eyes and unable to see or retaliate.  “I see him too,” Northstar added as he also spotted the Shadow.  Both men charged an energy blast in their palms, raised their hands in unison, and fired.  From a nearby alley, the Shadow watched as both men fired a wide blast at one another, neither one knowing that they are seeing an illusion.  The Shadow was technically blind at the moment, but he was seeing through their eyes and was able to cast the illusion.  Despite both men being immune to the light-based energy, the concussive force knocked both of them back.  Apollo’s strength and invulnerability allowed him to remain conscious despite being blasted through a wall.  Northstar had no such luck as he was quickly rendered unconscious once he was tossed into the air.

Team I has won the match and will move on to the next round!

Team D vs Team G

The creature was a biped of an unknown gender, that looked a feline salamander.  It witnessed its teammates, Jubilee and the Flash disappear into the battle arena while it remained in the pod, having not yet been summoned.  It turned its attention to the large window in the pod and gazed out over the newly rebuilt city; a split second later, several pillars of smoke and light rose from the alleys below and his team reappeared in his pod.  It all went by far too quickly.  Mewtwo’s curiosity was piqued, so it peered into Wally West’s mind to learn what had happened.

Wally West flew through the city with peels of amber energy escaping his limbs as he ran at roughly twice sonic speed.  Multiple Man had already defeated the guitar-playing scientist with the ray gun called Buckaroo Banzai.  And while the multi-armed alien known as Spiral and the man in the T-shirt called The Great and Powerful Turtle destroyed many of his dupes, it wasn’t enough.  Jamie Madrox was called the Multiple Man for a reason.  There were several of them, all wearing the same blue trenchcoat with head-gear.  He continued to create more of himself, as fast as they could kill them.   After that, a minute had passed and a member from each side entered entered: Kon-El and Suprema.  Kon-El was a friend of Wally’s.  As a clone of Superman, he did the Red-S proud, but he simply could not overpower Suprema.  Multiple Man still remained, despite multiple copies dying by the dozens, but with Kon-El down, Wally and the vampire known as Jubilee entered the fray.  Jubilee kept to the interior of buildings or the darker alleys to avoid sunlight.  Wally passed the Great and Powerful Turtle, hitting him as he lifted several Multiple Man (Multiple Men?) into the air.  He knew that would unleash Orion for their team, who Wally did not want to have to deal with.  Also, he needed to act before Suprema caught up to him.  She followed him as he whipped through the streets, around corners, and up walls.  He increased his speed.  It wouldn’t be long before he found his target.  Spiral was in a dark alley, attacking Jubilee (apparently, there was some history there Wally wasn’t quite sure of).  Wally grabbed one of Spiral’s many arms and spun her through a wall.

Team D has won the match and will move on to the next round!
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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Round One Aftermath

Round One has finished.
We have found these battles to be... fascinating.  Possibly even stimulating.  We will commence.
As stated before, you will find that all wounds have healed and we have restored dead tissue to bring the dead back to life.
Also stated before, all eliminated teams have been placed in stasis.  Do not attempt to find them or wake them up.

The next round will begin in one Earth day.  Please relax and enjoy your refreshments and entertainment.

Thank you.


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Happy my team made it to rnd 2!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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The Weak Link

McClane woke up with the alarm; with his eyes not quite adjusting to the light, he was briefly under the assertion this had all been a dream.  He would happily go to work and be berated by the chief of police if it meant no longer being trapped in space and forced to fight strange creatures and men with powers and colorful tights.  The strange chime that woke him up was obviously not his alarm clock, however, which reminded him of his current reality.  He squinted through his blurred vision and the first image to come into focus were two black ovals on a soft white surface.  He shrieked and sat up in his bed.  Kirby’s smile faded and he took an apologetic expression.  Beds had materialized in their pods for those who wanted them, along with a separate compartment for Zatanna who made it very clear, especially to the Juggernaut, that she would be sleeping alone. 

Spider-Man hopped down from his web hammock on the ceiling, “How’d you sleep?”

“Pretty good until I woke up to this fucking nightmare again,” he took a look around the pod, “Can we  get a shower in this place or something?”

By his command, a separate shower stall materialized on the far side.  He nodded in appreciation.  The Juggernaut yawned loudly and sat up in his crushed bed, then picked the helmet off the floor, “I got dibs on the shower.”  Zatanna left her compartment, which disappeared in a shimmer of light behind her, “Ladies first.  Don’t worry, I’ll try not to use up all the hot water.”  Juggernaut stood to his feet and smiled.  Sensing what he was about to say next, she turned and glared.

“Marko, remember the time I threatened to remove your eyeballs?”

“Um,... Kinda.”

“Don’t make me aim lower.”

We trust your sleep was pleasant.
The next round will begin in two hours.  These are the battles for the next round:
Team A vs Team M
Team C vs Team P
Team J vs Team E
Team I vs Team D
Team A and Team M, please be prepared.

“Please be prepared,” McClane sneered mockingly, “Can you believe these assholes?”

“From all indications, everyone who died yesterday has come back,” Spider-Man explained, “They’re keeping their promises for the moment, but my intuition still tells me something isn’t what it seems.”

“I’ll tell ya something, Spidey, you ain’t alone in that feeling.  You would’ve made a good cop.”

“Think so?”

“I gotta wonder what order we’re going out there in,” Juggernaut interrupted, “Looks to me like they send the runts out first and make their way up to the big dogs.”

“What’s your point, Jugghead?,” Spider-Man asked.

“If things go the way they went last round, they’ll send McClane out there first.”

“Of course they will,” McClane threw his hands into the air.

“Yeah, John goes first.  I think the rest of us had that figured out already, but congrats on finally catching up.”

“My point is, McClane sucks.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Now, that cream-puff over there actually pulls his weight around here.”


“Whatever,... I’ll admit, you know how to handle yourself in a fight, Web-Head, but let’s face it, you’re not exactly the top of the food chain.  Zatanna’s got her magic, but she comes in last, so there’s a chance she’ll come in too late or she might not even make it out on the battlefield.”

“You are trying to come to a point here, aren’t you?”

“I don’t want you people ruining this for me.”

“Is that it, Tiny?,” McClane chuckled, “You wanna get the chance to go out there and kick a little ass?”

“I want to win!”

“Fuck’n psychopath,” McClane shook his head and walked away.

“Just try not to end up on your back this time, McClane,” Juggernaut growled, “Don’t forget, you’re the weak link here.”

“Yeah, I haven’t forgotten.  Believe me.”
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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Once More Into The Fray

Thank you for your patience.
The second round will now commence.
Team A vs Team M.
Fighters ready…

Metallic fingers reached to the abyss of space and spread out.  The faux-city rematerialized once again as the metal disc floating below the pods formed an entire cityscape in seconds.  McClane jogged in place and took heavy breaths.  “Don’t get too worked up,” Zatanna warned, “If we lose, we lose.”  McClane shook his head, “Winning would be a helluva lot better than being put on ice for the rest of this thing  If that’s even what’s going on here.”  He disappeared from the pod…

… And reappeared in the street below.  He pulled his sidearm and quickly moved against the nearest wall with his hammer cocked.  “Just take it easy, John,” he said softly to himself, “You’re gonna play it smart this time.”  He whipped around the corner, gun trained before him.  With the coast clear, he darted across the street and once again placed his back against a wall.  He looked to both sides and saw no signs of his target, then he looked up and barely caught a glimpse of a pair of boots dropping from above.  “Shit!,” he shouted and leapt back, his gun drawn on Judge Dredd who remained calm once he landed.

“I saw you in the first round,” Dredd somehow growled even when speaking in a conversational manner, “You’re a police officer, correct?”.

“Yeah, that’s me,” McClane noticed Dredd’s strange suit and large badge, “I’m assuming you are too, wherever you’re from.”

“In a manner of speaking, yes.  It is against Judge protocol to assault a member of law enforcement, regardless of the time period or the universe.”

“That a fact?”

“Badge number.  Now.”

“8-8-1.  What’s yours, asshole?”


“That don’t sound like no badge number I ever heard of.”

“I don’t have to prove anything here,” Dredd turned to leave, “I can wait a few more moments for your teammates to arrive.  I have no such protocol regarding them.”

“You might wanna rethink that protocol of yours, pal,” McClane took aim between Dredd’s shoulder blades and began to squeeze the trigger.  Dredd turned, his hand quickly going to his Lawgiver holstered at his side, “Self-preservation is within the parameters of Judge protocol.”.  McClane stopped and lowered his weapon, giving Dredd a smirk as he glanced in the opposite direction, “Nevermind.”  Dredd continued on his way while McClane ran into a nearby building.

“At least he hasn’t gotten killed yet,” Juggernaut sneered as he watched.

“What’s the time, Spidey?,” Zatanna asked.

“It’s been almost a minute.  Looks like you’re up, Kirby.”

Kirby happily bounced up and down and flapped his flippers.  He disappeared mid-bounced and re-emerged in the city.  An instant later, a boot struck him in the side, sending him sailing into the air where he bounced off a wall and fell back, only for Dredd to punch him to the ground.  Once on the pavement, Dredd drew his gun and took aim.  Kirby quickly inhaled as a barrage of bullets flew his way.  Soon, they disappeared in his mouth and he puffed out his cheeks, ready to spit.  “Damn,” Dredd muttered as he anticipated what happened next.  He dove into a nearby alley and Kirby began spitting the bullets back out in rapid fire.  A hand reached down and grabbed Dredd’s gloved hand in order to help him to his feet.

“Seems you’re in a bit of a pickle, old chum,” The Brit chirped.

“Unidentified alien lifeform,” Dredd spouted back, “Proceed with caution.  I suggest killing it on sight.”

“Not one for conversation, eh?  I can appreciate that.”

McClane raced out into the street from a nearby door.  “I got something set up,” he told Kirby, “I don’t suppose you can take me up to the third floor of that building,” he pointed to the building he had just come out of.  Kirby gave a knowing nod and cooed a bit.  Once Brit and Dredd came out of the alley, they noticed Kirby inflating himself while McClane climbed onto his back and held on tightly to his flippers.  “Take it easy.  I hate flying,” McClane said as Kirby began flapping his flippers.  They levitated three stories before McClane noticed Brit and Dredd running into the middle of the street; Dredd took aim and McClane held on tight.  He jerked Kirby to the side roughly and they both did a barrel roll through the air just as a bullet passed by.  They crashed through the window and slid along the floor along with plenty of glass.  Kirby stood up and gave McClane an annoyed look.  “Hey, don’t look at me like that,” McClane told him, “Would it have been better if I let that guy shoot ya?”.  McClane brought Kirby over to a nearby elevator.  Once there, Kirby noticed the elevator had been propped open with a fire extinguisher and beyond that, an open shaft with an exposed series of cables.  “You don’t say much, but I hope you can see what I’m doing here,” McClane told him.  Kirby gave a knowing wink in response.  McClane nodded, “Good.  Think you can lure those guys into the first floor for a little surprise?”  Kirby gave a salute and rushed to the broken window, then leaped out.  “Seriously John, the fuck are ya doing here?,” he muttered to himself.

Brit and Dredd slowly entered the lobby of the building.  It was a spacious lobby with an elevator at the far end and a receptionist desk (one that was obviously empty).  Dredd had his Lawgiver out and held in a defensive stance.  Britt trailed behind to cover him.  He glanced over his shoulder as something caught his eye, turning just in time to see an inflated Kirby hovering.  There was no time to say anything as the cream-puff exhaled, releasing a massive burst of wind that blew past both of them.  It lifted Dredd off his feet and sent him tumbling over the receptionist desk.  The Brit, meanwhile, stayed his ground.  “I’m afraid I’m made of sterner stuff,” he took a swing, but Kirby flattened himself against the tiled floor, then slid between Brit’s legs, then hopped into the air and pressed the elevator door with his flipper.  The elevator doors opened, making a ringing sound that echoed up the shaft enough that McClane could hear it.  Kirby rushed inside the empty shaft and looked up, spotting the elevator car one floor above.  Brit stepped inside, “I’m afraid you’ve run out of options.”  Kirby kicked off the wall and flipped over his head, landing in the lobby.  “Kirby,” he called out loudly.  Hearing this, McClane shot the cables of the car.  The Brit looked up as he heard the sound of an echoing gunshot and barely made out the shape of the bottom of the elevator just before it fell.  The outside doors closed just as Kirby heard the impact, waffs of dust flowing out from beneath the doors.

He turned and saw Dredd rising from behind the desk.  He straightened his helmet and took aim once more.  Behind him, he could hear the ring of the elevator doors opening once more.  Several panels of metal and plastic poured out and Brit began removing himself from the destroyed elevator.  Kirby inhaled, sucking up some of the debris from the destroyed elevator and turned, his cheeks puffed out from the chunks of metal he just took in.  Dredd threw himself across the lobby just as a ball of metal flew past.  The Brit reached down, snatching Kirby in his hands.

Just then, McClane came through the stairwell, his gun in one hand and the fire extinguisher in the other.  He raised his gun and fired a single bullet that bounced off Brit’s forehead.  The brit rolled Kirby up in a ball and hurled him at McClane who ducked to the side, allowing him to pass and bounce off the door behind him.  He then brought the fire extinguisher down, which was blocked by the older man in front of him.  The tank bent almost entirely in half, releasing a jet of fluid into Brit’s eyes.  “Bloody hell,” Brit stepped back and began rubbing his eyes furiously.  “Good enough,” McClane said to Kirby.

“You have both violated a number of safety hazards,” Dredd raised his gun and raced across the lobby.  McClane likewise ran in the opposite direction and both men threw themselves through the air as they fired bullets at one another.  The ballistics flew past both of them, putting holes in the walls around them.  Dredd rolled along the floor and quickly switched to heat-seeking ballistics.  He sat up in a crouching position, ready to fire just as a figure flew toward the window across the room.  Spider-Man smashed through the glass and shot a webline that clogged the barrel of his Law Giver.  Dredd angrily ducked behind the receptionist desk and tried his best to rip it loose.

“What the Hell took ya so long?,” McClane asked.

“Pokemon Go?”

The Brit’s vision was mostly clear, at least enough to find the red-and-blue blob standing nearby.  He went for a swing, but Spider-Man ducked under the punch, grabbed him by his jacket, and spun around around, hurling him through the wall and across the next room.  “I thought he’d be stronger,” he said to himself.

Behind them, Dredd had switched to napalm, “One count of obstruction of a Judge’s weapon.  One count of unlicensed adhesive.”  He stood up and fired, allowing the flames to burst through the webbing, but also setting half the room on fire in the process.  “Time to go,” McClane shouted and the three of them quickly jumped through the front door and out onto the street as flames chased them.

“I think we lost them for the time being,” McClane explained.

“Don’t celebrate yet,” Spider-Man warned, “I caught a glimpse of an old friend about a block away… and I do mean old.  Chances are, he hasn’t slowed down over the years.”

The base of Spider-Man’s skull tingling: the tell-tale sign that danger was approaching, “Oh… speak of the devil.”  With his spider-sense going off, he shoved both McClane and Kirby back to the ground before back flipping over the figure rushing from behind.  The air whistled as three claws sliced past them.  Logan watched as Spider-Man sailed through the air and landed on the side of a wall.

“Logan,” Spider-Man began, “Before we continue, could you remind me which horrific potential-future you’re from?  It’s hard to keep track of them sometimes.”

“Parker,” a subtle smirk emerged on his wrinkled face, “I didn’t think I would, but I’ve honestly missed those jokes of yours.”


“Yeah.  Damn shame when you died.”

“Aaaand, that’s when the conversation got awkward.”

Dredd came out of the flaming building, once again, taking aim.  Acting quickly, McClane jumped behind Logan while he was distracted by Spider-Man, wrapped an arm around his neck, and twisted him around just as Dredd opened fire.  Logan barely grunted as a slug hit his gut and he never lost his footing, prompting McClane to shout, “What the Hell?” in disbelief.  He repaid McClane by cocking his head back, allowing McClane to feel the brunt of the oddly hard skull.  He fell to the ground as stars danced across his vision.  Logan raised a claw, ready to strike, but was quickly tackled across the street by Spider-Man.  Kirby, meanwhile, inhaled, sucking Dredd up in his now-massive jaws.  Kirby was surprised when he felt Dredd trying to fight him from within, the inside of his mouth rippling with every kick and punch.  It was only a matter of time before he would decide to simply shoot his way out.  The Britt came through the fires in the lobby, ready for attack, and Kirby knew it was the right moment.  He spat and released Dredd, sending him flying into Brit’s chest; they were both thrown back through the flames and into the destroyed lobby.

Spider-Man slammed Logan against a car, smashing the windows in the process.  Seeing Kirby sending Dredd into the Brit, he turned as he pinned Logan’s wrists, “Are they out?”  The Brit came back out of the lobby once more and began taking swings at Kirby who began hopping around to avoid him.  Logan brought his knee up into Spider-Man’s chin and kicked off the smashed car, pinning him to the ground.  Spider-Man quickly rolled onto his back and kicked him across the street.

“Looks like the British guy is still in the game,” McClane said as he held his bloody nose and tried to pick himself off the ground.

“But that guy in the helmet hasn’t come out of the building yet,” Spider-Man jumped into the air as Logan returned with a series of claw swipes.

“So then that means...,” McClane turned and looked to the sky.

Above them, a glowing blue orb exploded in the sky with telekinetic energy.  Small its of debris levitated into the air and McClane felt his hair stand on end.  Both Logan and Brit stood back from their opponents, confident now that their allies have arrived.  The mutant known as Cable and the combat-sorcerer known as Gravel hung in the air and surveyed their surroundings.

“... We’re screwed,” McClane continued.
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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Game Plans

“Yep, we’re outta here.”

Spider-Man snatched McClane by the back of his shirt and shot a webline to Kirby’s back, zipping him back to the palm of his hand where he uses his adhesive powers to stick to the small alien.  He then jumped down the length of the street and took off down an intersection.  Cable and Gravel landed calmly nearby.

“So I assume letting them go was part of the plan?,” Logan asked.

“If we took even one of them out, then that would’ve brought their most powerful teammates.  Chances are, they would come out swinging and we’d have no time to prepare,” Cable explained, “You and I are familiar with one of them.  You know how dangerous he can be.”

“The Juggernaut,” Logan growled.

“Right.  We have one minute before he shows up and another minute before the magic one comes in.  I’d rather see them one at a time and with a chance to prepare.”

“You could have taken down the three of them in one fell-swoop,” Brit explained, “That way, it wouldn’t have mattered if the other two arrived or not.”

“No, he’s right,” Wolverine interjected, “It’s no guarantee we could’ve taken them all at once.  Spider-Man is known for beating the odds and that little one is tougher than he looks.  Chances are, they could’ve hung in just long enough for their buddies to arrive.  We need time to plan.”

“I’d say we have half a minute at this point,” Gravel cut in, “So might I suggest we begin?”

Spider-Man cleared a bridge with McClane tucked under one arm and Kirby under the other.  Once they landed, he quickly hid them under the bridge.  “Alright, let go,” McClane moaned, “We’re safe!  Jesus!”

“You okay, John?”

“No, as a matter of fact.  I hate flying around like that, I think the midget just broke my nose, and I got a bad fucking headache!”

“Hey, at least you’re still in the game.”

“Yeah.  There’s that.”

Kirby motioned toward his flipper, indicating time.

“That’s the plan, Kirby,” Spider-Man told him, “In about a minute, the cavalry will arrive.”

“It’s the Juggernaut’s turn, right?,” McClane asked, “What’re the chances he’ll listen to any plan you have, Web-Head?”

“Pretty much nil, but hopefully he’ll make a difference.  If not, we still have Zatanna.”

“In the meantime, we just wait it out.  Sounds like a plan.”

“So,... how are the Yankees doing in your universe?”

Not far away, Cable orchestrated his team into position along the street.

“We only have a few seconds until he arrives, so let’s go over this once more,” he tells them, “He’s immune to my telepathy as long as he has the helmet, but I can at least slow him down with telekinesis.  Gravel, I need you to use your magic.  Get the damn thing off his head.  Brit and Logan will be your bodyguards.  Once the helmet is off, I can take him out.”

“And that, gentlemen, is how communication works,” Gravel pulls his gun and begins signing runes on the side of his weapon.

The ground began to quake.  Brit and Logan got into position in front of Gravel while Cable levitated into the air above them.  A few blocks away, Spider-Man and the others also felt the ground shake.  “That who I think it is?,” McClane asked.  Spider-Man nodded, “I believe so.”  Kirby fluttered into the air to get a better look.  He could see smoke rise from the rooftops nearby, followed by peels of telekinetic energy.

Cable unleashed a telekinetic assault, the ground tearing away as the windows above shattered and large swatches were torn into the sides of the buildings, reaching all the way down the block.  The Juggernaut grinned madly as he stood in the middle of the onslaught.  His feet sank into the ground as he lumbered forward.

“I... gotta hand it to ya, Cable,” he said as chunks of a destroyed car flew past, “I like seeing you... go all-out like this.  You’re so much more... interesting… when you ain’t hiding behind… puny little guns.”

“I forgot how annoying he was,” Wolverine sneered, “You ready Gravel?”


Gravel raised his gun and fired four bullets.  They danced around the street in search of the bolts holding Juggernaut’s helmet in place.  They turn in mid-air and find their marks, creating small explosions all around Juggernaut’s helmet.  “What the…?,” Juggernaut lurched back and a moment later, his helmet was flung down the length of the street.  “Aw shit,” he muttered as he watched it disappear on the horizon.  A bright glimmer flashed from Cable’s left eye and a telepathic bolt was sent into the mind of Cain Marko.  The telekinetic storm died down and the few chunks of debris left hanging in the air dropped.  Juggernaut’s eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open.  A second later, he toppled over, face first into the pavement, then his unconscious body soon disappeared. 

Logan raised a single eyebrow, “That was easy.”

“It’s not over yet,” Cable motioned to the rooftops.

Kirby, Spider-Man, and McClane were suspended in the air over a rooftop and dropped on top of it.  “Seriously wish people would stop flinging me through the air,” McClane whispered.  Cable flew to the roof, overlooking them all.

“Cable, I wish I could say I’m glad to see you kicking the crap out of the Juggernaut,” Spider-Man told him, “But under the circumstances…”

“I understand,” he raised a single palm and the three of them dropped onto the roof, “A few more seconds of being pinned and none of this will matter anymore.”

“Eht sgnidliub era citengam.”

With Zatanna’s spell, the buildings in the area generated strong magnetic fields.  Cable found his cybernetic arm and the armored plates of his costume pulling him to the roof.  The large gun strapped to his back seemed to be trying to force its way through his body to the rooftop as well.  This sudden turn forced him to release the others and they quickly stood up.  Down below, Wolverine was flung through the air by his adamantium skeleton before being plastered against a wall.  Gravel’s gun flew from his grasp and likewise stuck to the side of a building.  Zatanna walked onto the scene.  “Once again, I’m here to save you boys,” she signaled to Brit and Gravel, generating a bright light from her fingertips.

“I can’t see… again,” Brit moaned.

“I can,” Gravel fought through the mystical glamor and created his own bright flash of light, forcing Zatanna to cover her eyes.

Above, Cable used his telekinesis to resist the magnetic pull.  Realizing his teammate might be pinned as well, he looked below and noticed Logan stuck to the side of the building.  He yanked him free with a telekinetic shield, tearing off a large chunk of the wall in the process.  The Brit launched himself on top of Logan in an attempt to resist the pull.  Likewise, Logan dug his claws into the pavement to try to stop as his body slid along the ground.  Gravel came to his aid last, placing both hands on Logan’s shoulders.  “I can protect against the magnetic field,” he assured him.

Cable turned his sights on Zatanna next, but she glanced up at him and quickly said the words, “Ew era lla enummi ot yhtapelet.”  Cable felt an odd sensation in his forehead as he realized she had blocked his telepathy and her teammates were also immune to his telepathic assaults.  Since he was momentarily distracted, Kirby decided to inhale in an attempt to bring him back to the rooftop, working alongside the magnetic pull of the building.  Cable brought his gun from around his back and fired a plasma bolt.  Kirby leapt into the air and caught the blast in his mouth, the momentum sending him rolling along the rooftop before he popped back onto his small feet and spat the ball of energy back out.  The blast erupted against Cable’s shield, but the force sent him across the way, into the side of the next building as the magnetic field sucked him in once again.  He grit his teeth and a telekinetic blast destroyed the wall behind him just before he flew back to his opponents.

“Keep him busy, Kirby,” Spider-Man dove off the side of the building to the streets below.  Kirby inflated himself and gave McClane a look.  “Great,” McClane hopped on Kirby’s back and the two flew off the opposite side of the building just as a telekinetic wave shattered the rooftop.  McClane yelled in fear as they descended amidst the debris.  In the streets, Gravel raised his hands and pillars of fire erupted through the ground.  Zatanna shrank back and shouted, “Niar”.  Despite the clear sky and the sun, a heavy torrent of rain still fell from above, taking out the pillars of fire.

Wolverine and the Brit ran to Gravel’s aid, but soon, Brit felt something pull at his heels, tripping him to the ground.  By the time Logan turned around, he saw Brit’s lower half almost completely covered in webbing that held him to the sidewalk.  “Hold still,” Logan raised his claws, but he was quickly tackled to the ground with his wrists pinned.  Two more squirts of webbing ensured he could not move his arms to cut himself free.  Spider-Man stood up, “Friendly advice, guys, this will be less awful if you keep your eyes and mouths closed,” and unloaded wide web-sprays onto both of them.

Zatanna continued to fight fire with water against Gravel as they stalemated.  Meanwhile, Kirby and McClane ran away from falling chunks of a building.  As they tumbled away from a cloud of smoke and falling granite, they found themselves once again suspended in air.  Cable lifted them over the rubble, but it was too late to restrain them.  Spider-Man stood over two man-sized cocoons as he changed his web-cartridges, “I’d say that was about ten seconds.”

Team A wins and will move on to round three!

McClane felt the bridge of his nose.  True to their word, the Zardozians had healed his broken nose.  He checked his bullets and saw he still had a full clip despite firing several rounds during the last match.  He sat back and rested his hands behind his head; for once, he felt positive about his current predicament.

“Not a bad round, huh?,” he asked the room.  Spider-Man hung from the ceiling on a single strand, Zatanna sat on the sofa while petting kirby who was in her lap, and the Juggernaut sulked in a corner.  “You guys are just lucky Spider-Man had that web-gunk, otherwise you would’ve lost,” Juggernaut grumbled.  A smirk appeared on McClane’s face, “I think someone’s mad that he was the only one eliminated last round.”


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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This has all been great, AP! Keep up the good work!


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Re: Team Builder Writing Exercise: The Zardozian Tournament
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Team C vs Team P

Xena, the Warrior Princess, screamed in agony.  She had just eliminated Chocolate Thunder, but was not prepared for Lightning to catch up to her so swiftly, nor was she able to stand up to a bolt of electricity.  Lightning landed just as Xena’s body disappeared. 

Her sister, Thunder, joined her shortly after that, “Once again, you take all the fun.” 

Lightning gave her a coy look, “Keep up and it won’t be an issue.”

“It’s like that, huh?”

Spartan came in for a landing in an alley.  Kratos leapt down from a fire escape and joined him.  “Don’t take the victory for yourself,” he growled.  Spartan shook his head, “This is a competition between us and them, not each other.”  Spartan flew around the corner, just as Lightning rounded it.  They both instinctively fire a blast of energy and the resulting shockwave and explosion sent both flailing in opposite directions.  Kratos raced around the corner and found Thunder.  They both smiled as they saw the promise of a fight and lunged at one another.

For the next minute, Lightning and Spartan flew through the air, trading shots at one another.  Meanwhile, Thunder had to increase her density as much as possible in order to avoid being cut by Kratos’ Blades of Chaos.  As he hacked at her, the blades appeared to glow and grow hotter while the chains seemed to elongate.  Thunder tried her best to retreat, but Kratos came forward with a kick to her stomach, sending her through a wall.

By that point, Spectrum and the world champion martial artist known as Hercule had entered the city.  Knowing her teammates were in trouble, Spectrum flew in and quickly shot Kratos with an energy blast that sent him through a department store window.  Next, she flew into the air, coming up behind Spartan and wrapping her hands around him.

“Bio energy,” she said aloud, “Interesting.”

“Are you… draining me?,” Spartan clinched his teeth as he felt his energy seeping away.

“That’s a pretty accurate conclusion.”

He snatched her by the wrist with his superhuman strength and flew her toward the nearest building.  Predicting his next move, Spectrum let go, allowing Spartan to smash himself through the building instead of her.  When she landed, she found Lightning helping Thunder to her feet.  “Not a moment too soon,” Lightning told her.

Meanwhile, the large man with the afro (and what can only be described as a pronstache) known as Hercule, ran through the streets.  “Once again, the champion of the people enters a tournament,” he said to himself, “And once again, he will remain victorious because Hercule doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘give up’.” 

Spectrum landed in front of him, crackling with energy, “Something tells me you don’t understand the meaning of a lot of words.”

“You think you scare me lady?,” Hercule thumbed his chest, “I’ve seen people crackling with energy before.  It’s nothing new to me!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Spartan flew over head, releasing twin beams of violet bio-energy at Spectrum who casually raised a hand and created a golden forcefield to shield her from his attack.  Hercule raced toward her, raising a single fist.  She could sense the chi energy flowing through his body, granting him great strength, so she sapped it as he approached.  He didn’t fully realize this until he finally threw his punch and she casually caught his wrist.  “What the damn hell?,” Hercule shouted.  At that point, Spectrum flew back and dropped her shield, allowing spartan’s blast to hit Hercule in the chest, sending him into the pavement and driving him through the ground, creating a deep trench in the process.

Lightning and Thunder raced to the area, but Thunder soon found a familiar chain-hook wrapping around her leg.  Kratos swung her through the air and released her, allowing her to smash through a wall and into an office with several desks.  With Thunder unconscious, Blue Marvel appeared in the sky as the final member.  Lightning angrily fired a blast at Kratos who blocked it with his blades.

“You better hope my sister ain’t dead!”

“From all indications, she won’t even stay dead if she is!  This tournament is a farce.  True warriors have proper deaths!”

Lightning stopped firing and landed on the ground.  Kratos lowered his weapons and gave her a curious look.  “True warriors also don’t give up!,” he roared, “Come and fight me!  At least afford me some entertainment!”  He felt the wind pick up as someone fast touched down behind him.  He turned and saw Blue Marvel standing in front of him, “Oh, there will be entertainment.”  Blue Marvel hit Kratos with an uppercut, sending him over the city’s skyline.  “Oh yeah,... very entertaining,” Lightning joked.

With Kratos down, the final member of Team P appeared.  He was tall, strong, had red hair, Greek armor, and a cheesy grin.  Spartan once described the man as looking “like a Disney character”.  Hercules placed his hand on his hips to survey his surroundings, then leapt from rooftop to rooftop.

When he saw Blue Marvel down below, he dropped down, tackling him through the ground, creating a crater a few miles deep.  A second later, Hercules was punched out of the crater and into the air.  Blue Marvel followed him into the air, then hit him with another punch that sent him through multiple buildings.

A few blocks away, Hercule dug himself out of the trench.  He shook his head and concentrated, replenishing his chi.  Spectrum dropped down, bringing both hands on either side of his face.

“Hey, what’re you doing?”

“Getting some extra muscle.”

Above, Spartan descended and headed for Spectrum.  She had absorbed a sufficient amount of chi energy.  She could feel it in her body, boosting her strength.  She had never felt power like this before and she was sure that, whatever universe it originated from, it was a dangerous world.  “Hey, give it back,” Hercule whined as he sensed his strength rapidly leaving him.  Spartan landed and raised a charged fist, ready to take Spectrum down.  Instead, she turned and struck… putting a fist through Spartan’s android body.

Team C has won the match.  They will move on to the next round!