Sharapova banned for 2 years


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Sharapova banned for 2 years
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:25:59 AM »

She was using a substance that was put on the ban list on January 2016. She says she has been using it for almost ten years, it was prescribed by her doctor, she wasn't aware it had been banned, and the drug was banned under a different name than the name on her prescription. all sound a bit flimsy, if I was a top pro athlete I would expect to have people constantly checking this kind of stuff but I guess it *can* slip through the cracks. The bummer is the drug probably doesn't even have any real-life effect on performance. I'm not sure why she didn't get a medical exemption if it was prescribed by a doctor.

Too harsh? Should penalties be different for athletes in her position, who are using substances long-term as prescribed by a doctor and they recently become banned?

Shitty way for her to end her career.

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