Best exercises that require no gym membership?


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Re: Best exercises that require no gym membership?
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2016, 04:50:06 PM »
It depends are you looking for health or definition and size?

If you're looking for health I highly recommend the 5 Tibetans or 8 piece of brocade

If you are looking for definition and size. It's bicycling 2-5 miles a day, walking for 20 minutes that's a least 15 blocks, pushup at least 100, pull-ups at least 20, sit-ups at least 60

I've been doing a variation on this--

Running for 20 min
Push-ups, but much less. Like only a 5th to a 3rd
Chair lifts (don't know what to call them, for triceps) curls, a couple other things with waits
Sometimes sit-ups, but more often a Pilates video off the cable
Some swimming sometimes
Some Kayaking for a couple hours when it works for that day
Bunch of walking. Somewhere around 10,000 steps on average, with as much as 33,000 on my biggest walking day and like 4,000 on a less walking day

Don't need great definition and size but I'd like a little more size in some parts like arms and a little less size in some parts like waist. IDK I do what I can


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Re: Best exercises that require no gym membership?
« Reply #16 on: August 23, 2016, 02:00:33 PM »
The Best Cardio workout I ever did is the M-100's.

10 burpees - 40 mountain climbers (counted as 10 reps) - 10 double-pump squats - repeat until you get to 100.


I started doing it back in March 2012. The first few weeks and it was fucking lethal. After a month or so I was able to do it every day and was trying to beat my previous time each attempt. After a year I was doing the exercise up to 250 reps each day. I dropped 10% bodyfat in a year (from 20 down to 10).

Stupidly stopped doing it around 2014.  :-[

Second best Cardio workout (the one I do now) is skipping for 10 minutes (either once or twice a day).