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 on: Today at 02:00:51 AM 
Started by skyrider - Last post by Hulkster
Adamantium Beta is stronger than Supermans bones if that's what you're asking

Prove it
uru-class adamantine chips off Superman, and his skin withstand adamantium cutting lasers.

Non-canon and no time limit was given for the laser cutting adamantium, for all you can prove, it could have taken 30 hours to cut .000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Micrometres.
More nonsense excuses.  Yes canon, Siuperman> Uru-level adamantine which chips off of him--unlike Adamantium iirc---and Superman's skin> adamantium cutting lasers, as a specific point of comparative durability, under Jurgens. And that was a less durable Superman than the present. Cry more.

Superman probably resists a molecular rearranger or Franklin uses hyperbole.


If we are to put emphasis on artistic additions, Hercules' mace chips here:

Hulk is more impressive (definitely not molecular rearranges).

 on: Today at 01:53:38 AM 
Started by therock - Last post by LiquidSailor
people who leans a lot more left then your average democrat

Like the guy who second in command now to perez is what I would call that type.

So you can name one.

One = " A lot"

 on: Today at 01:53:36 AM 
Started by AP - Last post by Bandido

Relevant to the question at hand.

 on: Today at 01:52:41 AM 
Started by AP - Last post by Panthergod

The fact that they basically try and have both sides be seen as bigoted or "equally flawed" kind of comes off as uncomfortable when you rethink the history and what actually went down.

Or even the fact that Pocahontas is having relationships with an Indian-Killer.  Hell; before the magic in the wind or whatever happened he was cool with killing an unarmed native woman with very little reasons behind it.

That and the end of the second one is a bit more of a downer when you realize she's going off to die of disease and/or poison in a couple months.

Thinking about it; just taking in the movie itself; one side is a bunch of invaders who came over, trespassed on some else's land to steal their resources and gold.....the other is "defending themselves against a hostile take over"?
The whole movie is a white supremacist propaganda campaign supporting mass genocide and land theft.

 on: Today at 01:52:33 AM 
Started by scourge - Last post by Bandido
Also hope there's a mic-dropping moment for the fight with Vulture as their fight is the only part we haven't seen much of.

 on: Today at 01:45:24 AM 
Started by therock - Last post by NeoGreenLantern
What is a Bernie type.

the type who think flat ass Britney types are attractive. They don't know fuck about whats going on the real world.

 on: Today at 01:42:39 AM 
Started by therock - Last post by therock
people who leans a lot more left then your average democrat

Like the guy who second in command now to perez is what I would call that type.

 on: Today at 01:42:35 AM 
Started by skyrider - Last post by Panthergod
How strong is a single probe?
A Prove is well above top tier.
How strong is a single probe?
The 1st probe ever shown was cracking Mongul's ribs with his grip. Superman and Mongul together couldnt dent it, and Superman had just been substantially powered up in his day to day power levels due to accessing more of his previously normally suppressed potential. A super strength+speed+HV+freeze breath combo didnt do more than stagger him. then he cracked Mongul's ribs by squeezing his hand. Mongul, btw, was a high end Elite Class 100 character at minimum.  He 'almost felt' a prior base level Superman's punches. That was Superman at the same levels where he was withstanding adamntium cutting lasers, btw.

then Superman got boosted ABOVE the level he was at when he outperformed admantium cutting lasers.

- Maxima went all out with double fist strike ona  Probe-- was ignored.

- a Probe tore apart Guy Gardner in his Vuldarian 'Warrior' form--stated to be equal to DoS Doomsday-- apart down to a subatomic level.

Thet were far beyond top tier in durability(with poor damage soak due to being brittle robot Entropic energy pressure cookers which exploded when finally punctured by usually far above top tier attacks) and had Diana-level combat superspeed.

No, before anyone tries it,
- Superman later accessing more of his innate dynamic stats  to Probe-Smash(off Earth-- where he could cut loose without fear of destroying everyone on the planet which had been established as the basis of his holding back factor since Red Glass in 1991-- to later destroy them with comparative ease at near Skyfather levels of power,
-OWAW Doomsday being able to tear through them,
-Aquaman using the Trident of Poseidon(Skyfather class edged weapon) to puncture one,
-Diana using her magickal forged shield to cut through  a Probe's shoulder joint(weak point attack; she couldnt puncture its shell with her magickal Sword of Hepehestus+aqauman's harpoon hand, ),
 Hypollyta w Gauntlets of Atlas(x10 physical powerup iirc) and Sandals of Hermes using the Lasso to cut a Probes vulnerable neck joint(weak point attack),
- two Probes being destroyed by one tearing itself against the magickal Lasso of Truth,
- Black Lightning being boosted by a B-13 nuke energy to take out out after it had been withstanding attacks from multiple Elite top tier Earth Angels, and then Reed Richards tech-level B-13 tech war tanks for hours doesn't change that.

 on: Today at 01:26:01 AM 
Started by therock - Last post by LiquidSailor
What is a Bernie type.

 on: Today at 01:25:15 AM 
Started by therock - Last post by therock
Considering Perez was a Hillary whore, probably not.

Did fire a lot of people who were involve with Hillary. Seem to be putting in bernie types. Other the that dont know what else he could do beside buildi a time machine and not Join Hillary.

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