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ICT / Re: Hulk with adamantium claws vs Superman
« Last post by 80sBaby on Today at 09:17:49 AM »
Weapon H should win at least 3-4/10, given how Superman generally fights.

Oh forgot something.

Get rid of Baja racing too. Seriously, I'm thinking I get to see some actual racing and a lame recap piece of garbage.
When I was a kid i liked Max Moon because of his awesome gear. :)

I liked High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko B Ware)

The SS with The Rock winning. I thought it was Vince Russo's best booking that was actually long term and made sense. I remembered people hating it "with stuff like Mankind throws his sock away so why would he think Head and Al Snow stole Mr. Socko. Me: Because he's ****ing insane. I think people were over thinking things way too much.

Yeah, it's not as good as last season. Season two was the best. This season.

1. So Cage kills Councilman Delgado and...I mean, we're probably get something for that at the end of the season, but it's weird it's not brought up yet. Heck, you think Dario would be freaked out. Anyway, I think the reason Cage has been resistant to the gauntlet is because he thinks of himself as a machine more than a man and that's blocking the take over while making him more and more crazy.

2. Hey, remember the thousand year old immortal cop lady? Yeah, we haven't seen anything from her the second half of the season. Also, Joey Ryan officer douchebag turning on her and Cortez.

3. El Dragon Azteca Jr...jobber to the stars. I don't get the booking at all. Okay, he was the kid who Dragon Azteca saved in the first few moments of the show, took over his mentor's mask, has Rey Mysterio backing him up, and won the trios title, and an awesome storyline where he should be going after Black Lotus, Dario, and Mantanza where he should be the hero of the show--but he's an effing jobber this season!! And he's one of the best workers on the roster, can act, bilingual. I don't get the booking for him at all. I mean, he's been put through bleachers and recently lost to Dante Fox. You think he'd be more than that.

Injuries. Yep. Ivelisse and Angelic got hurt this season. Also Jack Evans with a broken jaw. I mean, that can't be help, but Ivy does have a schedule match with Katrina that I don't know if it's still on. The biggest blow was King Cuerno. He had a back injury when taping was going on so it looks like he's out for the season and maybe the show if GFW is allowed to mention his character on LU.

Not enough Dario. Of course there can never be enough Dario.  :)

Prince Puma leaving. Again, there as a chance that Puma would be back so--he's being booked great like always and has the best storyline out of everyone this season. WTF? I mean, yeah, they probably kept holding out hope, but it was still kind of dumb to make someone who might not be there one of the main stars and giving him a top storyline.

And remember this. Cuerno looked like he was leaving AAA (he didn't and things looked worse out) so the way he was booked in the death match with Mil Muertes (Being destroyed) shows that the show does know how to handle situations like this!

Sexy Star. Here's the thing. I don't have a problem with her being world champion. She was tortured for over six months, battled her way back up after being shattered, and defied the odds to win the title. No problem. My problem is that she's booked as if she's the top two or third star on the roster! I want more Fenix, Drago, PENTAGON DARK!!! instead I'm getting way to many Sexy Star matches.

Pentagon Dark. He's the most over guy on the roster and yet he feels like a midcarder. Especially after he was built up in season two to the point he could stand power to power with Mantanza. Then again, the Cuerto cup could shake things up for him. But watch Prince flippin' leaving Puma win the damn thing.

We were promised wrestling Dr. KLAW. Remember when the mysterious guy behind Dario sent Delgaldo that he would be joining in on the fun. Dario being scared because he's even more powerful than Mantanza (a guy with a literal evil god in him)? What do we get...a gauntlet. I mean, it's still cool and Cage exploded a man's head with a punch but--couldn't AAA send down Psycho Clown or something and give us a great new heel threat!?!

Don't get me wrong, I still like Lucha Underground. Hell, I watch the same episode three times in a row over watching a single episode of RAW, the cinematology is great (The Reptile Tribe vs Aerostar and Fenix in the bathroom), Drago being brainwashed...Dario's love of making props for his twisted games of violence (Dario's dial of doom and The Cuerto Cup...VIOLENCE IS A VIRTUE) and the Dante vs Killshot feud. But things are off a bit.

Some of that's not LU's thought. You have AAA being insane jackasses, El Rey not getting off their asses to make episodes for the only show on their channel worth a damn. EVER.  One of the main stars maybe leaving maybe not during the entire season. Injuries to stars they obviously had plans for.
Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Comic-Con trailers
« Last post by Gree on Today at 09:01:01 AM »
Inhumans is garbage
ICT / Re: New comic stuff worth talking about but not worth its own thread
« Last post by Gree on Today at 08:59:33 AM »
Why is Enchantress so shocked that a Mjolnir (yeah, that itself sounds stupid) can block her magic?

From the context and scene it doesn't seem like she thinks it's "A Mjolnir"
General Chat / Re: Where's the OJ party?
« Last post by Regar on Today at 08:51:30 AM »
How long till we get an OJ and Casey Anthony reality show?
ICT / Re: Assign an X-Man to your fellow posters
« Last post by scourge on Today at 08:33:41 AM »
Proffesor X level work, Gog

ICT / Re: Assign an X-Man to your fellow posters
« Last post by Riv1 on Today at 08:31:14 AM »
Wyntyr: probably Gambit,
I see Wynter as Arcade.

I broke Scourge. Poor Scourge.
ICT / Re: Assign an X-Man to your fellow posters
« Last post by SmeaGog on Today at 08:15:14 AM »
RIV = Wolverine - say what you will about the guy, but he's fucking everywhere (including entirely different franchises), too stubborn to know when he's beaten, completely devoid of self humor, and thinks he can somehow hurt other people by slashing his own hands.
Also comes with a stupidly long memory with some truly strategic gaps.

Jellyrobes = Storm - a proud, black, spiritualist who one way or another seems to like black Africa best from a distance.

Liquidsailor: Fantomex - primarily because this is the sort of person who'll feign a French accent for years just to irritate some random strangers. Similarities run a little deeper, but I don't really feel like typing much right now.

Scourge: Kitty Pryde - most of the time he'll just float through whatever you throw at him without caring, occassionally doing something clever or taking a trip through space. Maybe slightly less bullet-proof in actual one-on-ones.

Rock: Beak. Also a distant shout for Beast, probably.

Average John: Beast - calm, quietly funny, and pretty much hideous. Mostly has better places to be at, these days.

NGL: Dazzler - habitually into the stupidest fucking things, but otherwise alright.

Hamburglar: Deadpool.

Wyntyr: probably Gambit, at this point. Hamburglar could have been Fantomex, or maybe the other way around.

DLB: The Juggernaut.

Nate Grey/Cable - Stryan and Pie.

Cyclops's basically every guy on this forum who ever picked up an attitude he didn't quite live up to. Let's say Damien, maybe?

And that's probably more X-peeps than I actually really know anything about now, so I'm thinking we're done.
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