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 on: Today at 01:40:21 PM 
Started by AP - Last post by riv6672
^^^that last bit sounds...wrong.

 on: Today at 01:36:07 PM 
Started by Average John - Last post by Liam Gallaghers Unibrow
He had a couple of decent ones under Hickman - one-shot KO'ing Terrax with the voice and the same to a Green Lantern analogue (the only one of the Marvel team to really win their fight against the JLA analogues IIRC, apart from Strange who was powered up beyond usual). The Thanos showing is a weird one to assess, in many ways it is a watering down of the voice which was previously billed as potentially a killer even against Galactus-level folk in a couple of showings. At the same time, Hickman's Thanos was shown as so far beyond the elite top tier that he could literally give a bloodlusted Thor free EP/Mjolnir shots with minimal reaction, so for the voice to drop Hickman's Thanos on his arse and bloody him at least shows it is still hitting above the conventional top tier output.

Since then it's been all downhill though yeah. XvsI was a horrific time for BB throughout, which was weird because he was getting mad lip service in the build-up. Still can't quite get my head around why they ducked the opportunity for a BB vs Magneto fight when they were teasing it all through the build-up and with the cover art etc. Just weird story-telling choices.


 on: Today at 01:14:21 PM 
Started by HalloweenJack - Last post by Not BAMF
I have gotten through the first five episodes, and... it's okay. It's not bad, but it really is nowhere near as good as the original series. Most episodes of the original, I would be crying from laughing so much. This series has one or two good laughs per episode, but aside from that, it's a lot of constant babbling over the flick.

If the old MST3K was an A+ (and it was), I give this a C+ so far.

 on: Today at 01:11:13 PM 
Started by scourge - Last post by beatboks
Defenders Conclave

Dr Strange, Hellstrom, Devil Slayer, Sentinel, Etrigan, Dr Occult., Dr Fate

There has been a shift in reality that is sensex by the mystics of two realities who reach out and meet to deal with it.

 on: Today at 01:10:02 PM 
Started by riv6672 - Last post by riv6672
I know that sounds like slavish devotion to debating rules...
It kinda did, yeah, but my response was textbook 'riv', so its even! :P

 on: Today at 01:03:46 PM 
Started by AP - Last post by AP
I'm surprised how many bitches are whining about a fucking ladies night at a movie theater. What a fucking him to die on.

Okay, I am glad it's not just me who thought this thread got real retarded real fast.

That term is ableist.

 on: Today at 12:58:38 PM 
Started by Jabroniville - Last post by Clownprince23

And then, of course, they were interested in New Mutants #98, a book once so innocuous that I got it as part of "100 New Mutants issues for $100" last time they did a sale on "multi-pack" books.

I'm a big fan of Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork, especially his run on early New Mutants & The Demon Bear saga.

About 2 years ago, out of curiosity I tracked those couple issues down on Ebay.
Some chick in Germany had the issues I wanted. Not mint condition & she was only asking about $US3 an issue.
Man, she had thousands of comics that were individually scanned with a brief written detail of the storyline just to sell for a couple of dollars on Ebay.
Yeah, The New Mutants was one of the best comic book runs of all time... until Louise Simonson took over and it went to shit. It was really circling the drain until Rob Liefeld became the major creator, at which point it was horrible... but like that ENTERTAINING kind of horrible that makes it a bit fun to read. Deadpool's debut issue is hilarious in how he shows up, talks some shit, and is immediately KO'd by a sneak attack. It's a wonder this guy ever went on to become a popular character- a lot of Wade's popularity is owed to Fabian Nicieza's early writing, and the cool costume design.
I agree with you on New Mutants, but you're dead fucking wrong on Nicieza making Deadpool a name. That was Joe Kelly.

Nicieza's Deadpool is fucking terrible

Both before Kelly, and after Kelly

Nicieza is one of the better comic writers, but his Deadpool is horrible and one of the shining examples of everything that can be wrong with the character

Yes, 100 Percent. I started reading Deadpool with Kelly and got hooked, had to pick up every issue possible. Got the two minis before and it was nothing like the ongoing. It was okay, but pretty much your typical early 90's comic.

 on: Today at 12:56:32 PM 
Started by scourge - Last post by Not BAMF
My buddies seem to find a lot of indie stuff and tell me about them. I don't search out a lot on my own.

 on: Today at 12:54:47 PM 
Started by AP - Last post by Not BAMF
I tip more if they don't try to chit chat me. Just let me sit there and think about what I have done

 on: Today at 12:51:45 PM 
Started by AP - Last post by Not BAMF
I'm surprised how many bitches are whining about a fucking ladies night at a movie theater. What a fucking him to die on.

Okay, I am glad it's not just me who thought this thread got real retarded real fast.

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