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ICT / Re: Ultra-Humanite vs Doctor Doom
« Last post by beatboks on Today at 07:25:03 PM »
Is this a prep war??
Only ask because Ultra has prep feats on Dooms level

Creating a device capable of rewriting reality (after weakening it by trapping a few heroes in the device) to erase his enemies from existance

Taking the power of a 5th dimensional djinn

Manipulating events so the JSA  were bloodlusted fighting their children  (Inf Inc). As he put it whoever wins he does as the winners would be crushed by the revelation they killed their child/parent.

Doom has more prep feats due to vastly more appearances but Ultra certainly operates on the same prep level
Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Avicii dead at 28
« Last post by Bandido on Today at 07:19:25 PM »
ICT / Ultra-Humanite vs Doctor Doom
« Last post by Uhtceare on Today at 07:09:13 PM »
Ultra-Humanite vs Doctor Doom
ICT / Re: Ultra-Humanite vs Thing
« Last post by beatboks on Today at 07:06:28 PM »


Unless Nu52 has been seriously nurfed

Based on feats Ultra is at least the same strength class probably higher (beating powergirl to a bloody pulp, muscling Superman after weakening him with K, takes both MMH anf Guy Gardner to restrain him for example).  Not that it would matter given how powerful a TP/TKer he is.

Given  his TK has shattered Alan Scots constructs, and match Brainwave and his TP has mind controlled 6 heroes while locked in Limbo (a dimension that robs anyone in it of will power and Only Ultra and Brainwave Snr have ever been shown able to operate there- even GLs Hal and Alan were weaksauce). Not really seeing how he doesnt stomp
ICT / Re: Kong vs MCU Fenris
« Last post by HalloweenJack on Today at 07:02:45 PM »
basically that
ICT / Re: Kong vs MCU Fenris
« Last post by XerxesTWD on Today at 06:30:09 PM »
Kong's certainly large and strong enough to throw Fenris around. Fenris would be like the size of a Chihuaha to him.

I'm not sure Kong can actually win outside of BFR. Fenris was bulletproof and his fangs were actually able to rip Hulk's skin open. Hulk healed by the time he reappeared, but Kong doesn't have that ability.
ICT / Kong vs MCU Fenris
« Last post by ultrabender on Today at 06:12:53 PM »
The 2017 movie Skull Island Kong must save the island from the wrath of the Fenris. Who wins!.

NOTE: This is not the Peter Jackson King Kong like in the other topic, this time its the 2017 MonsterVerse version of Kong.

When was his last good showing? Against Galactus for the seed?
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