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Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Avengers Endgame - Spoilers
« Last post by AP on Today at 11:33:16 PM »
Damn, why the hate?


I actually teared up twice in this movie and I have never done that for a comicbook movie before.  I kinda expected Tony or Cap to die.  I didn't expect Black Widow's death, though.  That shit hit me.  Tony's death did too, but when Hawkeye and Widow went to Vormir, I was like "Ah man, one of them has to die now".

The opening is probably one of the strongest in the MCU.  I like that when Tony came back, there were no warm hugs for Steve.  He was hurting and we got to see RDJ really pour on the acting.  It was also powerful seeing Thor decapitate Thanos.  He just turns and walks away.  It was a hollow victory and it showed.  It was all very powerful.

Paul Rudd can act!  Obviously, he's good at playing funny characters but the scene where he confronts Tony is probably the first time I've ever seen Paul Rudd in anything close to a serious role (I don't really count the Halloween movie he was in).  He's really good.

Speaking of Hawkeye, he was a beast this time around.  I'm glad they have gradually made him more relevant over the course of the movies.

The cameos!  I heard rumors Ancient One and Crossbones return but I didn't expect Robert Redford, Michelle Pfiefer, Rene Russo, etc.  I always liked Thor's mom so it was nice seeing her.  Also, this is the first time we get to see a TV character appear in a movie, so that's kinda cool.  It's also nice that Tony finally got to reconcile with his father.

Also, there were a ton of easter eggs.  not just to previous movies, but to the comics as well.  There was even a nice nod to Secret Wars.

That final battle was one of the most epic things I have ever seen.  There are a few asterisks below but otherwise, this was amazing.  You got Thor dual-welding Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, Cap with Mjolnir, Giant Man assisting Hulk, all the heroes showing up as the cavalry, etc.

It was a great send off for most of the heroes.  Cap finally got his dance!  Tony finally made the ultimate sacrifice!  I kinda like Thor being in the GOTG.  Hemsworth also apparently wants to do future Thor movies so it might be fun to just see him wandering the cosmos, kicking ass.


Prof. Hulk was wasted.  They seemed to be building up to something big for him but we got short changed.  Hulk apparently stayed gone, Banner decided to just zap himself with gamma rays to keep his strength, and he never got a shot at Thanos.  It seemed every other main character got at least one good hit in at Thanos but Banner never got any payback.  I was expecting a proper merging of Banner and Hulk and at least one good punch to Thanos' ballsack chin.

And yeah, the "Women of Marvel suddenly teleport to the same location in the battle" part was heavy handed.  They could have done that a bit more organically with maybe a montage of the women all doing something at different part of the battle instead of stopping everything so they can all pose together.

All in all, it was one of the greatest comicbook movies ever and a great end to the past decade's worth of Marvel movies.
DC Drones / Re: ....so about Wally West...
« Last post by Abhilegend on Today at 10:20:00 PM »
This is Emerald Twilight level character assassination.
Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Will Endgame break 3 billion?
« Last post by therock on Today at 10:15:04 PM »
Think those figures goes to show the speed of ticket inflation outmatched how much the speed if inflation of what people bring home each day namely when you add popcorn and stuff

So people a lil more picky of what they go see

Since ticket over here cost 12 something
Current TV Shows / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by therock on Today at 10:02:04 PM »
Another problem is the fan fic end game we've got here.

I was really against the idea of Brienne dying, because I really enjoyed Jaime knighting her, but honestly it would make a lot of sense.

She finally got to be a knight...a day before she dies doing something exceptionally heroic. It would be a really powerful moment to do, and I'll probably tear up if the death is appropriately epic.

Wouldn't that be clique, and that could be accused of fanfic
ICT / Doc Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the GOTG vs Captain Marvel
« Last post by Uhtceare on Today at 09:52:42 PM »
Movie versions. Who wins?

It’s not petty to expect people to stay on topic. You continually go off topic.

Ok fair enough.
Out of sheer respect for you AP, I apologise.

I've posted numerous times on this thread & I am sorry that the last 2 times I've gone off topic.
Current TV Shows / Re: Supernatural
« Last post by NeoGreenLantern on Today at 09:02:04 PM »
Looks like the last season will be bonkers. The ghost of the road, clown, and woman in the mirror were all from prior seasons right?
Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Avengers Endgame - Spoilers
« Last post by MTL76 on Today at 08:56:58 PM »
To exaggerate a bit, it's like they made a shift from Chris Hemsworth trying to play Thor to just Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor, at least in some scenes.

Yes, that’s a good way of putting it. It’s like Hemsworth hosting Saturday Night Alive and playing Thor in a skit.

I’m not saying there should be no humor, either. Thor 1 had quite a few funny points, and Thor as a character certainly lends himself to this as he’s a fish out of water in the modern world. But it shouldn’t be to the point that he’s a clown or a buffoon.
ICT / Re: Angel vs. Spike
« Last post by HalloweenJack on Today at 08:54:35 PM »
I'm technically a Project Manager not a roofer, but I could still beat the shit out of someone on a roof so the example still works.

I'm white. Mexicans aren't all roofers, but roofers are always Mexican.

you can't fool me, esse. You bout it bout, and rowdy rowdy
ICT / Re: Angel vs. Spike
« Last post by MTL76 on Today at 08:52:55 PM »
This thread is now about Wyntyr slapping HJ and Abhi with the hot mops, and firing them off the roof onto their fucking heads.
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