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DC Drones / Re: Would anyone else like to see....
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:38:33 PM »
What was that comic where Batman is about to rescue somebody and then Superman flies in and saves them, talks shit to Batman and flies away?

ICT / Re: Movie SHIELD vs Movie MIB
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:37:25 PM »
Yeah, but what if you included the MiB cartoons?!

ICT / Re: Hippo vs a bear
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:21:18 PM »
The only thing that can really fuck with a hippo is another hippo or an elephant.


Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Will Smith as Deadshot
« on: May 04, 2015, 09:36:37 PM »
You two are streets behind with that Gillian casting.

ICT / Re: Cinematic Comic characters strength comparisons.
« on: May 04, 2015, 07:10:00 PM »

That almost makes it even more incredible. If nothing we've seen can affect the enchantment and just placing the hammer on Loki's chest was enough to pin him down, then Kurse must be insanely powerful to no sell the hammer as often and easily as he did

The Loki instance is activation of the worthiness enchantment. The hammer being thrown and redirected by a kick/punch/whatever is standard fare for Mjolnir showings.

It was impressive because that hammer was leveling or killing pretty much anybody else it hit up to that point.

ICT / Re: Cinematic Comic characters strength comparisons.
« on: May 04, 2015, 05:48:18 PM »
Deflecting the hammer has nothing to do with the worthiness enchantment.

ICT / Re: Hulk vs decapitation (Ultron Forever spoilers/scans)
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:28:21 PM »
It actually does make sense, you're just pouting.

Him being able to survive as just a head, talking, no, does not make a lick of sense.
Fury made it clear he goes into some kind of stasis when he can't produce the oxygen on his own.

You're throwing a tantrum over a comic character who can still function as a head connected to a machine in a universe with reality warping, rage to strength factors, time travel, dimension hopping, super speed, metal bones and claws, force beam eyeballs, telepathy, telekinesis and getting powers from any number of other sources.

ICT / Re: Hulk vs decapitation (Ultron Forever spoilers/scans)
« on: May 04, 2015, 12:34:08 PM »
That's why there were words after my 4-word question. The context presented ensured it made sense.

No, it did jack squat. The scene makes no fucking sense.

It actually does make sense, you're just pouting.

I was thinking more of a wage gap stuff the associate with income inequality

but sure tossed in gender gap as well

That would have been good to see in the opening post.

The wage gap argument is too complex to just boil down to the numbers we see thrown around. Far too much context is omitted.

If you are going to miss work because of a choice you make, you are less valuable to a company. Many jobs can be done from home, but women are statistically proven as far less likely to "rock the boat" and ask for things like raises, larger starting salary, or additional vacation time. I would honestly be surprised if that percentage differed from the number of women who actively try to negotiate working from home during maternity leave, even to a limited extent to maintain relevance to their firm.

It only gets more complex from here. Women are less likely to take on dangerous jobs, heavy lifting labor jobs, construction jobs, etc. Some due to legitimate physical limitations, and some due to the work environment.

If women made .77 for every dollar a man makes, small businesses would be falling over themselves to ditch the guys and hire women at .85 on the dollar. They would look like heroes and their margins would increase substantially. I don't give a shit if my doctor or lawyer is a man or woman, I care that my life is saved or my case is won. I would much rather a large man carry me out of a burning building, but if I can't move and a woman offers to do it, let's go.

Some jobs are probably better for one gender or another, but there are always exceptions. If you can do the job and I can count on you to be available, I will pay you the same, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, whatever.

I read this article the other day.

So far, 21 of the 22 current female CEOs in the Standard & Poor’s 500 have reported their latest compensation, including Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer, defense contractor Lockheed Martin’s (LMT) Marillyn Hewson and CEO Carol Meyrowitz of retailer TJX (TJX), and they were paid an average of $18.8 million during their latest fiscal years, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group. That far exceeds the average $12.7 million paid to the 455 current male CEOs in the S&P 500 that have reported compensation data for the same time period.

The compensation awarded to female CEOs, on average, also outstrips the $14.3 million average paid to all the CEOs of the 100 largest publicly held companies that had reported through early April, according to pay tracker Equilar and compensation consultant Towers Watson.

Now’s the time investors pay particularly close attention to what they’re paying the CEO as corporate filings – called proxy statements – are in from nearly all S&P 500 companies. Women have a long way to go to match or even rival men in the CEO office in terms of numbers, but they’ve made strong strides in size of pay. Total pay for this analysis was calculated using the Securities and Exchange Commission’s guidelines, which includes salary and the present value of options and stock grants.

The only current S&P 500 female missing from the analysis is Heather Bresch, CEO of the drugmaker Mylan (MYL) since October 2007. 2014 compensation data was not available. Safra Ada Catz’ pay as co-president of Oracle was included in this analysis since she was named co-CEO after the end of the technology company’s fiscal year.

The highest paid female CEO appeared toward the end of the filing reporting season – late Wednesday to be exact. Yahoo CEO Mayer’s $42 million paycheck ranks her seventh among the most highly paid current CEOs of the year, just behind Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom (VIAB) with a total reported pay package worth $44.3 million. Until Mayer’s 69% raise in 2014, the highest paid current female CEO was Catz and the highest paid current female CEO who was also CEO in the latest fiscal year was Hewson.

It’s been a great year financially for CEOs. And that’s especially true for the females who have risen to the top of the corporate ladder.

ICT / Re: Hulk vs decapitation (Ultron Forever spoilers/scans)
« on: May 03, 2015, 02:08:25 PM »
How is that dumber?

Cause it makes literally no fucking sense.

That's why there were words after my 4-word question. The context presented ensured it made sense.

ICT / Re: Cinematic Comic characters strength comparisons.
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:02:01 PM »
Take Superman and Namek out of this debate and you have an interesting debate. I'm not sure DC will show strength the same way marvel does and either way, we don't have all that much to go on.

I'd say Superman is the most powerful hero we've seen by an ok margin with Hulk in second (Superman can do everything Hulk can and a alot more). Counting the villains is hard - I don't know how to compare Hulk, Abomination and Kurse.

If anything Hulk post Avengers looked like he could have gone back to his Norton version and said "Hul get power up, smash Abomination" and finish him easily. In the context of the movie Hulk had a dynamic that hasn't been shown since (madder stronger). Kurse seemed unstopable, but unwieldy, durable and strong but lumbering.

OTOH I don't see Hulk swatting Mjolnir away like it's nothing under any circumstances?


An EM Drive sounds very science-fictiony.

Yeah, they should call it "64-ZQ7 Propulsion Unit Add-On".

ICT / Re: Hulk vs decapitation (Ultron Forever spoilers/scans)
« on: May 01, 2015, 01:20:25 PM »
How is that dumber? Ultimate Wolverine's powers and body have always been different and more clearly defined. Hulk ripped him apart because his bones are indestructible but the cartilage isn't.

Current TV Shows / Re: The Flash
« on: May 01, 2015, 01:18:06 PM »
This wasn't an episode, this was a REMEMBER THE FINALE IS COMING UP

Good set up though. Iris figuring shit out was unexpected.

I didn't understand that part.  A little shock and-- OMG! Only Barry could have a static discharge!  ???

I think the shock was only part of it. I think it was more the way he talked to her and grabbed her hand. The static was more for "electricity between them".

I don't think so.  There was the earlier flashback where there was a similar electric discharge while he was in a coma.  Then immediately after the one in the present, she realizes he's Barry.


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