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ICT / Re: DCcu Aquaman and WW vs Thor w/StormBreaker
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:37:58 PM »
If Diana or Superman had the feats Thor had, SK and FG would be arguing they'd solo the entire MCU and DCeU together.

Based on scale and feats, Thor is so far beyond Wonder Woman and Aquaman, it's not even a fight. If he chose not to defend himself, they'd gas out trying to punch him out.

Stormbreaker would cut through both their weapon's as if they were wooden. Anything dwarf forged is far beyond any weapon found on DCeU or MCU. And the Trident/Sword is like their big shtick.

Thor's feats as of his FIRST movie are far superior to Diana/Aquaman's feats combined. The BiFrost sustained blast was destroying an entire planet and Thor's attacks could level a country-side (Of ice):

The scale's aren't even comparable. Thor's toned down in the Avenger's movie under Whedon but his ceiling is way beyond anything shown by these two. Let's be clear, the only reason this is KIND of a fight, is because we think Thor SHOULD have some trouble* with owning these two. Which I can understand. Except Superman did so without a problem, and so did Steppenwolf. And Thor out-punched the goddamn Hulk on screen, so I have no problem saying he'd eviscerate these two.

Or Wonder Woman stabs him in the face for the win. Personally, I think he's far harder to kill at this point as proven, and that's pretty much the only way they win.

*Explosive Super-Speed is much less of a problem as Thor can fly seamlessly now without spinning his hammer and radiates lightning on command.

ICT / Re: Superman with one hand tied behind his back vs Thor
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:48:28 PM »
That doesn't make any sense.

He had an embarrassing loss to Immortal Hulk (Double amped with some One-Below-All shenanigans going on). Not much different than Helspont giving Superman a concussion with a casual back hand? Or Rogol Zaar consistently making Superman his bitch? 

Aside from that, he's looked weaker than Namor (Ridiculously amped for an unexplained reason), New Sentry (Sentry + Void), Mangog, and Double-Amped Juggernaut (Cytorrak boost + Realm of Cytorrak). That's a list of heavy hitters who are taking steriods atm, and Thor's an arm short, no Mjolnir, and less confident than ever.

Emotions are running high imo. Also, no one cares enough to post Superman getting owned in JLA against Mera etc.

I think the big factor is his emasculation under Aaron that makes him look bad. He just sounds like more of a pussy to me.

ICT / Re: Thor and Beta Ray Bill vs Superman
« on: October 27, 2018, 11:36:57 AM »
I haven't been keeping up with the newest idiotic trend so I quickly perused the scans. Why do we consider that rabble of random freaks Kryptonian's...? Also, I distinctively remember it being recently said that the Phantom Zone stripped beings of that nature of power.

It seems like a lot of nonsensical hullabaloo over nothing.....

I saw a quote on KMC of Al Wing referencing that Hulk was more powerful than ever and pointing out to those two instances with Rulk and Sasquatch (Who's clearly a lot more powerful in this comic run). Otherwise I personally wouldn't bother with it.

We can agree to disagree on who looked stronger I guess. I can totally see Jen doing the same thing if the circumstances were reversed between her and Bruce. The way Al Wing described her, I definitely think who's stronger of the two isn't clear cut even here imo.


Courtesy of Galan at KMC.

Crazy showing for Namor. Up there with the Immortal Hulk. I have no idea why he's stronger than ever but apparently righteous rage triples durability.

Thor got shit on LMAO.

@Liam, I don't think that proves Hulk > Jen. He f*cked with her mentally more than anything else. His punch didn't actually hurt her. They seemed evenish in the brief encounter and Hulk is amped significantly (Red Hulk and Sasquatch). I guess so is Jen (Righteous female anger).

ICT / Re: New comic stuff worth talking about but not worth its own thread
« on: September 06, 2018, 11:52:56 AM »
Sasquatch did a lot better than I thought, but Hulk was clearly winning and had him straight out overpowered with a one-hand choke before he started going crazy.

The main damage Sasquatch did was with his claws (In the eyes, in the guts etc.), which is understandable, but Hulk was dominating the fist fight. The Hulk-punch he caught was the only time I'd argue he looked equal with no huge asterisks like Hulk being a little scared child, but even then, that was during a line of questioning.

ICT / Re: MCU Thor vs MCU Hela (no weapons)
« on: August 29, 2018, 09:51:02 AM »
There was clearly INTENDED to be a shift in power, but she's so much more powerful, how could we even tell? Thor even said, she's going to keep getting stronger. There is way too many references to it, including the visual cue when she first steps on Asgard, for it to be ignored:

Keep in mind, I don't think the moment she steps out of Asgard, there is some huge decrease in power. I think gradually, probably after some time has passed, she would start to wear down.

I think it's just hard to portray her increase in power because she already started out much stronger than anyone else we've seen. A guy 50x your strength is going to beat the shit out of you with an ease that you couldn't discern from a guy 70x your strength.

Valkyrie said that Hela, like Thor, draws her power from Asgard. So I don't think it's limited to the current ruler. I think it's more likely that Hela is operating on another tier with a lot more knowledge of her capabilities. The speech Odin gave to them about her, implies that if she and her were both on Asgard, they'd both be basically unstoppable.

I think Hela destroying Mjolnir like she did however was silly and threw the power scaling off. It's something she should have done at the end of the movie at the height of her power. As it stands, even on Earth, she could snap Hulk's neck like a twig with one hand while chocking out Thor with her other, and stomping on Superman's face with her stiletto.

ICT / Re: Gladiator and Blue Marvel vs. Thor and Silver Surfer
« on: August 27, 2018, 07:36:40 PM »
Blue Marvel is explicitly not stronger than Thor or Hulk. Only as strong. I doubt he's as powerful as Thor, or as physically dominant as Hulk. And if anything, his physical prowess has been a less integral part of his character since he started appearing in Ultimates. So I see no reason why he'd be above Surfer, much less Thor (Blue Marvel's creator, Kevin, is an old school Thor fan. I'd love to see him pen the two in a fight).

ICT / Re: MCU Thor vs MCU Hela (no weapons)
« on: August 27, 2018, 03:31:21 PM »
Hela was said to draw her power from Asgard. Odin specified if she got to Asgard, she'd be unstoppable, and her powers would only grow. This was even highlighted visually when she stepped off the BiFrost and got a huge rush of power/energy, and visibly healed. The way she easily manhandled Loki/Thor on Earth would still indicate a base power level of a ridiculous porportion. She also slaughtered dozens and dozens of Valkyrie's (And one Valkyrie is still somewhere between Thor/Hulk and Loki in strength, able to wrestle with Hulk and teach him how to fight) in Hel outside of Asgard.

Odin is still implied to be much more powerful. Especially since he was the one who originally beat Surtur and stole the Eternal Flame. That is why Surtur is crippled and injured in the opening sequence.

As it stands, Odin > Surtur > Hela >>>>> Thor.

Valkyrie also said something interesting: That Hela draws her power from Asgard, just like Thor does as a member of the Royal Family. So from what I can gather, there is a huge aspect of Thor's power level that he has not explored. Up until Ragnarok, he didn't even realize Mjolnir was only a tool to channel his power, something that Odin, Hela realized and expanded on for millennia apparently.

Thor only just discovered he could go Super-Saiyan while Odin and Hela had ascended to SS2 a while ago. I'm curious as to how much stronger Thor will get. Hela was physically manhandling Thor easily. In the original draft she also easily manhandled Hulk apparently which was cut (The scene from the trailer where Hulk was standing shoulder to shoulder with Loki, Valkyrie, Thor to face Hela).  There's no reason she and Odin should be so much more powerful than Thor if being royal blood is the key component. It's probably coincidental, but the momentum from Ragnarok definitely carried into IW, and had Thor as on a completely different level power wise than what we first believed. In Ragnarok's finale and IW, he seemed a lot closer to being a blood relative to Odin/Hela.

Anyways, just the ramblings of a Thor bag. Hela would win this imo. The biggest aspect of Hela that is impressive is her healing. She just can't be killed apparently. I wonder if Odin was similar when not gravely weakened. Ragnarok opened the doors for a lot more crazy Asgardian shenanigans.

ICT / Re: Marvel Power Down
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:41:38 PM »
Not particularly no.

Just comics being comics. For example: In Aaron's Avengers, Asgard had a secret weapon that could make you the equivalent to a Dark Celestial (I'm assuming, latest issue hasn't come out), and Loki's hastily thrown up force-field had him casually waltzing through the Sun.

Jane Thor turned a Supernova sized comet back into a Sun, and was taking on the Phoenix Force which was stated to be capable of burning clean the Universe and it's heat was felt from Galaxies away. The Sun aspect was obviously a glaring outlier, but mostly a tool for moving the plot along.

Read the latest JLA volume, and you'd think the same of DC. Superman was dying from being at the Earth's core in one run, and another issue, was the only one who would have survived the heat of re-entry (Wonder Woman wouldn't have). Mera, Aquaman's baby mama, was taking on the whole JLA with water including Superman/Wonder Woman with hydrokinesis. Loads of inconsistencies abound.

ICT / Re: Rank these Marvel Characters in Strength
« on: June 30, 2018, 06:44:29 PM »
Technically, Bill should be stronger than Thor, but I'd argue the latter was if pressed strangely. Regardless, I meant the respective competitiveness/dynamic of the characters.

Hercules has actually thrown Thor and Iron Man trying to restrain him off of him.

What's the equivalent Thor has done strength wise?

And Adam is an antagonist for Cap. Hercules isn't.

Scan? If it is the scene I am thinking off, I don't see how that is even worth mentioning. That happens all the time. Heck, Thor and Hercules have thrown each other off in artistically dominant ways IN fights where they stalemated.

I was referring to something a BIT more concrete: Thor being portrayed as equal or close to it against a massively amped Gilgamesh who in the same story at his base was explicitly competitive with Hercules at his base. Those were extended fights, especially the former albeit the latter was mostly off-panel.

I don't think the status of hero/villain matters. I meant the foundation of the rivalry. The only one more prominent in Marvel Comics is Thor/Hulk.

Are you attempting to be a contrarian, or do you believe Hercules is stronger than Thor?

ICT / Re: Rank these Marvel Characters in Strength
« on: June 30, 2018, 02:58:12 PM »
Few characters have a history of consistently equal strength as Hercules and Thor. As a matter of fact, more indirect evidence supports Thor being stronger to varying degrees than the other way around. It's like ranking Captain Marvel stronger than Black Adam. Just doesn't make sense imho.

Wonder Man is last imo. The rest are interchangeable. Blue Marvel was intended to be just as strong as Thor and Hulk, maybe a little less. The most recent Hickman Hyperion and Thor seemed to be more or less equals physically. Gladiator and Hyperion were equals in their encounter, I'd wager it'd be the same with the most recent version. Thor and Gladiator are a wash. Blue Marvel and King Hyperion appeared to be equal in strength, I'd wager the same would happen with Hickman's version. I can't think of anymore comparisons off the top of my head.

ICT / Re: MCU Thanos and Thor vs. DCEU Superman and Wonder Woman
« on: June 07, 2018, 11:22:59 AM »
Superman might be able to solo the other two.

Lol Jesus.

Maybe Thor can move a few planets in the next movie so he can finally have a chance of breaking even with Superman.

You're a very reasonable and logical person PB. I respect your posts but I dk why there seems to be some disconnect between reality and Superman fans so consistently...

ICT / Re: MCU Thanos and Thor vs. DCEU Superman and Wonder Woman
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:59:52 AM »
...with the Power Stone.

He didn't use the Power Stone when he fought the Hulk. The IG in the movies is different from the comics.

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