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Well, then there's that. 

The congresswoman said that Trump called him my guy as opposed to actually saying his name. 

Correction the wife hasnt interviewed yet.  And Trump claims to have proof of the conversation.
And considering his outright history of lying.  How is this outside the realm of possibility. 
He just spoke with the President of the Virgin islands, he's claimed that past presidents didn't call families or as much as he did.  And I don't think this is something she would have to lie about.  Hell, she just said on the view that she helped mentor this soldier as he was coming up. 
Trump just threatened McCain again after McCain's speech. 

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: Today at 06:31:03 AM »
One, the source of the conversation is a Democratic Congresswoman, so I’m a bit dubious. Two, people are taking these words out of context can make them sound like anything.

It’s like the media can’t go a day without becoming hysterical.

Once again it's him minimizing their service. As he did when he did avoiding stds was his personal Vietnam, or when he said he likes soldiers who weren't captured. 

And I think the wife even later verified it later last night. 

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: Today at 06:08:28 AM »
After what he said to that grieving soldier's wife I think he solidified it yesterday.  Even with what else he said it's like just shut the fuck up!  Obama even showed up to receive & salute those that fell.  Trump hasn't said one damn thing until what Sunday or Monday.  Cause, he was to busy tweeting about what the nfl needs to do.  I'm hoping Melania turns on his ass. 

General Chat / So, Trump's reached a new low. 💩💩💩
« on: Today at 06:04:45 AM »

Just when you thought Trump couldn't get any dumber. 


Here's the gofund me for this soldier's kids. 


ICT / Re: Spiderman vs Colossus
« on: Today at 02:46:55 AM »
Lol! Peter shouldn't be able to Hurt Colo.  Like he couldn't phase Cain.
wouldn't be surprised if this happened to him.

ICT / Re: Kratos vs Godzilla
« on: Today at 02:38:42 AM »
I'm going with the King of All monsters.  Godzilla flambe's tiny kratos.

ICT / Re: Kratos vs Godzilla
« on: Today at 02:34:08 AM »
Yeah 2014 version.

Wait... Godzilla in Hell? The fuq?!

excellent series.

If he hasn't banned opiods he can suck a diseased dick.  You don't hear about Weed addictions as you do opiod deaths or addictions.  Fucking idiots.  I wonder how much money has he taken from big pharma?

General Comic Discussion / Hm, a 2018 cover for the Punisher
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:16:31 PM »
Talk about the shit hitting the fan.

Punisher Solicitations for January 2018: THE PUNISHER #220 by @AshcanPress @GuiuVilanova6 #punisher #thepunisher #marvelcomics #comics

Here's another cover it looks like for 218

@SavageSmallwood’s cover to THE PUNISHER #218

DC Drones / Re: Doomsday Clock?
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:45:42 PM »
It will be picked up and added to the collection.

A couple of weeks late, but I picked up Legacy, which was my first Marvel (or DC) book in two or so years, give or take. Thoughts on each section:

- Opening w/Avengers 1 Million BC (the reason I initially got interested): I'm disappointed it seems they are going to exist to set up the modern MU's story. I'd much rather just have a freewheeling book about them doing their thing, because then it doesn't have to worry about continuity, which Marvel sucks at.

- Starbrand vs. Ghost Rider: Is that supposed to resembled GR 2099? What happened to Hickman's Starbrand (not that I cared about him, but has he been written away, or are we just forgetting him?) Anyway, that was all fine and good, the modern end of the BC story.

- Loki & the frost giants, w/giants fighting the alternate Big 3: I sure hope they can manage not to just start writing Loki as a villain again. So far they made sure to establish that he's not, but I'm wary. The Big 3 part was...meh. Cheap dialogue, lame fodder fight where the Falcon apparently hits as hard as She-Thor wielding Mjornir. Does not leave me excited about the Avengers.

- Cap page: This is the first I've heard of how they resolved the Hydra Cap thing - it was a doppleganger after all? OK, better than trying to make it stick as the real deal.

- Thor: Why does that old Asgardian die in space? Also, wow, Odinson has made abosolutely ZERO progress since I stopped reading.

- Mary Jane/Stark: Cool Wire reference I suppose, but not much to go on beyond that. I guess I didn't know Stark was in a coma.

- Deadpool: So he's just completely fucking immune to damage now, huh? Yawn.

- Strange/IF: I guess it'll be interesting to see them throw together the modern incarantions of the BC team, sure.

- Thing/Torch: OK, clearly Aaron had nothing to do with them other than let us know they exist. Hokey dialogue again.

- Black Panther Planet: Again, nothing much to o on, but at least it's an interesting concept.

- "Alpha Flight": Is that term now completely disconnected from the super-team?

- Wolverine: Well he was bound to come back sooner or later, and I don't have any beef with that. No complaints with that segment, but Aaron has always been best in the superhero world when writing him.

Overall: Not impressed, but I'd still consider picking up a One Million B.C. book and maybe seeing what happens with Wolverine. Black Panther maybe, too. Aaron has continued to slide as a writer, though, which is a shame if not a surprise.

I just read Legacy one despite having it for a few weeks already.  Can't lie I was surprised to see Logan and happy for it.  Makes me wonder what will they do with Old Man Logan now?  A Younger crotchety bastard meets an older Crotchety Bastard.

Just waiting on him to collapse into a heaping ball of tears & angst.  Just because he runs the country didn't mean he's capable of doing shit to private industries. He'll he can't even bring his business back to America to hire Americans. 
And what about bringing coal industry back while other countries turn to renewable energy.  What a moron!

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