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ICT / Re: Rune (Ultraverse) vs Vandal Savage
« on: Today at 12:33:05 PM »
straight up fight, I'd say Rune has it. I think he fought the Surfer at one point, though he did also lose to Conan (but I think he was really weakened from what he normally is at that point). i know he's going to try and drain Savage's life force.

prep time, I got little doubt that Savage would probably defeat him because Savage is dope AF

ICT / Re: Ruin (Ultraverse) vs Vandal Savage
« on: Today at 11:45:28 AM »
Rune you mean

ICT / Re: Wonder Man vs Nova
« on: Today at 11:04:03 AM »
That was certainly him at his best, but I think she's still got this fairly securely. Better fighter, more powerful - the whole 9 yards, really.

pssst...Wonder MAN

ICT / Re: General Grievous vs Spider-Man
« on: May 24, 2018, 10:05:04 PM »
He's playing ya Juice

ICT / Re: Movie Colossus replaces Hulk in Thor Ragnarok
« on: May 24, 2018, 07:42:19 PM »
Well....I haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet, but going off the first one I can't imagine the fight going too long or in Pete's favor

I remember WWE superstars were doing impressions (for some odd reason) and Batista was far and away the best, dong DeNiro’s ‘you talkin’ to me’ bit.

It was for when Wrestlemania was 'going Hollywood'. His was funny. Show had some good moments in there too though.

There's another guy who's actually not a bad actor and can be pretty funny, but you never see him in too much
I dont recall Show’s bit, but i agree that he can get in front of the camera and do well.  He’s very personable.


"Happy Rusev Day, beetch"

ICT / Re: Giant Skullcrawler vs DCEU Wonder Woman
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:42:04 AM »
I figure she'll take it. Just keep hacking away.

ICT / Re: Battle of the Week: Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:15:08 AM »
I dunno, Donald is more impotent rage. Uncle Scrooge is the more "Oh shiiiiit" kinda rage

I remember WWE superstars were doing impressions (for some odd reason) and Batista was far and away the best, dong DeNiro’s ‘you talkin’ to me’ bit.

It was for when Wrestlemania was 'going Hollywood'. His was funny. Show had some good moments in there too though.

There's another guy who's actually not a bad actor and can be pretty funny, but you never see him in too much

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: AJ Styles vs CM Punk
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:11:14 AM »
i'd prefer Styles win, yes

Marvel Zombies / Re: Iron Man 600
« on: May 23, 2018, 09:01:14 PM »
you tell me


Bracket 1

1: The Bolsheviks vs The New Age Outlaws- Outlaws
2: The Natural Disasters vs The Dynamic Dudes- Disasters
3: The Dude Busters vs Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)- Team Canada
4: The Colossal Connection vs War Machine- honestly....at this point in time, The Connection. Sure Demolition beat them, but they also beat Demolition. War Machine can get there, but not just yet
5: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn and Ole) vs Kai En Tai 1 (Taka and Funaki)- Crew
6: Freebirds 1 (Hayes and Buddy Roberts) vs The Beverly Brothers- Freebirds
7: The Killer Bs vs L.A.X.- LAX
8: The Hype Bros vs The Diamonds In The Rough- Hype

Bracket 2

1: The Bushwhackers vs The Young Stallions- Bushwhackers on average IMO. A whole lot if we count their time as the Sheepherders
2: The Blackjacks vs Bret and Owen Hart- honestly I see the Blackjacks winning it. Legendary team and the Harts were never shy about doing the job for someone....ya know outside of Montreal
3: Lenny Lane and Lodi vs The Steiner Brothers- Steiners commit a hate crime
4: The Dudley Boyz vs Sting and Lex Luger- bad yet good first round match. hate to see anybody go this early, but Sting and Luger win
5: The Un-Americans (Christian and Lance Storm) vs X-Pac and Kane- Seanny and his pet monster
6: La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rene Dupree) vs The Nasty Boys- the Nasties
7: The Naturals vs The Revival- Revival
8: The Prime Time Players vs The Briscoes- Briscoes

Bracket 3

1: Doug Somers and 'Playboy' Buddy Rose vs Rappongi 3K- I'll give it to Rappongi
2: Breezango vs Freebirds 2 (Hayes and Jimmy Garvin)- Freebirds
3: The Boogie Knights vs 3 Count (Helms and Moore)- Boogie Knights after a decent one
4: The Mega Powers vs MNM- Mega Powers...and if valets were allowed you know Liz would slap the taste out of Melina's mouth
5: The Dicks vs Team Hell No- Hell No will not go
6: The Backseat Boyz vs Jeri-Show- Jeri-Show
7: The Vaudevillains vs Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman- Rey and Kidman
8: Show-Miz vs The Brain Busters- the busters to be honest. i see them isolating the shit out of Miz

Bracket 4

1: The Usos vs PG-13- Usos easily
2: Booker T and Goldust vs Kane and Mankind- much as Booker and Goldie were a great combo, they were kinda underdogs. Kane and Mankind were main event level threats
3: The Faces of Fear vs The U.S. Express- close one, but I'm giving to the Faces due to Meng mainly
4: The Can-Am Connection vs The Powers of Pain- POP
5: The Headbangers vs Tekno Team 2000- Headbangers after a fairly close one
6: Enzo and Cass vs Paul London and Brian Kendrik- Londrik
7: The Outsiders vs The Blade Runners- Outsiders, though Flash will swear revenge even if it takes him a decade
8: The Bluebloods (Regal and Taylor) vs the Mexicools (Juvi and Super Crazy)- Honestly I think the Bluebloods ground and pound here

Bracket 5

1: The Headshrinkers vs The Fantastics- Fantastics
2: The Shining Stars vs The Unlikely Trio (Angelico and Son of Havoc)- the Unliklies
3: The Jersey Triad (DDP and Bam Bam) vs The Two Man Power Trip (Austin and HHH)- good fight, really good, but I see the TMPT winning it.
4: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna- another good one, but I can't in good conscience go against Owen and Yoko
5: The Islanders vs Tons of Funk- Islanders
6: The Machines vs Midnight Express2 (Lane and Eaton)- The Midnights after a grueling fight. Very similar to the Busters vs Show-Miz. Isolate the Super Machine and keep the Giant Machine out of the ring
7: Phi Delta Slam vs Rybaxel- Rybaxel. PDS are basically jobbers
8: Team Package (Flair and Luger circa 2000) vs the Hollywood Blondes- I think the Blondes would win here, though it would be a pretty tough fight

Bracket 6

1: Strike Force vs The Wild Samoans- SUH-MOH-UH!
2: The New Blackjacks vs The Mega Maniacs (Hogan and Beefcake circa 1993)- these Blackjacks fold to Hogan's jobber aura, dude!
3: Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs The Eliminators- the new Horsemen in a fantastic match
4: The Masters of the Powerbomb (Sid/Vader) vs Vicious and Delicious- well Buff's got another broken neck after this
5: Glacier and Ernest 'The Cat' Miller vs Edge and Christian- E+C
6: Right to Censor (Val and the Goodfather) vs Three Minute Warning- RTC I think. 3MW was a blip. RTC stuck around way longer than they should have and even won the tag titles IIRC
7: The Allied Powers (Lex and Davey Boy) vs Blake and Murphy- typical jobber match on Superstars here. The match goes as long as the AP want it to
8: The Bludgeon Brothers vs Awesome Truth- I'll go Bludgeon Brothers

Bracket 7

1: The Heavenly Bodies vs Mortis and Wrath- I'll go with the Mortal Kombat characters
2: The British Invasion vs Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney- The Brits
3: Well Dunn vs Ink Inc.- I'm tempted to give it to Well Dunn simply due to the name
4: The Acolytes vs Billy and Chuck- APA
5: Beer Money Inc. vs X-Factor (X-Pac and Justin Credible)- Beer Money
6: Demolition (Ax and Smash) vs Men On A Mission- Demolition
7: Harlem Heat vs The Rock and Rolls Express- honrestly, the Express. Harlem Heat was a big team, but read through some of those best and worst of Nitros. its like they can't win without some incredibly elaborate fuck up by Sherri or Col. Parker
8: Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett vs The Insiders (DDP and Nash)- Insiders

Bracket 8

1: The Hart Dynasty vs Three Man Band (Mahal and McIntyre)- I will say the Harts
2: The Hart Foundation vs the Dream Team (Valentine and Beefcake)- I will say the Harts....dej frickin vu
3: The Bodydonnas vs The Godwinns- hahaha...the classic rivalry continues....Godwinns. I got a soft spot for those big hog farmers
4: The American Males vs Disorderly Conduct- the team with the worst/best music ever
5: The Blue World Order (Stevie and Meanie) vs The Perfect Event- Perfect Event
6: The Hardys vs The Spirit Squad (Kenny and Mikey)- Hardys
7: Droz and Prince Albert vs ....DANGER....HIGH VOLTAGE!- Droz and albert
8: Michael Shane and Kazarian vs the Miz and John Morrison- Miz and Morrison

Bracket 9

1: Rhythm and Blues vs Recon and Sniper- Young Elvis and Old Elvis
2: America's Most Wanted vs Doom- honestly, AMW. They got the skill and teamwork. Doom just has power.
3: Heavy Machinery vs The Colossal Kongs- HM
4: Badd Company (aka Orient Express 2) vs The Moondogs (Rex and Spot)- probably the Moondogs to be honest
5: The Miracle Violence Connection vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn- haha....WOW. Jeez...I gotta go MVC
6: Gymini vs Chris Chetti and Nova- Chetti and Nova, though they work for it
7: Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi and Jamie San) vs Chris Jericho and Christian- the Christian Coaltion
8: The Motor City Machine Guns vs Kai En Tai 2 (Togo and Teoh)- MCMG

Bracket 10

1: High Energy vs Mega Bucks- No one beats Mega Buck
2: The Skyscrapers vs Tommy Dreamer and Raven- Skyscrapers. Dreamer and Raven hold on, but Raven totally turns on Dreamer
3: The Oddities (Kurrgan and Golga) vs Mideon and Viscera- oh what a shit match....uhhhhh...Oddities
4: SaNitY (Wolfe and Dain) vs 3 Live Kru (Truth and Konnan)- Sanity
5: The Highlanders vs Carlito and Primo- the Colons
6: The New Day (Kofi and Big E) vs Decay- New Day
7: The Harris Brothers vs The Road Warriors- Warriors
8: The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff vs The Twin Towers- Uhhh. Towers

Bracket 11

1: The Orient Express vs The Singh Brothers- Express
2: The F.B.I. 1 (Smothers and Guido) vs The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan- the guards
3: Kane and the Big Show vs The New York Connection- Kane and Show
4: The Smokin' Gunns vs 'Dangerous' Danny Doring and the Angry Amish Roadkill- Gunns
5: Kane and Rob Van Dam vs The Dupps- Robbie and his pet Monster
6: The British Bulldogs vs Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire- Bulldogs
7: The Helms Dynasty vs The Edgeheads- Edgeheads
8: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs Rated RKO- RKO

Bracket 12

1: Soul Patrol vs Money Inc.- Money Inc.
2: Power and Glory vs The Pitbulls- Power and Glory
3: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire- hmmmm actually closer than you may think....I'll go Palumbo and O'Haire because no one else will
4: The Club vs Cryme Tyme- the Club, but only if Japan feats count
5: Team Priceless vs The Young Pistols- Priceless
6: Triple X (Daniels and Lo Ki) vs The New Foundation- XXX
7: The Rock and Sock Connection vs F.B.I. 2 (Guido and Mamaluke)- Rock and Sock
8: David Flair and Crowbar vs Raven and Saturn- Raven and Saturn

Bracket 13

1: Totally Buff vs T & A- Totally Buff
2: The Mamalukes vs The Rockers- Rockers
3: Carlito and 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters vs The All Night Express- Carlito and Masters
4: Terry and Dory Funk Jr. vs The Undisputed Era (Fish and O'Reilly)- Undisputed Era I think
5: Los Guerreroes vs Chris Candido and Lance Storm- Viva la raza
6: Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The American Wolves- Wolves
7: The Gangstas vs The New Rockers- New Rockers
8: Titus Worldwide (Titus and Crews) vs Pretty Wonderful- Pretty Wonderful

Bracket 14

1: The Fabulous Ones vs Curt Hennig and 'Big' Scott Hall- Hennig and Hall
2: The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs The Canadian Chrises (Benoit and Jericho)- chrises on infinite earths
3: The Quebecers vs the New Midnight Express- Quebecers
4: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry- D'lo and Henry
5: AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn vs Air Boom- Air Boom because AJ and Lynn kayfabe HATED one another
6: The Minnesota Stretching Crew (Lesnar and Shelton) vs TM61- probably Lesnar and Shelton Benjerman
7: DX vs Too Cool- DX
8: Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs The Midnight Express 1 (Eaton and Condrey)- RVD/Sabu

Bracket 15

1: Public Enemy vs The Young Bucks- Young Bucks
2: #DIY vs The Unholy Alliance (Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri)- DIY
3: Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger vs The Bar- the Bar
4: The Impact Players vs The Brothers of Destruction- BOD
5: The Holly Cousins vs The Shield (Roman and Rollins)- Shield
6: The Crew (Castro and Cisco) vs Al Snow and Steve Blackman- Black Snowman
7: The Undertaker and the Big Show vs Gold and Stardust- Taker/Show
8: The Brass Ring Club vs Mexican America- Brass Ring Club

Bracket 16

1: Rusev Day vs Hurri-Kane- Rusev Day
2: The Golden Lovers vs The Ascension- Golden Lovers
3: The....the Ding Dongs vs Kronik- Kronik
4: Lethal Consequences vs The Authors of Pain- AOP
5: Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon vs The B-Team- Furnas/Lafon
6: Two Dudes With Attitude (Shawn and Diesel) vs The Super Powers (Dusty and Koloff)- God bless this is the toughest call of the round...I'll go Super Powers
7: The Lucha Dragons vs Bad Influence- Bad Influence
8: Deuce 'N' Domino vs Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie- Jack and Chuck

well what it is is what it is....voting ends next Friday

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: May 23, 2018, 01:34:20 PM »
so as not to further derail the Superman/Thor thread

ICT / Re: Uhtceare vs ultrabender
« on: May 23, 2018, 12:59:39 PM »
we did this one a few months ago

We did YOU a few months ago!

and I've had better multiple forced entries on top of a pinball machine!

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