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Well I personally don't know woman who hasn't been shat on in some form for being a woman. On the other hand the worst thing I've personally had to deal with as a man is crossing to the other side of the road because she's alone and I'm walking towards her.

I mean not to say there isn't some issues men have to deal with that women don't but there are are certainly fewer. And this specific instance seems purely a petty thing to complain about. Like people complaining about the tortilla girls om the west coast who had to shut their business down because of "cultural appropriation".

Except the Tortilla girls weren't guilty of anything, so the petty complaints were also false. The Alamo movie theater is engaging in gender discrimination. It may be the smallest, most insignificant form of gender discrimination possible, but it's still gender discrimination. So while complaining about it may be petty, it's not a false accusation. So the two examples are qualitatively different.

I don't know any women personally who have been shat on, or men for that matter. I'm sure it happens both ways. I hear Family Court is pretty brutal towards men, and college campuses seem like they make every harmless hookup a potential rape accusation. I'm sure women in corporate America have to deal with an old boy's network. Neither of which has much to with the issue at hand.

After hearing ad nauseum for years about how gender discrimination is the greatest evil in the world, all men are sexist pigs, masculinity is toxic, women must not be excluded from anything, etc.; don't be surprised if men object to women engaging in similar practices, no matter how trivial.

True, but noting the hypocrisy of SJWs who usually rail against anything with even the slightest hint of discrimination isn't exactly "dying on a hill."  ;)

If I'm browsing Viewcomic and a cover looks cool I check it out

I do the same.

That and any recommendations I find on here.

Hitler started out by posting on comic book message boards.

ICT / Re: Wonder Woman vs Darkseid
« on: Today at 12:23:51 PM »
Strange how there are multiple people on the JLA that can solo Darkseid, yet he's typically presented as a team-busting threat.

Telling people who object to a discriminatory policy that they are being too emotional?

You are literally committing genocide right now.

ICT / Re: Who's more invulnerable, Superman or Brit?
« on: Today at 11:37:31 AM »
^^^riiight. Thanks.

I know that sounds like slavish devotion to debating rules... But the stuff that has bounced off Superman is just so far beyond anything that Brit has been shown to take. Differnet setting, I know, but still.

Brit has no known weakness to kryptonite so he wins.

Good point. Brit doesn't have any MacGuffin-like substance that makes him vulnerable.


A Ladies' Night would be half off movie tickets. And event ose are illegal in some states. This is specifically banning men. Again, it's trivial... but still discriminatory. And there has been a ton of vitriol online from women and their white knight defenders against some men questioning the validity of a discriminatory policy. Things along the lines of "Why do you HATE women?", "No one wants you here!", "This is why we NEED a woman-only screening!" You'd think someone was calling for repealing the right of women to vote.

I think Alamo knew exactly what they were doing in the sense that it would get them some PR and give them some social justice points. Even guys who think this is stupid aren't going to boycott Alamo, and it shows women how "progressive" Alamo is. What they forgot in their enthusiasm is that it's still illegal, and all it takes is one guy stubborn enough to call their bluff, like the guy in NYC who bought a ticket to the screening.

Let's not pretend that if a movie theater did a similar event for men that a vocal minority of women wouldn't lose their shit and protest it. Everyone knows this. But men aren't interested in things like that, even MRAs.

General Chat / Re: Haircuts - Talking or No Talking?
« on: Today at 06:13:37 AM »
Funny you bring this up because it came up IRL with a friend.

I strongly prefer not talking. I don't mind a bit of back and forth but after a few one or two word answers the barber usually picks this up. When they don't it's usually a woman. I've been told this is rude because the barbers get bored and want to talk, but I don't mind if they chat with their fellow barbers.

I rarely go to the same place twice in a row so I never really build up a rapport with one.

LOL jus read The Alamo theatre in Texas is screening a Women Only (& those that identify as women) session of WW.
Even the theatre staff will be all female.

Butthurt males are asking for a Men Only screening of Thor 3 in retaliation.

Is it inconsequential in the grand scheme of things? Yes.
Is it gender discrimination? Yes.

What's more interesting is why women are getting so upset when the latter is pointed out.

Or is this one of those things where women can't discriminate against men because of power structures blah blah blah?

ICT / Re: Who's more invulnerable, Superman or Brit?
« on: May 26, 2017, 09:54:04 PM »
Brit hasn't been shown to withstand the stuff Superman has, so the no limits fallacy dictates that Superman is more invulnerable.

Batman already cripples people. He jumps from a roof and lands, feet first, on their backs. Or he swings into them, kicking them in the spine.

Comic book goons are no more realistic in their damage soak and recuperative abilities than superheroes are. That guy that Batman clobbers with a jumping kick to the spine that would cripple the goon (and Batman) in real life? He wakes up in a police holding cell a few hours later with a sore back, telling his cellmate that Batman is a demon with glowing eyes who can fly.

ICT / Re: Would you rather part 3 (Story)
« on: May 26, 2017, 09:30:13 PM »
What does Captain Atom do again? I thought he was the standard flying brick with blasting powers on top.

I don't know why but I read "You broke my glasses" in the most stereotypical nerd voice imaginable and now I can't stop laughing

For that alone, if I were on the jury I'd vote not guilty.

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