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Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Justice League Spoilers
« on: Today at 05:18:04 PM »
Every single person I know, including DC try-hards and apologists, has hated Superman because he made the entire team irrelevant.

I liked his personality but also agree that him casually outperforming everyone at the end was ridiculous and off-putting. I’m surprised they didn’t have him hacking the motherboxes too.

Yeah, the LEague was pretty much pointless.  They should have just brought Supes back and gone home since they couldn't do anything without him.

I did like Cavil's Superman better in this in that the guy actually smiled and seemed to care about shit.  I bet Snyder's original vision would've had Superman come back and kick everyone's asses because they pissed him off, then flown to Russia or wherever and nuked the entire place, giving one last look of contempt at the burning crater before flying to Kansas to complain to his mom that he's too good for this Earth.

ICT / Re: Vision VS Rouge
« on: Today at 05:12:37 PM »
It's my favorite shade.

ICT / Re: Rank the Post JL DCcu relative to the MCU Avengers
« on: Today at 05:11:52 PM »
Y'know, I'm used to fangirl's meltdowns by now, but this time around, it seems like she's having 5-6 of them in pretty much every thread dealing with the Justice League movie.  That movie broke that poor girl.

ICT / Re: Gipsy Danger vs King Kong
« on: Today at 05:10:28 PM »
At most, this would go the way Hulk vs Surtur did in Ragnarok.  Kong jump on Gypsy's face, Gypsy peels him off, then throws his ass to the ground.  The end.

ICT / Re: Steppenwolf vs Kurse
« on: Today at 05:07:36 PM »
Also keep in mind, an Asgardian guard brought his spear into Kurse's shoulder and Kurse casually slapped the sword down and burnt the Asgardian down.
Yeah and iirc it took a bunch of warriors using  their weapons to bring down one of the weaker Kurse.

I meant to type sword.  The guard sliced into his shoulder with a sword.  It didn't go far.

ICT / Re: Amazons vs 300
« on: Today at 05:04:37 PM »
So I saw Justice LEague.  At no point are Amazons "holding up 20 ton stone pillars".  There's one instance of two Amazons slowing down the descent of a stone wall that was closing, which is not the same thing.  Also, that wall probably weighed little more than a ton.  Also, they slowed the wall just enough for the queen to slip under it, then they dropped it.  Compare that to, say, Spartans pushing an elephant off a cliff or toppling a mound of dead bodies and it's not that far removed.
After seeing the movie last night, I estimate the Stone wall was closer to 5 tons. Nevertheless that's an impressive feat, I put the Amazons roughly equal to MCU Cap in STR and DEX. But the 300 were  also doing insane feats of STR, while they weren't as agile as the Amazons their durability was greater. It's hard to judge who would win in an even fight between them, but I'll leaning toward the 300 due to their tactics and discipline.

I think Cap could have potentially stopped that wall or possibly lifted it.  The Amazons failed to do either.  They slowed it down just long enough for the queen to slide under.  Sloth from Goonies had an almost identitcal feat for God's sake.  The Amazons are Sloth-level.

Current TV Shows / Re: The Punisher Eps 10-13
« on: Today at 05:00:07 PM »
So on reflection I've decided that it's a genuinely brilliant TV series, but not necessarily a brilliant Punisher TV series. It's a pretty radical re-imagining of the character as we know him in the comics. Which is absolutely fine and made for a really engaging 13 hours or so, but the people who didn't like the level of humanity and emotion that Castle was given in Daredevil are going to hate this series even more.

I do really, really hate how they set up his status quo at the end too. It does actually make perfect sense with his new origin (as I mentioned before, with the conspiracy angle it wouldn't make much sense to start a never-ending war on organised crime so this was the logical consequence of the origin change). But it means we'll have to waste time in the inevitable season 2 setting him up as the Punisher again rather than launching right in to the good stuff. Could really do without that TBH as they covered all that ground at the start of this series. It also sort of undermines the big climactic scene at the end of episode 12 - "I am home" - which is unfortunate as that's the best scene in the whole series I think.

Here's my take on the ending: remember in the first episode when he thought his war was over, but then he just sort of stopped living until the night he heard his co-workers discussing a crime?  Then he just went full Punisher mode on them AND members of the Gnucci family?  He could have called the cops or ignored the situation as there was no personal involvement.  Instead, he just went out and killed bad guys and it was obvious that it was a psychological drive and not just something he felt responsible for.  At the end of episode 13, he tells the support group that he doesn't know what he will do without a war and that he's scared.  I think it's a hint that he'll just start going out to find more criminals to kill.  They could have made that connection stronger, though.  I think it would have been more dramatic is he caught wind of some criminal activity and started to get a far away look in his eye.

I think the Punisher we get in this series is still early Frank Castle.  He hasn't fully given up his emotions yet, which I think is the right way to go.  As I said in another thread, we can't just start off with cold, emotionally dead Punisher from Garth Ennis.  We can start with the somewhat sympathetic, traumatized war vet we saw in his early Spider-Man and Daredevil appearances, work our way to a the driven man on a mission we saw from Chuck Dixon and other writers form the 80's and 90's, and then come to the Ennis' version who is almost a complete psychopath.  It's similar to people who complained about the violent and unstable Danny Rand in season one of Iron Fist, not remembering that he acted like that in his first few appearances.  Netflix likes their slow burns and so do I.

One other thing I hated - the scenes with Karen. Just doesn't make sense that he'd have that level of attachment to her. Doesn't help that I don't like Netflix Karen much at all

Why wouldn't he feel an attachment?  Before he went full Punisher, she was the one who had sympathy for him and, in a way, helped him get revenge for his family.  I think for this version of Frank at least, that would mean a lot to him.  In Daredevil, he came off as just a psychopath but softened up once Karen looked into his path and started talking to him about his family.  I think he feels an emotional connection to her.

ICT / Re: Gipsy Danger vs King Kong
« on: Today at 08:40:11 AM »

ICT / Re: Steppenwolf vs Kurse
« on: Today at 08:18:49 AM »
Also keep in mind, an Asgardian guard brought his sword into Kurse's shoulder and Kurse casually slapped the sword down and burnt the Asgardian down.

ICT / Re: movie Hulk vs movie Wonder Woman
« on: Today at 08:12:06 AM »
Hulk got knocked out by Iron Man.

Got knocked out by an Iron Man using a suit specifically designed for Hulk, but only after Hulk was distracted by injured civilians and had calmed down somewhat, allowing Iron Man to nail him with a sneak attack, but okay.

Thor got taken down by a net...

The net he tore off himself moments later?  Okay.

ICT / Re: Steppenwolf vs Kurse
« on: Today at 08:09:57 AM »
A Kursed elf was taken down by random asgardians using swords.

Yes, an entirely different Kursed elf.

ICT / Re: Deathstroke vs Fandral The Dashing
« on: Today at 07:34:05 AM »
Sure, I agree that Taskmaster doesn't seem as impressive as his power suggests he should be. But we arrive at that conclusion on the basis of the defeats he's suffered. We don't just assume it, like you seem to be doing with Fandral.

Well, with Fandral, it's more of a matter of never being tested, but the outcome is the same.  They are two characters with reps that they've never earned.

And I agree that Fandral being an unsurpassed swordsman within Asgard doesn't necessarily make him unsurpassed on Earth as well. But it's a noteworthy distinction, something to be given due consideration when comparing him to Earth's finest swordsmen.

It's something to take note of, but I would never base my entire argument on it.

And we shouldn't assume the "centuries of experience" thing will always be ignored. It often is, but it wasn't when Slade fough Ra's.

The difference being that we see evidence of Ra's skill in the various fights he's had against Batman.

There is a feat on the table, in the form of him at least matching Taskmaster. It isn't outright proof that Fandral is a better swordsman than Slade, but it is pretty decent evidence against him being inferior, since Taskmaster's sword skills are based on those of the Black Knight, who is arguably Marvel Earth's finest swordsman.

And see, we go back to what Taskmaster SHOULD be versus what he is.  It's just like when clones of various characters are not as powerful as the original.  Or when one person mimics the powers of another but doesn't quite match up.  Comics are like that and you know it.

I understand that many here won't be convinced of anything without feats.

Seems reasonable.

It might be lesser in number, but that doesn't make it lesser in quality, which is the most important thing. Who has Deathstroke matched or beaten in a swordfight, that is at least as good a swordsman as Taskmaster?

I would absolutely say beating GA and BC combined in a sword duel is better than beating Taskmaster.  If those were the only fights we would have to go on, Deathstroke comes out much better imo.

It sounds like you're saying that Slade needs to employ more skill against street levellers than Fandral would, because he lacks Fandral's overwhelming strength advantage. Isn't this an admission that Fandral is more physically formidable than Slade, and that he can match the results Slade achieved against the female Vigilante with less effort?

What I'm saying is Punisher vs Fandral is a massive false equivalency.

ICT / Re: Amazons vs 300
« on: Today at 07:21:26 AM »
I don't remember the original one, but a brief shot of two Amazons failing to hold up a wall in Justice League is what influenced you to post this?

Marvel Zombies / Re: Silver Surfer's groin
« on: Today at 06:52:06 AM »
Well, Surfer had love interests like Nova and Alicia Masters.  I assume penis-related things happened, but offspring never came about.

I would assume Surfer can use his matter manipulation to... grow a penis if need be.

Yeah, I am looking forward to this movie.  I just gotta rag on Dutch because he isn't here.
I cant believe it will have taken 14 years to get a sequel to this movie.
Or that it took 14 years for Dutch to leave this site.

We are better off having both things happen.

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