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Damn; about of a ton of force right to the family jewels?

Hell; even the tiny man mooks managed to take an impact at around a ton of force and survive......

These action science bits are really making me reconsider just how tough all the people in action films are, not just the heroes and main bad dudes.

Yeah...Movie action humans are severals levels above their real life counterparts. Just look at Cobbs from f&f series, gets blown 20 stories out of a building while carrying an adult woman and totals the roof of a car completely and only suffers damage ti gis arm. A real kife human would be ddad and vloid everywhere on impact.

ICT / Re: Catman vs. Tigra (Thundercats)
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:14:20 PM »
Catman wins and fucks the shit out of Cheetara

This, lol.

Damn, thats kinda sad.

Yeah...felt the same way when I found out sometime in the mid 2000s.

ICT / Re: Spider-Man vs. the cast of Smash Bros.
« on: May 21, 2017, 07:14:34 AM »
wait a second, are we going only by SB's portrayal of the characters or their portrayals from their own world/home system? If the later Spidey gets rocked very hard, if the former its more doable and we can work something out.

Does Myra come with the Family Matters' setting?

You bet she does, no one gets left out in this topic.

Carlton was awesome.
Between him, Urkel, and whats his name? Theo. I'll take Carlton in a heartbeat.

I would pick Carlton, even though Steve has higher intelluct than Carlton, he's has thay artiocratic knowledge and finer tastes, and is more down. Steve is more out there and his science talk wiuld cause me to choke him the fuck out every now and then.

Using Urkel's time machine made Winslow worth 247 BILLION dollars. The only reason he didn't keep it is because he missed his wife. That was just one of Urkel's random inventions. Fuck the Banks money. I can be so rich their entire fortune is something I burn just because I like the smell of money on fire. And unlike Winslow, I am perfectly willing to just get a hot new trophy wife, or a hot new trophy harem, if the time shenanigans means I'd need to. Access to Urkel is basically access to all of time and space, only without Daleks and no Doctor insisting on me not messing with time.


Lol, I forgot how crazy the later seasons got, IRRC, didn't Urkel make a fully functional teleportation device as well? I vaguely remember them using it to go to Disney World/Disney Land where Laura was a Disney Princess and Urkel a Disney Prince or some shit, sorry, I vaguely remember most the later half of FMs.

You'd have to deal with Carlton.

Don't you mean Will? Carlton would be fine to deal with in my honest opinion.

In that case the only suggestion I have is going beyond that 80's-90's time period. Aside from those three you've got John Evans from Good Times, you've got Julius from Everybody Hates Chris. Andre Sr. from Black-Ish. Michael Kyle from My Wife & Kids. Fred Sanford.  There's a few out there.

I knew I was forgetting a few, thanks for refreshing my memory.

Al Bundy?

Lol, no!

You could add in some white dads. Mr. Drummond(Diff'rent Strokes), Danny Tanner(Full House), Dan Conner(Rosanne), etc...

Those are some good choices, but I wanted to keep it one-race specific.

ICT / Re: Peter Griffin vs Hank Hill vs Homer Simpson
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:18:15 PM »
So do we take the place of their sons or just live there as well?

Good question, I was under the assumption we take the sons place.

Heathcliff was alright but he's basically the weak-man here and they make a good point about just how many people actually lived in that house at one time.

Well; that and his tendencies to spike everybodies drinks at the BBQ's or how he started dating his wife when he was in college and she was like 15; tv Cosby wasn't that far from real-life cosby when you think about it.....

I was trying to think of a third option besides Heathcliff  that would be a good choice between banks and winslow, but I came up short with good candidates

We did chose your father for animated characters, how about live-action tv characters now.

Edit: Thanks to AT's suggestion I took out Heathcliff and replaced him with Michael.

ICT / Re: Ken/Ryu vs The Deadly Alliance
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:51:06 AM »
I think they're too versatile and some of the best in their universe.

I wonder if Oro and Akuma would make a difference

Tsung and Chi are too versatile, they fuck up Ryu & Ken severely.

ICT / Re: Peter Griffin vs Hank Hill vs Homer Simpson
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:49:22 AM »
Homer, say what you will about his stupidity, but Homer is closer to Forrest Gump on average more so than full blown retard like Peter. The Simpson verse is actually not a bad place to live in, despite the corruptiin and such its mire if a humorous satire take than a dark and edgy take of real life. Homer has a lot of heart and pulls thriugh when it counts.

The strangulations only come about because Bart is a fucking ass that deserves it, you act more well adjusted and he treats you fine like he does Lis. I would only chose Hank because he would raise me ti be a up standing adult with a well paying jkb and life lessons that help out later in life.

ICT / Re: Reboot battle: Bob vs Matrix
« on: May 11, 2017, 02:55:44 AM »
I always felt at the end of the day Bob was superior to Matrix when it came to tactics and strategy, basically a brains over brawn scenario so I give it to Bob.

ICT / Re: Chi Chi vs Mr. Satan
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:39:24 AM »
Probably Chi-chi, Mr. Satan is still treated within the realm of ordinary humans, very peak human, but still normal human.

Eh he's probably closer to class 3 factoring in punching through the front of a bus and surviving being slapped into a cliff by Cell and being embedded into a wall by Trunks with minimal injuries.

I'm talking about DBZ (Pre-Super shit) standards...

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