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General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: Today at 12:32:11 PM »
As for Why DC dont seem to get as much shit

They don't push their politics to anywhere near the same extent. That's why.

Certain Replacment been grand fathered in. It was done before We had SJW, or Anti SJW making click bait. You had black green lanthern..an hawkgirl. And then they went...you know what we going to make them THE GREEN LANTERN..and the hawk person in our main show. And you know what Hal Jordan not going to be even brought up. And we going to have an interracial relationship. And where going to tossed in a Joke with the 40's era JSA saying  John one of the good ones. Also hawkgirl might be shown as one of the most powerfull people fighter on the team..try not to lose your shit internet. Was during the time you could do that.

Green Lanterns are 'Space Cops'. Its not an individual, its a profession. Personally I always liked John Stewart more than Hal, I just think it was because he had more depth - big fan of Cosmic Odyssey and the Justice League animated series.

Hawk Girl is (AFAIK) from a race of Hawk 'People' (Thanagarians or somesuch).

Spider-man is an INDIVIDUAL, same with Thor, Wolverine, Hawkeye and Hulk.

You could argue Captain America is a title though I suppose.

But the big thing is John Stewart was a good character and DC didn't take a shit on Hal's face just to introduce John.

But some of them got shit at the time. Firestorm, and Batwoman, asian Atom, Female Question who was a lesbian. But they baislcy just let the shit fly, and rode it out. Till eventully people calm the fuck down. Hell we had a specter who was a black guy for a while

Yes DECADES AGO having a Black Male lead in a comic was SHOCKING because we hadn't seen it before (which actually gave it another level of cool). But not any more. Same thing with gay characters.

And DC has a long history of heroes passing the torch.  I mean Wally was the main flash for a long ass, time even to the point they had kids. DC character have kids, familes..hair gray..so it agian easier to past shit down

You can organically change characters within the story (Rhodey taking over for Tony for a year for example) that don't involve the humiliation of the original.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: Today at 12:17:19 PM »
.. Keep pretending that anyone is fooled by your convenient individualism.

Are you saying individuals do not have responsibility for their own actions?

You take issue in any way whatsoever to people refusing to salute symbols of continued state sponsored terrorism and murder.

A 'dirty cop' is no more 'state sponsored' than a criminal on welfare.

Individuals are committing these crimes, its not state sponsored you buffoon. Most black people shot by police are actually shot by Black Policemen (and women presumably) - are you saying THEY are all racist too!? Good grief get a grip on reality.

That says everything any sane person needs to know about your pathetic character.

It says that I condemn the taking of all innocent lives regardless of perpetrator...but seemingly you want to infer a handful of murders each year are far worse (and thus DEMAND protests and rioting) than THOUSANDS of murders each year.

How the fuck to do you know..?

I have eyes.

Taking a knee is exactly what it is, exclusively. You bringing in an entirely different subject is only proof that you seek to deflect for the purposes  ignore the subect at hand-- because it is within your interest to do so.

I'm specifically asking why do they protest a HANDFUL of murders each year BUT IGNORE (AND GLORIFY) THOUSANDS of murders caused thru criminality and gang violence.

That to me seems hypocritical...although in reality its the leftists attempts to undermine Authority I suspect.

You support state sponsored terrorism against the black race, and you aren't fooling me.

Each year more white people are killed by police in America than Black people is that then State Sponsored terrorism against the white race?  ::)

PROVE your stupid piece of shit premise than anyone condemning one crime is INHERENTLY ignoring another.

Right now.

Are you saying thousands of black people (many innocent victims) are NOT killed each year by gang violence and criminality?

Then, PROVE your stupid piece of shit premise that agents of the state committing murder and largely getting away with it for centuries to this very second against certain population groups  is equivalent to those civilians who are themselves disproportionately targeted by the state ALSO committing crimes against other citizens *also* disproportionately targeted by the state.

"Getting away with it for centuries"...I think its obvious you are still dwelling on the past.

Crime statistics show that in the US Black people are 6-7 times more likely to commit violent crimes. THAT's why they are disproportionately targeted by police in things like stop & search, etc.

Apparently white men are so insecure they can even vote for a black President.

Yes, a  coward who aids and abets the global economic war and terrorist campaign against Black people globally, including reintroducing slavery on Blacks, is exactly the type of dishonorable weakling White America would allow to be in office to serve their racist interests.

Well we can debate the merits and failures of Obama another time, but I think my point highlights the nonsense of your earlier comments - although I agree that men (in general) are becoming more effeminate because of the leftist media, but that's an attack on all men, not just white men - although you could argue white men have a good headstart in that department.

I'm interested as to where you are saying Slavery is being reintroduced? Of course certain countries in Africa and the Middle East still have slavery, as opposed to the West which did away with it well over a century ago.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: Today at 08:58:28 AM »
She Hulk was ALWAYS going to be called She Hulk again as soon as Hulk came back from the dead. Which he ALWAYS was going to.

The point was that they purposefully called She-Hulk "Hulk" because of their far left politics. Just like RiRi's comic is "IronMan". X-23's comic is "Wolverine". Kate Bishop's comic is "Hawkeye". Jane-Thor's comic is still "Thor".

Do you see a trend?

Yes characters will comeback (in many cases because of sales) but these Diversity Swaps are positioned to damage and dilute what the original characters stood for.

The idea one story Where a comic cube turns Captain America Evil..only for him to come back and saves the entire fucking universe somehow ruin his legacy..mean you may of not seen shit like this

It certainly damages his legacy.

Its akin to a smear campaign. Its like Xerxes repeating over and over about how insecure I am about women-lead titles in comics (and missing that I already BUY multiple such books).

Its like various scumbags on the internet repeating over and over how Ethan Van Sciver was (supposedly) a Nazi, its just a nonsensical smear tactic.

Its Age of Apploclyps basicly. Or When Spiderman got tempoary killed and taken over by Doc Ock for a long time.

That was some body-swop story shenanigans (where Doc's mind was in Peter's Body IIRC ), not a politically motivated Diversity Swap.

Meme involve over time. Sure. But doesnt change the fact that Saying adding new character minorities even is COMMUNISM...is silly. That new meme your trying to make happen not going to happen anymore then fetch is.  Now you could of just said "Hey there not many force minority character"  Would of disagreed with the severity of that..sure. But you had to make it communism..to sale the idea of a far left Agenda. That not communism anymore Then stories about Santa Clause is Socialism

Its pushing their left leaning agenda at Marvel that will inexorably take us down that path.

Ok you have a few gay relationships Vs, all the straight one that been around for a while

Maybe things will quieten down after a while, I could just be over-reacting on this aspect of things, it just seems like a very lopsided push.

Luke and Jessica, Mr Fantasi and Sue, Spidemran and Spider Gwen,  Cable and Kitty, Daredevil various relantinship, Black bolt and Medusa, Vison and Scarlet witch, Rouge and Cable

Few of which have been relevant these past decade.

And that assuming the few gay relationship going to remaind full time. And wont be a rotating set of love interested like every hero has

Possibly. I'd say the market will eventually have its say. But Marvel just relaunch failed titles over and over again.

Well if if Females no longer alowed to be sexy in marvel.  It is a fact as you say. I mean LOOK at this ugly bitch

Black window
Jean Grey
Most of the X women
Scarlet Witch

Did I or did I not say they'll occasionally sneak in one attractive woman here or there.

You posted a nice pic of Carol in a previous post and then Imperial showed you a DOZEN pictures of a man-like Carol drawn by multiple different artists.

All drawn to be hot as fuck. One chick gets a short hair cut..and your saying there all manly. Yes in that one issue She Hulk drawn over muscles. It a bad cover. But In most of her apperance through the whole so called SJW pushed she was drawn as attactive. So the whole "Marvle cant have attrative women" Boils down to two chicks who may looked butch. One who always been a bodybuilder type

Its FAR too many examples to be a coincidence.

As For bringing up Manga. You say where talking about comics. But your the one who brought up 50 shades. Pointing out there a market for strong female character. Women and Girls like to read them. MARVEL likes to get that money.  They not trying to CUCK anyone..or pushed a Cummist agena.

I brought up 50 shades to disprove your point about women liking Power Fantasy (which most western superhero comics are).

I've never said women can't enjoy comics (or manga), but they don't have the same desire for power fantasy. Therefore when Marvel write their books in a style that 'might' interest women that aspect of the stories is sidelined or abandoned altogether. Recent Marvel comics seem to have adopted a 'SITCOM style' to their books where events don't matter and don't have any gravitas behind them.

Yes 10 spideman delutes it. But they aways been multiple spider people running around. SPIDER WOMAN for instnace not new. There was even a team of spider people called the web slingers. It doesn delute it anymore then multiple flashes, multiple Robins, A BATWOMAN, having multiple Green lanterns, multiple supermen,

I would agree with you that multiple Flash's does dilute things (if they are each called Flash rather than Flash and Kid Flash). As far as I know only one person is called Batman...but we have two Spider-men, three Hulks, two Wolverines, Two Thors, three Ironmen, two Hawkeyes etc.

Do you see a Trend?

It just those happen to be during the time where we didnt have this SJW VS ANTI SJW bitch fight that been going on in comics. You could HAVE a xena.  That not a red herring. No your not hating on it. But if she came around now people totaly would be

I don't know what point you are trying to make here. We didn't have SJW vs. Anti-SJW before because this political schism didn't exist before. As MTL76 pointed out we have had diverse characters for DECADES and everyone was fine with it.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:39:38 PM »
Just a quick post to say I am enjoying this thread but I am off out with the girlfriend shortly and I won't be back until tomorrow so don't expect any replies til Monday at the earliest.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:33:36 PM »
You aren't actually trying for a debate. It's largely because you know you don't have a leg to stand on for the number of assertions you've made, but also because you really want to get those "leftists" and their "agenda".

"___ is a cuck now!" "___ is a soyboy now!" "___ had their ___ stolen by a woman/minority(but hopefully not both!")!" "____ is a low testosterone coward cuck now!"

Those aren't points. That's you whining.

Here's the thing, I'm not a lawyer building a case to present in this thread.

I stated before if someone wants a debate on Thor/Fem-Thor I'm good to go now.

When we start talking about the other characters (Spider-man's Cuckery for example) then its more 'anecodotal' evidence from the HUNDREDS of comics and comic reviews I have have read/watched over the past few years.

Now I fully admit I don't read every issue of Spider-man or watch a review on every issue so it could be everything is fine in those other issues. But here's the problem; I have seen the forced politics SO MANY TIMES from Marvel comics these past few years that its clearly not isolated incidents, its a near line wide agenda.

I DON'T see the same thing from DC Comics (that's not to say there is none at all, but its not the epidemic we see at Marvel).

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:25:52 PM »
No, they've definitely forced some things in. You cited a couple of those and then extrapolated several more from your own distorted perceptions of the books.

Okay that's a start Xerxes. At least you are ADMITTING Marvel HAVE forced "some things in".

Now imagine you had been studying what they were doing for 5 years (as I have) and seeing the same trends over and over from them.

You had to reach for some of the dumbest shit on The Donald and /pol/ to make the connections you made.

Not sure what you are referring to here, can you be more specific?

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:21:30 PM »
You've done so much to show how secure you are in this thread alone. You don't seem threatened by women. You don't seem threatened by minorities. You don't seem threatened by change in any form. You definitely don't seem like you've been extrapolating absolute nonsense from actual comics to shoehorn into your preformed opinion at all.

This is definitely a post made by someone who is NOT MAD or worked up in any way.

Female and minority protagonists have been a part of superhero comics for a long, long time. I’m assuming Upper_Krust is aware of this.

I'm becoming convinced Xerxes doesn't want a discussion/debate so he just resorts to personal attacks and smears.

About a decade ago I was buying the likes of Ms. Marvel (sexy Carol), She-Hulk (fun Jen) and Blue Marvel.  But no one wants preaching in their entertainment and Marvel are just dreadful right now.

Been giving the new DC titles a chance (I'm buying all of them), titles like Silencer (female John Wick-esque heroine) are cool (although I didn't like that JRjr left after 3 issues). The Terrifics (led by Mr Terrific) is interesting among others and so forth.

I guess I'm so 'threatened' by female characters and minority characters I BUY MULTIPLE BOOKS FEATURING THOSE CHARACTERS from DC COMICS who DON'T preach/force left-leaning politics into their comics.

LOL at SJWs.  ;D

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:11:43 PM »
..so you support taxpayer funded agents of the State disproportionately murdering Black people,

No I never said that or anything of the sort - this is pure projection on your part.

A corrupt and/or racist policeman DOESN'T condemn every policeman as corrupt and/or racist.

Just like a black criminal gang member DOESN'T condemn every black person as a criminal gang member.

People are individuals and have responsibility for their own actions.

including 12 year old children playing in a park within 10 seconds,

Which is a terrible tragedy...but then again so are the innocent kids killed in the crossfire from gang violence.

So lets not DISPROPORTIONATELY condemn one without condemning the other - which is EXACTLY what Take a Knee does.

because criminals who ALSO kill black people, are violent..?

Anyone who condemns a handful of murders but IGNORES thousands of murders is a HYPOCRITE.

Of course you do.

Total projection on your part.

White Men's utter insecure effeminate cowardice IS at the heart of their continued war on the Black race, after all.

Apparently white men are so insecure they can even vote for a black President.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:57:48 PM »
You've done so much to show how secure you are in this thread alone. You don't seem threatened by women. You don't seem threatened by minorities. You don't seem threatened by change in any form. You definitely don't seem like you've been extrapolating absolute nonsense from actual comics to shoehorn into your preformed opinion at all.

...or it could just be I have a point and Marvel ARE aggressively forcing left leaning politics into their comics.

Detractors here can't (or won't) debate the issue (or any issue) and instead rely on red herrings and personal smear tactics about how insecure I am and how threatened I feel, lol.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:52:22 PM »
You didn't make any actual points. You literally posted false equivalency to make yourself feel good about having a misinformed opinion. That's why your opinion on the matter was so predictable. You don't have an actual take on the subject beyond what you've been told to say.

Then you should have no problem debunking any of my 'misinformed opinions'.

You didn't even answer my question about the state of current comics.  ;D

I read a comic artist's tweet a few days ago which said: "SJWs don't debate, they just lecture." That seems to sum up a few in here.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:47:59 PM »
Ok you just stretch the term Communish to what it not actully is.  And the whole idea EVERYONE can be a hero. Is a thing as old as comics. Spiderman inspired that., Kyle Rayner who by the way replace hero who they turn evil was that, Robin inspired that.  Shazam inspired that. The whole we all have hero inside us all not a new thing.  That a trope that been around for generations. Multiple DC heroes been replace by someone. Captain Marvel herself was a replacement. There been multiple Robins and Flashes.  Multiple people had the Captain America role.  Agent Culson basicly an oridnary slub that got loved over the years. That maybe one day you will be the Wizard, the Jedi, working with batman or be batman.

When you have 10 different Spider-men it DILUTES what it means to BE Spider-man.

Again not communism. If you somehow saying you meant that as a meme.  The meme doesnt even worked. Since it not delivered the same way as it did in the link you posted

Meme's evolve over time.

And yous say most of the relationships are gay one. Which ones. You put stuff like that out. Like all the heroes being replace..when they actully not. What are the gay relationship. Can name the straight ones.

Iceman, X-23, Hawkeye, America Chavez, Viv Vision


Colossus (although with Kitty making all the moves), Falcon, Cage (although he's well under the thumb).

failed Cuckery: Spider-man, Dr Strange, Thor, Blade

xena didnt put male charcter down. Most of these women havent.  She beat male character thought. Now a days it be "What the fuck dude. Xena beat up these Ares...who can go toe toe with Herucles a DEMI GOD. Xena doesnt even have any power..what is this Femnazia bullshit. Now she killing all the god. And of courser she followed around by that CUCK JOXTER..and they make Bruce Campbell play some Cuck idiot.  Hey news flash Gaberiell...to fucking skinny to take on 30 guys. 2 times her size.  That just SCIENCE ladies"

No one is complaining about Xena, I suspect this is just another red herring by you.

Bruce Campbell's character was for comedic relief.

No it was during a time where this shit wasnt a big thing. But again it also was a fantasy that women loved. It why a lot of women loved Jessica Jones, Scandal, How to get away with murder, Wonder Woman,  Veronica mars. Because it cool women, bad asses. It ok to try to get that market along with guys.  DC superheros girls line selling great.

Jessica Jones was decent (funny how you complained yesterday about how a dickish detective would never work as a female).  ::)


Moongirl and dinosuar doing great.

Well its not selling great but its probably a comic better suited to Kids Schools than LCBS.

Girls into Manga..because it has romance, Some male eye candy for girls, and it has some powerfull women characters. Sorry but 50 Shades character is not the only female character that women like. Some into BDSM...some not. You cant base one FAP book on what women want. Bayonetta and Ivy from soul caliber popular..doesnt mean all men want to get whipped

We are not talking about Manga.

As for some of your expamples

Wolverine - turned OLD, name STOLEN by a woman - who is better than him - see Generations

Old man wolverine was one the most popular stories of wolverine. Inspire LOGAN..one the best Xmen movie maybe THE BEST.  And the death was alreayd tempoary to sell comics. That girl wasnt just somethingf force on people.  She was brought on over the years, build up. And was popular in a block buster movie.

The Logan movie was great, but its still (movie star handsome) Hugh Jackman and he's not being overshadowed by X-23.

Read their generations comic.

Luke Cage - total punk now, go read his recent comics

I read his comics. How it he a punk

I've seen the recent Defenders comic and Luke Cage comic, he's just terrible in both, extremely low testosterone.

Tony Stark - put in a coma but brought back as AI to serve women, RiRi is said to be much better than him

Captain America - turned into a Nazi, inspired by muscly 'normal' woman in recent storyline

Again turn nazi by a comic cube.  a tempoary hero turns evil..or altnerate reality story. Been in comics since we were born. A termpoary. That fact people freaked out so much..like it was ever going to be a permanent thing is silly, It as if they never read a comic.

Pick whatever will damage a character's legacy the most and basically Marvel will run with it.

Hulk - killed, name stolen by a woman

Also replace by a man, Replace by herucles. And She Hulk had the name for like a couple issue

Hercules jumped INTO an ONGOING Hulk comic...and it was renamed after 2 issues (or whatever).

She-Hulk was SPECIFICALLY started in her own series entitled HULK and the only reason that stopped was because of LOW sales. Virtually the entire 11 issues had her chasing down some idiots on a youtube cooking show.

Thor - now a disabled, UNWORTHY, self-doubting cuck without Mjolnir.

Thor has been proven unworth multiple times. And Build himself back up to be a bad ass

Name one such time!?

And Captain Marvel putting people in a prison..MEANT to be suspect. IT meant to be something your unesasy with. You dont want perfect Mary sues..but when they show some darkness or bad qualities..somehow it still part of the same Agenda.

Death isnt a vicrtim move. Neither is getitng cancer

Getting cancer doesn't mean you are playing a victim. Constantly reminding people that you had cancer WOULD mean you were playing a victim.

Death meaning Jack shit and marvel is not a NEW thing. It not an SJW thing. The idea of Death meaning anything was smothered in its crib by the Xmen. You cant blame that on politics. Bucky and Jason Todd are back. Death is meaningless..doesnt matter if your a boy or a girl

If Death is so trivialized that you return from it the next issue then Marvel are fucking finished. Every fight is meaningless, every struggle is meaningless, every war is meaningless, every story is meaningless.

Also where are all these unattractive women your talking about. Most still hot. Ok you dont like Ms marvel, Imagine She Hulk to muscler...again she ALWAYS been a beefy chick depending on who draws

They even turned She-Hulk into a man ffs.

Check out what she looks like in the latest Avengers comic compared to what she looked like 10 years ago.

Not only did they make her look like Hulk wearing a bra, she talks like Banner-Hulk now as well.  ::)

Beside that two who. Is it the young Ms Marvel. Is she suspose to be a triple D knocked out.  It seem mostlydrawn the same. You still got the black widows, The x women, all these hot broads. One chick cuts her hair shot and people lose their shit

Women are not allowed to be sexy in Marvel comics any longer - that's a fact.

Its the same Far Left logic that recently ruined the Miss America pageant.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:08:01 PM »
Jesus, how insecure ARE you?

I'm not insecure at all, quite the opposite in fact (hence the screen name).

I've been following the developments in comics over the past 5 years and the evidence is overwhelming.

Jelly finally has some competition for "Most ridiculously insecure poster pretending to be a man."

Who needs to reply to points when you can just get away with personal attacks.

Do you really need people to go line by line to point out how stupid and flat-out incorrect your "points" are to know you don't have any ground to stand on for almost every single assertion?

If you don't have the time or skill to tackle ALL the points. Pick the 3 that annoy you the most and respond to those.

Show us on the doll where a woman STOLE something from you.

Every thread needs a sniper camping on the sidelines, bravo.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:02:55 PM »
That's pretty much exactly what I expected you would say. Like word for word talking point shit.

...and your reply is pretty much what I expected as well. A snide retort with zero substance because you know you'll lose any points.

Let me ask you this Xerxes, Over the past 5 years (or even lets say since 2011) in your opinion are comics getting BETTER, getting WORSE or about the same as the previous decade 2001-2010. I'm just curious.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:47:12 PM »
Really there are more lgbt then hetro ones. What are a hetro ones. Are you talking about marriage. Heroes not being married not a lgbt thing. it marvel wanting their character to be bachelors.  One more day was not a liberal agenda

I'm talking about relationships. There are more gay relationships in Marvel comics that Straight ones...and just to clarify again I'm not against such relationships but if 98% of people are straight, the MAJORITY of relationships in Marvel comics should not be gay unless you are pushing some sort of political agenda.

Manly..chick has short hair..not like she swinging a strapon around

She still drawn pretty damm hot. Most of these character still drawn as hot gigantic breasted women

Imperial (who certainly has great taste in 'the ladies' based on his distracting sig pics ) already showcased why you are totally wrong on this.

Marvel have been consistently making MULTIPLE female characters look MASCULINE and UNATTRACTIVE for the past few years. Yes we occasionally get a panel where the artist might forget and draw a nice looking woman but those are the exception to the new rule laid down by Marvel.

As for cuckhold. nothong you describe is cuckold. It either a couple having a fight. Or a guy getting turn down.  That stuff happen in Spidey comics for decades.  Sure he got women..but he always had trouble love. Saying how am I

I agree an isolated event like this wouldn't be considered a trend BUT I have seen FAR too many examples of this over the past couple of years to believe this ISN'T BY DESIGN - it clearly is. Just like Captain Marvel being drawn masculine.

I mean now a days it seem "Face it Peter you hit the Jackspot" would be look at this "Female worship" like some guy need to feel lucky being in some red head biitch presence. Jesus how did people make it  through the claremont Xmen years

Great stories with flawed believable characters who had relationships and real emotions.

Sheer number of heroes replaced.  Most of the examples the heroes werent replace. And if they did it was a tempoary story. Did people bitch this much with Bucky was captain America. You say insert heroes here but fail to insert any hero. Nor is that communism. Get not liking a new spidey...but having a black Spidey is not Communism. if you want to call it forcing diversity that one thing.  But calling it communisim is trying to add a political message that not there.

I called it Communism as part of the semi-famous meme (technically I should have said Soviet; but 'same thing' )


Having a situation where no one stands out because everyone is equal (ie. everyone can be Spider-man or Thor* or Hulk* or Iron Man* ) is communist thinking.

*Even a woman

yes Captain marvel imprison someone. Wanst seen as a clear cut thing. Other heroes disgreed thus its a CIVIL WAR about it

Actually I was talking about Ms Marvel (Kamala) who put one of her friends in a Guantanamo-style Prison for a crime they 'might' commit in the future.

I had forgot they used the same idea in Civil War 2.

As for what Alpha character are they depends on what you feel is alpha. if it showing even a moment of weakness and not getting tail from every woman..is beta...then yea your going to have a harder time

Some combination of Strong, confident and handsome.

Wolverine, Luke cage, Tony Star iron man, Black panther, Daredevil, Captain America, Immortal Hulk, Punisher, Cable.  Thor no 1, All tough bad asses

Wolverine - turned OLD, name STOLEN by a woman - who is better than him - see Generations
Luke Cage - total punk now, go read his recent comics
Tony Stark - put in a coma but brought back as AI to serve women, RiRi is said to be much better than him
Captain America - turned into a Nazi, inspired by muscly 'normal' woman in recent storyline
Hulk - killed, name stolen by a woman
Thor - now a disabled, UNWORTHY, self-doubting cuck without Mjolnir.

I don't know enough about recent BP, DD, Cable or Punisher - so I can't comment on those.

Captain marvel died, THE UMLTIMATE VICTIM move.

'Death' isn't a victim move.

Plus so did Jane..heroes come back from  the dead all the time

NEXT ISSUE. That's what death at Marvel means now. Fuck all.

50 shades is popular...a large group of women..but most know its dumb as shit. And enjoy the cheesy fiction. They know that shit aint real. Because its a fantasy book

Its popular BECAUSE its a submissive fantasy. My point being thats the OPPOSITE of the MALE power fantasy.

His father a big part of his hulk backround. It was in the movie. And has been brought up in the comics. Yes The cancer was mention a lot in the thor story..because it was a self contrain story..with a beginning, middle and end...because that was the story

Five YEARS and counting - its mentioned in almost every issue.

Just like All star superman is a sef contain story

Exactly and I don't even remember seeing the dying thing mentioned in every issue of it.

Also John was a bit of a bitch in 3, and the show.  But I bring that up..because all those are example of a female power fantasy.  It just came out before the internet got so horrible.  If Xena came out today it be bitch about.  Its a story of two lesbians, beating the shit out of everyone. One who fucks up the god of war, and then proceeed to kill the other gods..who hercules struggled with. Gives birth to a crise figure

Xena didn't have to put male characters down to be a strong woman herself though.

I agree John in T3 was a total twat - horrible casting.

Yea Watsone calls Sherlock a dick every now and then but Sherlocks tends to be right 99 percent of the time..and owns everyone her meets and doesnt like romance. If that was a chick it would be the biggest mary sue ever

Sherlock does like romance; he just pines for the one woman.

As for Spidey..know the blow was not cushion by it being 616. People lost their shit..even though Spidey was still around. As For Fem Hulk. She been around for decades.  It not a sudden thing.  Huk been replace in his book by other peopel...cho, Hercules..always been temporary

The change to Miles was purely for Diversity reasoning, but from what little I know of the character he has been decent enough (if a bit bland) since his creation.

Fem-Hulk had been around decades and was a great character - of course to undermine Hulk they changed HER to being called HULK.

When Herc stepped in for Hulk it got name changed to the Incredible Hercules within a few issues.

So if you say your not talking about Miles, and Ms Marvel

Then the amount of heroes actully being replace is pretty fucking slim.  It still a thor comics. Is was a male thor comic while Lady thor was around. You still had iron man around. And he was replace by Doom without much bitching. Captain America was replace by Bucky...a guy who worked for Actual communist...and it wasnt much bitching.

RiRi can be Iron Man, Doom can be Iron Man...in Communist Marvel we can all be...  ;)

The point of the changes is to UNDERMINE and TAINT the originals.

General Comic Discussion / Re: Comicsgate
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:03:30 PM »
I would be very interested to hear your opinion on NFL kneeling.

Although you generally shy away from responding to my points and questions or I'll answer you.

I thought the NFL players were wrong to protest in that manner (its both hypocritical and disrespectful to the flag and the millions who have given their lives for their country) BUT I totally respect their RIGHT to protest - as long as they take responsibility and deal with the consequences of those actions.

As for why its hypocritical, there was a (black) NFL player (apologies for forgetting his name, I'm not American and I don't watch what we here refer to as 'American Football' ) who summed it up nicely when he said (and I'm paraphrasing) "I had two friends killed in a shooting by gang violence and I don't remember seeing anyone protest that."

The point being the NFL players (and BLM) are in uproar over a handful of (mostly accidental) shootings of a few innocent black people by police, but they don't make the same fuss about the THOUSANDS of people murdered every year by criminals and gang violence.

In fact, gang violence is predominantly GLORIFIED by that same culture through music, movies and the like.

Innocent people being killed is a tragedy regardless of circumstance but the police have a difficult enough job as it is without this sort of heavily lopsided over-reaction from race hustlers and their supporters.

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