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Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Raw/Smackdown thread
« on: Today at 04:39:14 AM »
Wow. I figured Smackdown would get gutted and lose their top stars like always but instead they actually made out really good. I guess the idea is that if everyone else is boring as heck, we have to cheer for Roman.

That or Paige is ten times better than Daniel Bryan and Shane when it comes to negotiating.


Jinder Mahal: He should be talent enhancement and that only. He sucks. He can't wrestle and every one of his matches have the same stupid finish. But at least he lost the US belt and spared us all seeing the worst matches continued.

The Riott Squad: Well, I guess you have to have a heel stable come between us seeing Bayley vs Banks because....reasons? Paige is retired so they just put them in to fill the Absolution role.

Corey Graves: ****ing sucks. Not part of the shake up but I wanted to point out how much I can't stand the prick.

Owens and Sami Zayne: Well, they had to be somewhere. And it makes sense since Stephanie is probably upset with Kurt and having two people on the roster who attack authority figures will be something she likes. And they can be a tag team or singles.

Fashion Police. I like this name better. And they actually have a chance because of how gutted the RAW tag division is...or they just get killed by the AoP. Mostly like the later.

Zack Ryder: The guy somehow lost twice in a single elimination tournament. He'll be seeing the lights on Monday.

Mojo Rawley: He sucks. I just can't stand him. But hey, I'd rather have all the junky wrestlers on one show.

Baron Corbin: Ugh. About the same as Mojo. Idiot, stop charging at people. They will move. They always move. I don't think he's that good, but he fits all three of Vince's criteria for a star (Tall, muscular, has full set of hair). So he'll probably be in the IC title hunt.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre: Well, Ziggler can continue to be boring with his new best friend as they pretend to be HBK and Big Daddy Cool. I'm sorry, but as much as I like him and how talented he is...he always gets forgotten about by the bookers. I don't see this changing.

The Ascension: Well, they had to follow their buddies the Fashion Police, right? Eh, at least they're funny in those skits. "bye friends. Bye."

Mike...um, Maria's husband. Wow. Forgot he existed. Like his theme song though.

Chad Gable: So much talent and very underated on the mic. Man, do I wish he had been given Jordan's push. I believe he would have knocked it out of the park. But he probably goes back to teaming with Jordan.

Nattie: The most boring female wrestler on the roster. She'll play Rhoda's friend, turn on her, and then get destroyed by her. And during the big match, she'll blow a spot near the end like always. :)


Jeff Hardy: Wait...Angle traded away a guy who just won a title? Well, that's how you win a gold medal in dumbassery. So I guess no Brother Nero so HJ will be happy with that. Or consequences for the DWI. Eh, he'll be good in the midcard.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: Well, it makes sense Paige would want them. I don't see them doing much early on because both are still green. But Mandy Rose will get a push before long. Hell, Carmella is the women's champion and I put both of them ahead of her in wrestling ability, so it might be sooner rather than later.

Corey Graves: Still ****ing sucks. And am I the only one who has noticed he's bullying both african american announcers. Viiiiinceee!!!

Big Cass: Ugh. Well, I guess I can't complain. Smackdown lost all their garbage and only gained one of RAW's. See Corbin...only he talks like an elementary kid giving a book report he did not practice for. If Daniel Bryan can't get anything out of him...well, Vince will still push him to the moon. But the fans won't accept him.

The Miz: Finally get the feud with Daniel Bryan. So that's great. And he's better than the spot on RAW he had.

Asuka: You suck at your job, Angle. A great addition for the Women's division. Christ, the tag and women division look good.

The Good Brothers: Never got a chance on RAW. An while good...lots a tag teams on SD including...

The Bar: Uso, Bludgeon Bros, New Day and they can go single. This is great.

R-Truth: I like him. He's just a fun comedy character. How can you go wrong with a guy who doesn't know where he's at and his morality is based on how well he gets along with his imaginary friend.

Samoa Joe: That's what you get for two weeks of sick burns on Roman. He's the bad ass that Smackdown has needed.

Sanity: Eric Young and two guys I don't know. I've heard good things.

Alams and Vega: Was really impressed by him in the Royal Rumble. Will this be the hispanic star the WWE has craved since the masked midget?

Going in I figured AJ Styles and Bryan would go to RAW and Strowman would go to Smackdown. But instead it's more of higher to mid card guys and Smackdown cornering the tag team division with RAW getting all of Smackdown's worse and/or boring acts.

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Raw/Smackdown thread
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:55:41 AM »
Wow. I'm surprised by the shake-up...I figured RAW would just raid Smackdown like normal. I thought AJ Styles, Orton, and a few more would go over like normal, but instead they just got rid of nearly every wrestler I don't want to see anymore.

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Challenge: Make Me Like...
« on: April 14, 2018, 11:12:02 AM »
There is one thing I liked that Brock did.

Okay Brock's on a rampage and he stomps near the announcer's table while Booker T is going on with his usual stuff--and then Brock suddenly overturns the table and knocks everyone over.


Extra funny the kept the table turned over the rest of the show...I like to believe because if they fixed it, they were worried Brock would come back. :)

Debate / CNN vs MSNBC vs Fox News
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:26:04 AM »
Which is the best?


Yeah, I'm sad too.

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:23:55 AM »
Yeah, I remember when I used to think "can't do worse than Dubya."


Don't worry, Cohen. You may have lied to the FBI--but Trump will pardon you. So how many times does the dossier have to be proven correct before we finally admit Trump had prostitutes pee on him?

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Challenge: Make Me Like...
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:13:25 PM »

Well played. :)

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: April 13, 2018, 02:41:40 AM »

Yep. He pulled an Arnold. Maybe.

And he also plans on pardoning Scooter Libby. Take that FBI!

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Challenge: Make Me Like...
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:19:07 AM »
Yeah, I'm actually interested in a face Wyatt.

Other reasons:

He's just different from everything else in the WWE right now. Heck, he's an actual character. How many characters do we really have in the WWE right now?

But if you guys want a real challenge... make me like Jinder Mahal.

Debate / Why is everyone praising Paul Ryan?
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:12:05 AM »
Seriously, what's up with that. Do people forget that when Romney was running for president, all Ryan did was make up stupid lies? Or how about how his two decade quest to lower the deficit resulted in him helping with a tax plan that will raise it by a trillion in about another year and a half? And that's not talking about how he went after medicare or anything that helped poor people.

Seriously, why am I hearing everyone talk like he's a saint. He's not.

I mean, he sees the writing on the wall, is going to go away until the Dems take powers, and then make up lies and try to get back into power, probably run for president and go back to being the same lying weasel he's always been.

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:07:29 AM »
Wouldn't that make him a traitor?

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: MiTB cash in
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:01:50 AM »
I'll make a deal with you, WWE. I won't complain about Carmella being champion--if  you stop having a Nattie Hart match every week!!

"Shut up!"

Great heel work.

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: April 11, 2018, 06:48:13 PM »
Love how he tweeted what he was going to do militarily. SMART.

And he's probably going to fire Mueller. You have The Republicans going "It's suicide." Bull. They don't care. Not one damn bit. Not about the people or what's best for the country.

The man is hella over--and I know the WWE hates it when someone gets over without them--but how in the hell do you put the belt on Jinder at WM?! And even let Rusev take the pin?

Oh, and to all those who thought it would lead to Rusev getting his push--We're back to the worst feud of last year!!! Orton vs Jinder! Cripes!

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: wrestlemania topic and predictions
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:36:09 AM »
So he's going to get paid millions to maybe show up once or twice every three months, stand and maybe jump a bit, all while someone else does all the talking for him. AGAIN.

I may not like him, but damn if don't have to admit he's the smartest person in wrestling. EVER.

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: wrestlemania topic and predictions
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:09:11 AM »

Women battle royal nice to see naomi win.  But many beck gets NO love. Lot of people booed when she got out early. But they building up for balie vs Sasha..which should of been the championship match. And no money in the bank cash in..suprise

Naomi winning the way that she did didn't make any sense because she's supposed to be a face.  Hiding on the outside of the ring during a battle royal and coming back in at the end for a cheap victory is a classic heel tactic.  She pulled a Zbyszko(not her fault but the bookers' fault).

Yeah, that should have been Carmella if they were going to book like that. But luckily they kept booking Bayley to look like a moron like always. I was almost worried for a sec about that. :)

This ppv felt like it was just Vince going "screw you beach ball tossers!" to the fans.

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