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Oh forgot something.

Get rid of Baja racing too. Seriously, I'm thinking I get to see some actual racing and a lame recap piece of garbage.

When I was a kid i liked Max Moon because of his awesome gear. :)

I liked High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko B Ware)

The SS with The Rock winning. I thought it was Vince Russo's best booking that was actually long term and made sense. I remembered people hating it "with stuff like Mankind throws his sock away so why would he think Head and Al Snow stole Mr. Socko. Me: Because he's ****ing insane. I think people were over thinking things way too much.

Yeah, it's not as good as last season. Season two was the best. This season.

1. So Cage kills Councilman Delgado and...I mean, we're probably get something for that at the end of the season, but it's weird it's not brought up yet. Heck, you think Dario would be freaked out. Anyway, I think the reason Cage has been resistant to the gauntlet is because he thinks of himself as a machine more than a man and that's blocking the take over while making him more and more crazy.

2. Hey, remember the thousand year old immortal cop lady? Yeah, we haven't seen anything from her the second half of the season. Also, Joey Ryan officer douchebag turning on her and Cortez.

3. El Dragon Azteca Jr...jobber to the stars. I don't get the booking at all. Okay, he was the kid who Dragon Azteca saved in the first few moments of the show, took over his mentor's mask, has Rey Mysterio backing him up, and won the trios title, and an awesome storyline where he should be going after Black Lotus, Dario, and Mantanza where he should be the hero of the show--but he's an effing jobber this season!! And he's one of the best workers on the roster, can act, bilingual. I don't get the booking for him at all. I mean, he's been put through bleachers and recently lost to Dante Fox. You think he'd be more than that.

Injuries. Yep. Ivelisse and Angelic got hurt this season. Also Jack Evans with a broken jaw. I mean, that can't be help, but Ivy does have a schedule match with Katrina that I don't know if it's still on. The biggest blow was King Cuerno. He had a back injury when taping was going on so it looks like he's out for the season and maybe the show if GFW is allowed to mention his character on LU.

Not enough Dario. Of course there can never be enough Dario.  :)

Prince Puma leaving. Again, there as a chance that Puma would be back so--he's being booked great like always and has the best storyline out of everyone this season. WTF? I mean, yeah, they probably kept holding out hope, but it was still kind of dumb to make someone who might not be there one of the main stars and giving him a top storyline.

And remember this. Cuerno looked like he was leaving AAA (he didn't and things looked worse out) so the way he was booked in the death match with Mil Muertes (Being destroyed) shows that the show does know how to handle situations like this!

Sexy Star. Here's the thing. I don't have a problem with her being world champion. She was tortured for over six months, battled her way back up after being shattered, and defied the odds to win the title. No problem. My problem is that she's booked as if she's the top two or third star on the roster! I want more Fenix, Drago, PENTAGON DARK!!! instead I'm getting way to many Sexy Star matches.

Pentagon Dark. He's the most over guy on the roster and yet he feels like a midcarder. Especially after he was built up in season two to the point he could stand power to power with Mantanza. Then again, the Cuerto cup could shake things up for him. But watch Prince flippin' leaving Puma win the damn thing.

We were promised wrestling Dr. KLAW. Remember when the mysterious guy behind Dario sent Delgaldo that he would be joining in on the fun. Dario being scared because he's even more powerful than Mantanza (a guy with a literal evil god in him)? What do we get...a gauntlet. I mean, it's still cool and Cage exploded a man's head with a punch but--couldn't AAA send down Psycho Clown or something and give us a great new heel threat!?!

Don't get me wrong, I still like Lucha Underground. Hell, I watch the same episode three times in a row over watching a single episode of RAW, the cinematology is great (The Reptile Tribe vs Aerostar and Fenix in the bathroom), Drago being brainwashed...Dario's love of making props for his twisted games of violence (Dario's dial of doom and The Cuerto Cup...VIOLENCE IS A VIRTUE) and the Dante vs Killshot feud. But things are off a bit.

Some of that's not LU's thought. You have AAA being insane jackasses, El Rey not getting off their asses to make episodes for the only show on their channel worth a damn. EVER.  One of the main stars maybe leaving maybe not during the entire season. Injuries to stars they obviously had plans for.

Yeah, I read about Mundo recently. Anyway, I got to be honest...it's a frickin' mess trying to figure things out.

AAA lost a lot of talent like Fenix, Daga, and Pentagon Dark to join Konnan in a new promotion called Crash. Crash also has a ton of LU independent talent like Dragon Azteca Jr, Mantanza and Dante Fox.

Jack Evans quit AAA earlier.

Prince Puma isn't going to resign.

You have the Taya and Mundo thing going on.

Also, you have GFW/Impact Wrestling using AAA and Crash talent. Like Drago was on tonight and so was King Cuerno/ El Hijo Fantasmo where they mentioned he was Cuerno on LU. I mean, for all I know Mundo is allowed to work both AAA and GFW.

I mean, LU still has the Crash guys under contract and the only wrestler I've heard say they are upset with LU bookers is Prince Puma, mainly because of the no complete cause (can't appear on TV while LU is on TV) and Drago and other AAA being allowed to appear on Impact.

Pentagon Dark gave an interview where he said he still wants to do LU. And Sexy Star was on the outs with AAA and didn't wrestle for them at all during most of LU and she became world champion.

The thing is--AAA is crazy. Just imagine you had Vince McMahon...only he's always in Mr. McMahon mode and there is an entire
family of of them and they have the attention span of a mockingbird on crack. Heck, Sexy Star and them had been fighting bitterly for years and then suddenly--she gets to become their women's champion.

If I had to go, sure thing for season four: Dario, Aerostar, Drago, Argenis, King Cuerno, Cage, Dr. Wagner Jr, Mil Muertes, Sexy Star, and Kevin Kross.

And AAA could send down more people.

Debate / Re: So will the Senate get rid of Obamacare?
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:48:21 AM »
Well, looks like the answer is no.

Seriously, you have eight years and you never thought up a plan?

Also, remember how Obama took his time on it. Knew about it, campaigned and endorsed it to the people. Y'know just being a leader? Trump...he goes golfing and found a fire truck to sit in.

Debate / Re: Dwayne Johnson running for Prez. Good or bad?
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:44:20 AM »
Well, we have Trump as president so really anything is an improvement. Just being a guy who helped an old lady cross the street is more than enough at this point.

Showcase of the Immortals / GFW offers Rey Mysterio contract.
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:42:29 AM »
My hopes for Lucha Underground season four are being dashed more and more.

Seriously, EL Rey, cancel those two crappy rip off reality shows and pay the wrestlers on the only show anyone watches!!!


And show more Kung Fu movies and more Full Moon movies. :)

General Chat / Re: Trump Tweets.
« on: July 02, 2017, 02:05:44 PM »
So he's using a fake sport to attack the fake media...?

And look at those tiny little fists. Had to bring it up on full screen to see them. :)

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Finally saw Last Man Standing
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:44:47 AM »
And my thoughts: It's a less funny Reba without nearly any likeable characters.

Let me some it up the characters.

Tim Allen: Some supposed conservative tough guy who is a total jackass to everyone around him. And he's nearly always right and Obama is always wrong and Obama is bad and (insert Obama joke) at any point is funny and great and you should love Tim Allen.

Nancy Travis: She's kind of like a weak willed Peggy Hill. Tries to mediate between Tim and others but Tim doesn't need her because Tim is always right in the end so it's pointless for her to even bother.  Seriously how is Nancy Travis being wasted on this show!?

Kristin: See the older Reba daughter only she got knocked up by an annoying liberal guy because all liberal are like this and Tim Allen is always right because he is not liberal. Oh and don't give her too much of a personality or anything.

Eve: See the annoying character in sitcoms who is snarky and a total bitch to everyone and never gets called out on it. Actually Tim Allen encourages her to be a prick to everyone; especially anyone with different views then their own because that means they are liberal and they are wrong. She might actually be the character I like the least. She wants to got to West Point and does everything perfect. I don't know if she does, but I hope she does, goes to the Army and is is then shot by her own troop for being a prick once to often.

Mandy: I'll be damned. An actual character I like! Dumb, superficial, but she's actually likeable and funny. And has actual character growth. I think she might be the only one in the show who actually has development! That and she doesn't purposely go out of her way to insult anyone or anything unlike the rest of her family.

Kyle: Employee at an Outdoors Store Tim "Super Manly" Allen markets/runs...eh I don't know. Hell I didn't know the damn show was set in Denver until someone mentioned it one episode! Seriously I thought it was Texas until one episode had snow! Dumb as hell and got dumber an episode but hey him and Mandy are nice and had great moments.

Ed: Idiot. And what the hell is Hector Elizondo doing on this show! You've done great movies! You were on Monk! You are better than this. He should not be described as just "idiot!"

Ryan: What is Tim Allen without a super annoying Liberal who is always wrong. That's Ryan! I mean, imaginary gun fights at a kid's birthday's party are the worst thing in American History and ruin sentient life. He knocked up Older boring girl and had an annoying kid. Apparently he ran out on them (?) (never saw the early season episodes) and wanted her to have an abortion. Which I have to say would have been for the best because...

Boyd: Annoying little brat who needs a good swat across his ass.

Bud: The grandfather. He annoys Tim Allen every time he shows up. I like Bud.

Stories...um, ...Tim Allen hates Obama and Vanessa is....there and...West Point...Conservatism is best and...hell with it Mandy quit college, got a boyfriend, started her own designer clothes business. Mandy is the only character I liked on this show. She was the only one who did anything on this show!!

Okay, fine I can get that this show is just for more conservative people, but it should at least be funny and have more than one or two likeable characters! It's pretty much some issue, liberalism is wrong, Tim Allen is manly, Ryan sucks and Obama sucks even worse than Ryan. Rinse and repeat. Seriously, I love King of the Hill, I think it's better than the Simpsons and I actually liked Reba because, say what you will, but the characters--save for the middle child--were fun characters and they were likeable.
Only Mandy and Kyle are characters I liked to watch.

This show knew what its viewership was and it gave them what they wanted. And I guess it worked as it lasted six years on Friday so credit to you whoever worked on it.

General Chat / Wow. Trump lied about having tapes.
« on: June 23, 2017, 06:09:19 AM »
Gee, didn't see that one coming.

Debate / Re: So will the Senate get rid of Obamacare?
« on: June 23, 2017, 06:07:27 AM »
Well, to begin--McConnell is an evil piece of shit. And nice removing all those sick protesters from your office you fucking coward. The good thing I can say about McConnell is that he helped me rebuild my faith in Christianity; because I need there to be a hell for him to burn in.


Well, it's been over two months and thoughts so far on Jinder as champion...

He sucks. I'm sorry, but he is just bad. So bad the fans don't even bother booing him. As in they are all wondering "why the hell is he champion/still champion?" He hasn't improved in ring at all. I mean, he's just bland. Say what you will about JBL, but at least he did have some character and the clothesline. Jinder snarls and...stomps and restholds. And his isn't good on the mic. Its almost like if McMahon had pulled the trigger and made an angry Dino Bravo world champion.

Also...he makes the babyfaces dumber because of the Singh brothers because they just jump up on the ring and the babyface swings at them or just happen to go to a corner where they are at like nothing will happen.

And this has hurt Smackdown in my eyes because...I now know the show doesn't matter. It doesn't. I mean, I always knew if Smackdown got a wrestler over, they'd go to RAW to die or do the exact same thing they did on Smackdown, but now I know that any stupid idea that goes through that senile out of touch McMahon's brain will be put on Smackdown to try because--hell with it, its Smackdown. Who cares? Not Vince and not any of us.

But I will say this for Jinder, it doesn't help that the WWE is going with "heel who hates America" and feuding with Randy "yawwwwwn" Orton. Or booking two PPV matches with the exact same finish.

Marvel Zombies / Re: Thanos Gets Another Ongoing Series
« on: June 22, 2017, 02:36:08 AM »
Actually, I'd argue the best "villains" are those with growth.
Dr.Doom for example is now so much better than he was 50 years ago.
The same can be said for Magneto in how he was as he started out, and how he got developed under Claremont and others.

I agree, but Thanos isn't one of those characters who benefit from growth. He has no noble characteristics or redeemable qualities. He's a straight-up evil motherfucker, like the Red Skull.

I disagree.

The dude is capable of love. I mean, yeah, he loves Death, but everything he did for a long time was for the woman he loved. The real reason he wanted the Infinity Gauntlet was to be worthy enough for her and make her happy.

He does show respect to worthy opponents. Heck, I liked in Thanos Quest when he meets the Gardner he appreciates his garden and tries to get the gem without killing him. He even shows remorse later about it.

I think just that later on Thanos was written as the boring "Me destroy everything!"

Debate / Re: So will the Senate get rid of Obamacare?
« on: June 22, 2017, 02:30:48 AM »
Yeah, Nancy Pelosi is horrible. Yeah, she gets money, but she's an idiot who wastes the money. Because if the Dems had spent money in Montana and South Carolina, they probably pick up two seats. Especially in SC where a Dem had won that seat in 2008.

The only time she accomplished anything was when Dubya was at his worst.

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