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Here's 4 of her teeets from this thread. 


This time next week @ElizabethWydra & I will be in court, arguing on behalf of @SenBlumenthal @RepJerryNadler & nearly 200 other members of Congress that the courts must hold @realdonaldtrump accountable to the Constitution. #NoOneAbovetheLaw 1/ https://t.co/mDVFbiSX9r


The Foreign Emoluments Clause is a critical anti-corruption provision in our Constitution, adopted by the Framers to ensure that our nation's leaders put the national interest above their financial self-interest. 2/


Since taking office, @realDonaldTrump has been brazenly violating the Clause, accepting all kinds of benefits from foreign governments w/o first obtaining the consent of Congress, as the Constitution requires 3/ https://t.co/cZMGbCDWoM


Why do the President's repeated violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause matter?  They matter because every time the President acts, the American people are forced to ask whether he's acting in their best interest, or in his own. 4/


My first thought is sheer strength.  They do after all say strongest not most powerful.  I think they make a mistake in the distinction between strength and power. 
20. Apocalypse
19. Abomination
18. Hela
17. Kurse
16. Desak
15. Gor
14. King Hyperion
13. Morg
12. Champion
11. Aron The rogue Watcher
10. Juggernaut
 9.  Onslaught
 8.  Anti-man
 7.  Ymir
 6.  Thanos
 5.  Mangog
 4.  Surtur
 3.  Zom
 2.  Tyrant
 1.  Galactus

Thoughts & prayers!  😒😒😒

8-10 dead. The shooter is taken alive.  Santa Fe high school in Santa Fe Texas. 


General Chat / Seems Trump did reimburse Cohen for something.
« on: May 16, 2018, 01:54:27 PM »

".. in 2016 expenses were incurred by one of Donald J. Trump's attorneys, Michael Cohen," a note at the bottom of Page 45 of the 92-page report states. "Mr. Cohen sought reimbursement of those expenses and Mr. Trump fully reimbursed Cohen in 2017. The category of value would be $100,001 to $250,000 and the interest rate would be zero."

General Chat / So seems this is Stan's first tweet by him.
« on: May 12, 2018, 11:44:14 PM »

Today was the first day I ever did a tweet myself. Before today, my account was done by others. I still do not have control of my Facebook. Someone else is doing it, NOT me.


“It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both republican and democratic candidates opposed to Trump,” Bernstein told CNN.

“They were looking at Trump’s business ties. They saw some questionable things about Russians, about his businesses in Russia. They in turn hired this MI6 former investigator. He then came up with additional information from his Russian sources. He was very concerned by the implications of it. He then took it to an FBI colleague that he had known in his undercover work for years. He took it to this FBI man in Rome who turned it over to the bureau in Washington in August,” Bernstein said.


Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Suicide squad hell to pay.
« on: April 19, 2018, 01:53:49 AM »
Pick it up it's pretty good. 
Not for the children's though.
So, watch it alone or with whoever you're involved with.


CNN)A large crack, stretching several kilometres, made a sudden appearance recently in south-western Kenya.
The tear, which continues to grow, caused part of the Nairobi-Narok highway to collapse and was accompanied by seismic activity in the area.
The Earth is an ever-changing planet, even though in some respects change might be almost unnoticeable to us. Plate tectonics is a good example of this. But every now and again something dramatic happens and leads to renewed questions about the African continent splitting in two.
The Earth's lithosphere (formed by the crust and the upper part of the mantle) is broken up into a number of tectonic plates.

These plates are not static, but move relative to each other at varying speeds, "gliding" over a viscous asthenosphere.

More in the article.

Debate / Death penalty for Drug dealers who agrees?
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:02:47 AM »
This is becoming a recurring statement from Trump who has shown admiration to Duerte, Putin, & Kim jung-un. 😒😒😒 

It sounds simple at first.  But, when you consider  the flaws & errors of the judicial system.  It will fail. My first thoughts were, "So, when will the executions of ceos of big pharma past & present & politicians commence?  Let's not leave out the Docs that over prescribed to get their kickbacks.  And let's make sure this is equally applied to the wealthy also.  Judicial equality for all no planted or falsified claims."  We know that cops can & will lie to get the arrests which has helped lead to the creation of things like the innocenceproject.
     We know that the war on drugs was a colossal failure.  Will & would the threat of executions stop or hinder the opioid issue? Which Trump addressed earlier.  And if I recall correctly.  The death penalty doesn't deter crime. 

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