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ICT / Metro Man vs Zoom
« on: November 13, 2015, 03:18:39 PM »
Okay, this thread is simply to satisfy my curiosity. Wells said a metahuman was lightspeed. I think it was hyperbole as he was just stating powers, not mentioning Jay directly. However even if he was stating what he thought to be a fact, the truth is the Flashes can't move as fast as some things are stated or for what they do. No way a guy who was topped out at Mach 2.5 can go back in time or help contain a vortex unless for that universe things of that nature are just a lot easier to pull off.

I want to know how fast people think Zoom/Reverse Flash are in comparison to Metro Man who is still one of the fastest animated people in movie history considering he spent hours hanging out in his own little speed zone, and when he finally decided to come back and fake his death, not even a second had passed.

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